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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
A good time is just something l happen not to enjoy.
A handful ofgrease in her hair
A mean, vicious woman
All of the lonely nights Waiting for you to come
All these racers and farm hands.
Ally, you're 31 , and it's just too reckless to be with a 28 year old?
ALLY: l was really going
And I'm not usually big on samplers.
And l guess l never told you
And perception is part of our business. That's a reality.
And she got this look. . . . I swear, it's like she wanted to kiss me.
And somewhere out there. .
And you know where this line is?
And you? Well, this life is your very first.
Another toast.
Anyway, l told you l'm not gonna go there.
At your age, I looked for everything in a man. Now, I compartmentalize.
Because that's what happens
But l guess that isn't it, and everybody just forgot
But not too much to put off the women, right?
But sometimes when we're alone together and talking quietly. .
But the ringer should be loud so the help can hear it.
But with women, l found they have an innate predisposition to thinking:
CAGE: Oh. Mmm
Call me crazy, but a 50 year old woman who trots around with boys. . .
Can I ask you one question? Assuming you do speak.
Carry on.
Certainly. Isn't she lovely? She's gor Gorgeous.
Come on, let's go meet my new stepdad
Corretta is second chair. So off to court we go
Could you tell us how this is relevant, Raymond?
Did the defendant ever get physical with you?
Didn't change my life. But it wasn't terrible, I admit that.
Do you think that's appropriate talk?
Don 't come from me and you lt comes from up above
Even if he bags groceries, he's the one I choose to be with.
Everybody knows. Richard had an open house after he took it over
Fear of Flirting
For your own clarity, you should be clear that Jenny and l. .
Give me your hand
Gonna get you, girl From this illusion
Gonna set this dance alight
Good night.
Great, l'll tell Jenny. She'd love it.
Guys can tell when girls are interested. I can tell you like me
Hair and face I don't touch, except for the eyebrows
Hello. When do we start our depositions?
Here we go. Time is my money.
How can it make sense to bring me in on the eve of trial?
I almost kissed him today. Glenn.
I am totally with Glenn
I did.
I do. Up close, you're really cute.
I don't want this case to be over. It's a cash cow
I explained to Claire the importance of this deposition.
I got myself together Now l'm ready to sing
I got myself together Yeah, now l'm ready to sing
I have the draft of. . .
I like him. You know, l think he's cute.
I live in a supposedly peaceful neighborhood, Your Honor.
I may have rattled Sarah Warner, but part of her liked it
I need you so desperately Waiting for you to come
I paid for law school by doing men makeovers.
I planned an outdoor birthday party for over 200 people.
I so prefer the deaf to the blind.
I suppose that good things can come in younger packages, so we'll see.
I swim the deepest sea Climb the highest hill
I want love and everything, but. . .
I was just thinking, remember the first time you and I actually met?
I watched you watch her at dinner.
I wouldn't expect you to be in such a good mood after losing.
I. . . .
I'll go to his house tomorrow and check, okay?
I'm confused.
I'm glad you're back. I just wish l knew why you went away.
I'm gonna tell you about this so you understand what l'm talking about
I'm no good live
I'm not sure I want a makeover, but I have a friend who is curious
I'm Todd Paradiseo, general manager of WGBD, the station that
I've been searching my soul tonight I know there's so much more to life
I've been searching my soul tonight l know there's so much more to life
I've been searching my soul tonight l know there's so much more to life
If l'm gonna be your lawyer, l won't be your puppet.
If not out of conscience, then how about leadership?
If she wouldn't interrupt. Which is what she did that day.
If the car fits, drive it.
If you change your mind I'm the fiirst in line
If you come back home
If you love him, I'm happy for you.
In the meantime, stay out of my office.
Is that what you want?
It means she wants to ski, but she's afraid to grab the rope.
It said he was safe. He's probably at some Club Med
It was sacred, Richard. A man's hole is his temple.
It's 7:00 And I wanna rock
It's a private thought.
It's all about winning. If you do, you're successful
It's just a matter of time Before you make up your mind
It's one thing to admire tradition, it's another to cling to it.
It's opened up the same Pandora's box.
It's up to the judge to make them feel stupid
JENNY: Hello. Well, hi. What?
JENNY: Look at them. They're like little kids.
Just to have you near me
Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for your service. We're adjourned
Larry walked out without saying goodbye. Men don't do that.
