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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
Ah, fuck
All right, how about getting over top of it?
All right, let's do it!
All right. Just stay here and get ready to call the marines
All right. We've got a body in the morgue that seems to have died twice.
And I must make a visual landing immediately.
And I've got yours. So park it, sir.
And in five minutes we're coming in one way or another.
And wait for further instructions.
As you've probably noticed, we've started our descent
At the same time, I want a 747 cargo conversion...
Attention all controllers. Attention.
Block their path so they can't get out of there!
Bring it in low! Keep over the wing!
But if you could show it to me as well, I would be grateful.
But mounting evidence that Esperanza's forces...
But no, I gotta crawl around in this motherfucking tin can
But still there has been no official word from authorities.
But we'll all be on the ground in a few minutes.
Come here. Let me show you something
Come on, you guys!
Confirmed. I.L.S. is dead.
Did you accomplish your mission?
Do you think you might consider switching aftershaves?
Dulles Tower to Foxtrot Michael One.
Dulles, this is Northeast 140.
Either in the planes above Dulles or in the terminal below.
Esperanza's fall from power caused ripples...
Every goddamn system's dead, and NMAC monitors are down.
Everyone's in position. How's the weather?
Excuse me. Thank you.
Field lights for a visual landing..
Foxtrot Michael One, come in, please
Further lessons can be avoided.
Garber, sit rep!
Get 'em out of the elevator...
Get down!
Get someone on it!
Get them out of here.
Give me a flight number, one that's low on fuel
Goddamn it. That's my wife's plane! Take it fucking down!
H minus five minutes
Hand me the wrench, will ya?
Have now been complicated by, uh by an unforeseen human factor
Here we are. Washington, D.C., the heart of democracy.
Hey, I'm right here, partner.
Hey, man.
Hey, over here, Officer! We understand that there was shooting.
Hey, pal, you're the one that gave us that fuckin' body. Remember that
Hey, you can't talk to me like that
Hey! Hop on in there! Get your missus in!
How many grenades we got?
How much drug money is Esperanza paying you to turn traitor?
How would you like to spend the night in a cell?
How's it going?
I called Langley. They're rigging a portable decoder
I got a fuckin' reindeer flying in here from the fuckin' petting zoo!
I got an idea, and I need your help.
I love you. Bye.
I only have to look at his face for another 15 or 20 minutes.
I only moved to L.A. 'cause my wife took a job there. Come on. What do you say?
I read about you in People magazine
I see your lights. E.T.A. 90 seconds
I wanna hear what these bastards are sayin' to each other.
I want to be tied in to the tower in 15 minutes.
I want you to fill out this form.
I was pretty goddamn useless.
I'll be damned if I'm gonna clean up this mess!
I'll cover you!
I'm gonna kick your fuckin' ass
I'm tired of looking for a new miracle
If the 747 we requested is ready on time..
In an airport on Christmas week?
Is when you look down to see what it is you're stepping on
It's all over the airport
Jesus. Instrument landing system is down.
Jump! Jump!
Just once, I'd like a regular, normal Christmas.
Keep your head down!
Ladies and gentlemen, this is the captain speaking.
Ladies and gentlemen..
Led his country's army in a campaign against communist insurgents
Let me know when there is something there
Let's go
Let's hustle!
Listen to me. The annex skywalk. It's the last thing I heard before they kicked me out
Listen, you gotta get me up to the pilots' briefing room. They're havin' a little soiree
Listen, you wise ass, we're here to jerk off that cocksucker...
Lobby Security, come in.
Look, I'm a cop L.A.P.D. How about a little team spirit, huh?
Lorenzo, it's Barnes
Maybe he can explain this.
Maybe we should call the power company, huh?
McClane, I know how you must feel
Me? Yeah, I'll live..
Microchips, microwaves, faxes, air phones.
Miller, take him!
Miss. Miss. I can't find my dog.
Mr. Trudeau, do I have to remind you about F.A.A. regulations...
My wife's on one of the goddamn planes these guys are fucking with
No! Pull up!
No. I think we can find something in between.
Now, move out!
Now, please, don't ask us to gift wrap potential hostages for you
Now, would you get your thumb out of your ass...
Oh, God.
Oh, God. Oh, baby.
Oh, I was in L.A. once. Hated it
Oh, Jesus.
Oh, not to worry. We've made arrangements for your next flight..
Oh. Oh, Jesus Christ
Over here.
Progress peaked with frozen pizza.
