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Failure to Launch (2006) Soundboard

Failure to Launch (2006) Soundboard

Failure to Launch is indeed a movie released in 2006 that explores the comical and romantic journey of a man struggling to leave the nest. Directed by Tom Dey, the film stars Matthew McConaughey and Sarah Jessica Parker in the lead roles.

The story revolves around Tripp (played by Matthew McConaughey), a 35-year-old man who still lives with his parents, Sue (Kathy Bates) and Al (Terry Bradshaw). While Tripp seems to have it all together on the outside with a good job and an active social life, his crippling fear of commitment and responsibility has left him unable to break away from the comforts of home. Frustrated with their son's reluctance to leave, Sue and Al hire Paula (Sarah Jessica Parker), a professional interventionist, to help them coax Tripp into independence.

As Paula begins her unconventional methods to push Tripp out of his comfort zone, she soon finds herself falling for him. However, Paula has a secret agenda of her own, making their relationship complicated and leading to many humorous moments. The film takes viewers on a rollercoaster ride of laughs, surprises, and heartfelt moments as Tripp confronts his fears and grows as an individual.

Failure to Launch received mixed reviews from critics upon its release. The chemistry between Matthew McConaughey and Sarah Jessica Parker, along with the charming performances of Kathy Bates and Terry Bradshaw, were commended. The film is cherished by fans as a light-hearted romantic comedy that explores the fear and reluctance individuals face when it comes to leaving their comfort zones.

If you are a fan of this movie and want to relive the delightful moments, you can play and download the sounds from it here. Immerse yourself in the witty banter between Tripp and Paula, the hilarious interactions with his parents, and the overall warmth of the story. From the initial encounter to the heartwarming conclusion, the sounds from Failure to Launch will surely bring a smile to your face.

Whether you enjoyed the movie when it was first released or are discovering it now, Failure to Launch captures the essence of what it means to face one's fears, embrace change, and navigate love in a refreshingly humorous way. So, sit back, relax, and let the sounds of this romantic comedy transport you into the memorable moments that make Failure to Launch a beloved film.