Let it heal.
Let me speak as if l was your friend. You really have a problem
Let's go. Let's go. We got a cab. We got a cab. We got a cab.
LING: You have a legitimate complaint, ma 'am.
Listen. . . .
Little things l should Have said and done
Longing to hold you tight
Lost and Found
Love her.
Make up your mind It's just a question of when
Makes me want to move my body Yeah yeah yeah
Maybe if they'd smoked, they never would have become old.
Maybe l didn 't hold you
Maybe, in part. I just needed some time to take measure of a few things.
Me not wanting to go out? Did that spur it on?
Melanie barked during sex. Only freakish women are drawn to me.
Members of the jury, this concludes your service. We're adjourned
Mine. Raymond's being sued for sexual harassment. Big shock.
Missed you too.
Money. There, you've heard it.
Ms. Shaw, don't you see the defendant's point of view?
My belt is all talk. You know that better than anybody
My love is your love Now and forever
Never occurred to me, but the danger would be. . .?
No, he isn't. You said he couldn't hit a note
No, if you want to date Raymond, there's nothing wrong with that
No, l could use some time off, actually
No, we won't.
No. No, we didn't forget your birthday.
Now don't forget that.
Now I know I can shine a light To fiind my way back home
Now l know l can shine the light To fiind my way back home
Of course not.
Oh, I believe I am ready For what love has to bring
Okay then.
Okay. So, sorry again.
Older attorneys attack my youth, blue bloods refer to me as a "swell guy" . .
Our cases need to be interesting or people won't watch.
Polk salad Annie
Prime rib later. Little drummer boy
Put on a sexy dress, do your hair
Right, yeah.
Saturday night's all right All right, all right
Saturday Saturday Saturday night's all right
See? It feels real. Under a shirt, it looks completely natural.
She didn't pull away, she just stared back at me
She keeps the ring. Next
She's wonderful.
Should l love John Cage?
So congratulations. You tried a great case.
So it's possible he's an intelligent and mature young man?
So l kissed her. It was a one time thing, and she didn't complain
So much for John Cage.
So, this man, he's significant?
So. . . .
Some of y'all never been down South.
Sometimes I get these long distance solicitations during supper.
Sooner or later Girl, you've got to give in
Sooner or later Love is gonna let ya
Sooner or later Love is gonna win
Tell me, if a woman like me were to find you attractive, powerful. . .
Thanks for trusting me.
That's Jenny's mother?
The case was a personal injury suit. It was pretty routine
The judge has a ruling.
The judge will decide the fate of this case on the basis of that deposition
The older woman appreciates that the touch of a hand can be as intimate. .
The older woman finds this herself and shares it with her partner.
The other day, you said friends can be lovers and lovers can be friends. . .
The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Wagtail.
Then, all during the trial, he would ask witnesses:
There. I said it.
They tend to run scared.
They were afraid to trust her
They're the killers.
Think you could so much as kiss me without ending up a puddle on the floor?
This is a past life thing?
This life of mine
This seems like a very sexually charged office place.
Tim, my daughter, Jenny. Jenny, Ally, Glenn, Tim Boyle, my fiancé.
Time is of the essence
To friendship.
To have an open house in my royal breach?
Um. . . .
Unusual summation, but the jury seemed to embrace it.
Walking the line That's painted by pride
Wanna get a bellyful of beer
Wasted days and nights ln someone else's mind
We can dish it out, and we push buttons just as we get ours pushed
We do the same kind of small claims cases. You wear your purple robe. . . .
We went out, and, in fact, l did have a good time
We were arguing, and she started getting dismissive.
We were doing it pretty well before.
We'll be here
Well, I hope you're on my side. Jenny, isn't he strapping?
Well, let's not exaggerate. But again, thank you for trusting me.
Well, um. . . .
What did it say?
What say you?
What was said to her, and what remains true:
What's up?
When l was a young boy, l used to race ponies at county fairs.
When the guitar player starts playing
With all due respect, do you really think being a judge is your niche?
With this ring l promise l'll Always love always love you
With this ring l promise l'll Always love always love you
Women used to strip for a chance at greatness.
Yeah. Yeah.
Yes, l understand
You asked me out, and you're hitting on someone else before I even answer?
You bring foreign bodies into my hole and lip synch a lecture!
You didn't get me anything?