Repeat. I've lost cabin pressure. Near zero visibility.
Right there. Right there. Get that
Sam, if you're desperate, get some airport personnel...
Sam! Sam Coleman!
Samantha Coleman, WNTW, for Night Time News.
Security was tight today at Escalon Airport in the Republic of Val Verde...
See if you can get any TV. That'll settle 'em down
She's already mad at me 'cause I'm not a dentist.
Sit down!
So by keeping me in this section, you are violating a court order.
So what's your problem, Lieutenant McClane?
So would that be under P for pilots' briefing room?
Son of a bitch!
Stand by.
T.W.A. 23, unable to clear you for approach at this time.
Thanks a lot.
The hangar door, open it. Clockwork.
The horrifying fact is that no one is safe..
The likelihood of a full scale and deadly battle is dangerously close
The regular guy got appendicitis
The satellite feed up and drops the other shoe on us.
The sound is on channel three
There's your skywalk.
They booby trapped all the equipment
They were following the fire trail in as a guide
They're gonna be droppin' on the White House lawn.
They've done everything we've anticipated... so far
This beep, beep, beep so they know they're over it, right?
This is Chief Lorenzo
This is Colonel Stuart. Garber, please have the men not on watch assemble for a briefing. Over.
This is Dulles Tower. We have radar contact
This is Foxtrot Michael One, Dulles. We read you. Over
This is my mother in law's car, all right?
Too bad, McClane. I kind of liked you!
Two cappuccinos. Make it fast
Under the assumption that whatever problem was going on far below was a normal one.
Watch it, man.
We may be late, but we get you there. Don't worry.
We'll expedite your landings on a fuel emergency basis.
Well, I can understand. I don't like it much myself
Well, if you don't want those planes to start splashing into the Potomac...
Well, maybe they're just a little bit more creative than you think!
Well, they're about to lose their minds from all the sugar your parents are givin' 'em.
What are you gonna do?
What is this, a tag team?
What the fuck are you people What are you doing here, man?
What the fuck?
What the hell's goin' on?
What's the matter?
Whatever I can.
When high ranking Pentagon officials were charged...
Where deposed general Ramon Esperanza...
Where government authorities report that deposed general Ramon Esperanza...
Who are not already in our landing pattern...
Will do. Well, what's this about?
Windsor 114. Dulles Approach. We've been right here all along, old buddy
Windsor Flight 114. This is Dulles Approach. Do you copy?
With no explanation from airport or F.A.A. officials.
Yeah, yeah, I know all about you and that Nakatomi thing in L.A.
Yes, sir!
You going to shoot me? So who will fly the plane?
You got in the way of that
You got it. All right, everyone.
You gotta seal the area off, take pictures, dust for prints.
You lucky fuck
You show me a shortcut out to those runways..
You son of a bitch!
You wanted a story, didn't you? Nice and easy, boys.
You're in the glide path, and you're looking good
You've won a victory for our way of life..
All right, now what? Get in front of them! Take it down!
and preparing to take out the terrorists. Jesus Christ
Another problem, Colonel? No problem, General.
Bobby, what do you got? Nothing. The whole network is down.
Down! Get down! Get down!
General! I am all right.
Hang on! Hang on! What are you doing?
Hey. Hi
Hi. I need to borrow this and this.
Huh? Who he who? What? Hey! Shh!
It'll be here in two hours. My wife doesn't have two hours.
Jesus! Oh, Christ! Hey, come on. Just a word, okay?
Keep working
l'll do him. This time do it right.
Look! Look! Okay. I see it! I see it!
Maybe it's the boys that pulled all your plugs. Put it on speaker.
Miss. My dog. One minute, ma'am
My husband doesn't think so. Well, I do.
Oh, shit! This is Garber. Request permission to reduce..
Request clearance on first available runway. That's Holly's plane
Son of a bitch. Taxi!
Sure. No problem. No problem
Then what are you doing here? I don't like to lose either
They did. Got one here. Looks like C 4. The motherfucker is armed
We had a visual on Northeastern's landing. Listen.
We're gonna die! We've got you.
What do you call that shit? Self defense.
What for? Just hang on
What? That's right. Sergeant Oswald Cochrane.
What's it look like? Approach control it's gone.
What's the matter, cowboy, ride too rough? I don't like to fly
When are we going to land? I have no information
Where'd he go? In there
Who made you foreman? Next you're gonna want overtime
...the presence of Justice Department officials
130. Altitude 1,000 feet