A man ought to be able to do whatever he wants to do in his own house.
Against all odds.
Al, I don't want another recliner. I want something new
All right, cool.
All right!
All right.
Am I out?
And blackmailed your way into getting your girlfriend.
And I know that must have been very awkward
And one truth I've learned, a child is a parent's greatest joy.
And that made you go crazy and turn into a total bitch.
And you haven't been a very good friend, either.
And you said you needed your basketball shorts,
And you, Tripp, are not.
And, usually, people leave me alone.
Anyway, it just seemed easier.
At this point, we're just waiting for his mom to kick it
Based on the initial personality assessment,
Because it's all about storytelling, and myth,
Beer? Glass of wine?
Brings up the other thing I gotta tell you.
Bullshit. No, no, no, no, no, man, I'm not afraid of love.
But I can't, because there's a bird outside my window
But I'm not done with lunch.
But the second that I found out about Amy, I was gonna end it.
Bye bye, Melissa.
Can I have one?
Can I have some water?
Come here.
Come on, Tripp.
Come on!
Damn it!
Deception's a poison. It's like margarine.
Did you move that umbrella stand?
Do you smell something?
Does she ever get it confused with her real life?
Don't be an idiot, Son. Your mom and I love you.
Get the fuck out of my car
Got a little family dinner
Hang on. Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding. I'm too excited.
He bonds with me.
He offered to give me a full body scan next week, free of charge.
He's really sweet.
He's saying no, Tripp.
He's so tame.
Heck, when I was growing up, nobody had self esteem,
Hey, guys.
Hey, Mom, Pop, I thought y'all were going out.
Hey! Hey, buddy!
Hi, ladies.
Holy moly
How cute?
How many others were there? Before me
I don't have time right now to explain to you how business works.
I don't know what your daily rate is,
I hate to say it, boys, but it is time to take the girl home.
I have a theory.
I have fun, they have fun. It's good for me, it's good for them.
I hope you like fish.
I just have a problem with a mockingbird
I know. I do, too.
I like to come home to a nice place.
I love you, too. Shake on it.
I made this beautiful dinner tonight
I promise you, when this is over,
I think it sounds kind of pretty.
I think you'll be okay. Fly
I think you're being a jackass.
I told Paula about Amy.
I want to encourage you to see past that bottomless sense of betrayal.
I was having lunch with a girlfriend
I would love to own a boat like this, but it's not the right time in my life.
I'm a power guy. Power. Like power boat.
I'm fine, guys.
I'm in uncharted waters here, boys
I'm just saying, you know, they might...
I'm pretty fortunate to still be here.
I'm real good.
I'm sorry.
I'm the explore new areas of your sexuality guy
I've experienced emotions that I didn't even know I had.
If that turns you on, then you want a powerboat
Is it a small group, like a basketball team?
Is it working now?
Is that a problem?
It's a chipmunk bite.
It's a great pleasure to meet you both.
It's a mockingbird
It's about finding a solution.
It's just coffee. You don't have to marry him.
It's nice, huh?
It's orthopedic, and I need it.
Jibe ho and making off the sheet?
Just don't go anywhere, okay?
Let's see it.
Listen, we didn't, either. Come on in.
Lives in Seattle, I think. Married an Indian girl.
Mom, Dad, you like her. Paula, you like them
Mom, Pop, you want some more vino?
More compact?
Move, move, move!
Nice shot!
Nice talking to you.
No biting! No biting. No bite, no bite. No, no, no, no...
No, thanks. I'm just gonna stay over here till it's over.
Not at all
Oh, and I just ruined everything!
Oh, come on, Tripp!
Oh, God!
Oh, God.
Oh, it's fine. I'll set another place.
Oh, my God! Oh, my God!
Oh, shit!
Oh, shit.
Oh, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait! She's going to say something.
Oh, yeah
Oh, yeah.
Oh, yeah. Happy is what I'm all about
Oh! In...
Okay, look, the salesmen don't mind because I bring them coffee,
Okay, watch this.
One, one thousand, two, one thousand, three, one thousand!
Only what you take with you.
Or do you want to spend it with me?
Please, Tripp, let me just explain to you.
Please, you don't understand.
Remember, we're the visitors here.
Right. But for booze.
She gets serious.
She sees this elderly couple and they're holding hands,
She's miserable, Tripp
Shut up, dude! Don't help him!
Shut up! Shut up you crazy bastard bird bitch!
So how long do you think he's gonna sleep for?
So I put them in the laundry.
So that I would have to break up with you.
So we can move upstairs.
So you...
Son, you see her?
Take a deep breath here and...
Thank you.
Thanks, Gretchen.
That does, too
That is pretty much how it works
That's good. A negotiator here. All right.
That's gorgeous!
That's nice
That's so sad
That's too many words to learn. I just want to get a suntan.
The tall one just got fired from Kinko's
Then I realized that that was only part of it.
There you are! Look alive!
There you go! Stay down, Paula! Stay down!
There's talk of making it permanent
They're still so in love.
This is a nice rock.
This is about Tripp not being an appropriate client.
This is the one I want
Those are my rules. I can change them if I need to
Together in one room. Good times.
Under the same roof.
Unless you start dancing again, you're broke.
Was a brilliant, romantic, yet ultimately flawed idea,
We can have a little bit of fun, can't we?
We should have done the flowers.
We thought you went home.
Well, a Ionely guy with a big boat payment.
Well, I say the whole thing comes down to being afraid to spank.
Well, let's just say maybe he hasn't met the right girl
Well, look at you.
Well, this way we can share everything.
What are you doing?
What did the doctor say?
What do you say?
What is he doing? Is that a squirrel?
What, like two months ago!
When we hired her, I..
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Wait just a second.
Wow, look at you.
Wow! Well!
Yeah, of course I am.
You don't make wind sitting on a boat in a dock
You don't need to explain to me how business works. I'm not an idiot.
You ever heard of Amy?
You gave me the look.
You got it.
You had sex with him?
You know, more chores, more responsibilities, that kind of thing
You want a treat from the big city, boy?
You're dumping Paula?
You're gonna have to start deviating.
You're insane.
You're right. Now hold on.
You're telling me it's not real?
You're the only human to my knowledge who's been bitten by a dolphin,
Don't forget your snack. Thanks.
Is it throbbing? No
Look at you! I love it.
Morning, Mom. Morning