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Space Ghost Coast to Coast - Season 2

Space Ghost Coast to Coast - Season 2

Space Ghost Coast to Coast is a groundbreaking animated television show that first aired in 1994. Developed by Mike Lazzo and hosted by the titular character, Space Ghost, it introduced a unique concept that combined humor, surrealism, and live-action interviews. Season 2, which aired in 1995, continued to push the boundaries of traditional animation.

Space Ghost Coast to Coast Season 2 follows the intergalactic superhero talk show host, Space Ghost, as he interviews a wide range of celebrity guests while battling his arch-nemesis, Zorak. Voiced by George Lowe, Space Ghost exudes a charming yet clueless demeanor that adds to the show's offbeat appeal. His interactions with guests often lead to hilarious and unexpected moments.

Joining Space Ghost in Season 2 are his loyal and mischievous companions, Zorak and Moltar, voiced by C. Martin Croker. Zorak, originally Space Ghost's enemy, is a sarcastic and cunning mantis who serves as the show's bandleader. Moltar, the director and producer of the show, often finds himself at odds with Space Ghost's unconventional hosting style.

The cast of guest stars in Season 2 is an eclectic mix of celebrities from various fields. The show seamlessly merges live-action interviews with its animated environment, creating a surreal and entertaining experience for viewers. Notable guests from Season 2 include musician David Byrne, actor Bobcat Goldthwait, comedian Sarah Silverman, and wrestler Hulk Hogan.

Space Ghost Coast to Coast Season 2 maintains its distinctive visual style, employing simplistic animation that intentionally pays homage to old Hanna-Barbera cartoons. This minimalist approach enhances the absurdity of the show's humor, making it even more enjoyable for fans. Additionally, the combination of animated characters and live-action interviews creates a unique blend of comedy, improvisation, and unexpected interactions.

As the popularity of Space Ghost Coast to Coast grew, its influence extended beyond just entertainment. The show served as the foundation for Cartoon Network's Adult Swim programming and inspired a wave of similar talk show-style programs. Its unconventional format, bizarre humor, and lightning-fast pace set a new standard for animated television.

To fully immerse yourself in the zany world of Space Ghost Coast to Coast Season 2, you can relive the show's iconic moments and download sounds from the series. Whether you want Space Ghost's quintessential catchphrases, Zorak's snarky remarks, or even Moltar's grumbling, these sounds capture the essence of the show.

Space Ghost Coast to Coast Season 2 is a truly groundbreaking animated series from the mid-90s. With a mix of absurd humor, live-action interviews, and minimalist animation, it revolutionized the traditional talk show format. Its witty dialogue, eccentric characters, and clever interaction with celebrity guests make it a must-watch for any fan of offbeat comedy. So dive into the world of Space Ghost Coast to Coast and enjoy the unforgettable moments created in this timeless show.

Actually, I'm episcopalian.
After lunch, we'll marry in a simple ceremony.
Ah! What the Is going on here?
All right. I'll try.
Am not.
And horror rock and roll riot girl Alice Cooper
And now, klugman, klugman, klugman, klugman, klugman!
And the other one, what's with him? Ah, who knows?
Anyway, it's my show, so what I say goes, and I say we salute women.
Ask her about klugman
Ask me the same question.
Be a man. Be a klug man.
Besides, I forgot it.
Big baby baby mantis.
Big whoop.
British imperialist swine.
But good bye.
But klugman is terrific.
But what did you say before the word nanny?
But you have makeup on.
Can you hear me now?!
Carol, are you getting enough oxygen?
Could I ask you to dinner after the show?
Didn't I give up on us appearing in women's clothing?
Do I love the nanny?
Do not!
Don't mind him, dearest.
Don't want no more of this cryin' game.
Don't you know, space ghost?
Done and done.
Down in front.
Enchanting voice?
Enough, zorak.
Every fibre, every iota of my magnificent being feels it!
Fine. Be that way.
Forget him, my fair nanny.
Game over, man.
Get away from that fence, skinny.
Good night, my little nanny, wherever you are.
Good one, dude.
Ha ha ha!
Ha ha ha!
Ha ha ha!
Ha ha ha!
Ha ha ha!
Ha ha ha!
Ha ha ha!
Ha ha ha! Am I supposed to answer now?
Ha ha ha! Nanny, please
He can't fire me
He's but a lowly proletariat.
He's just jealous.
Head or eat a rat or something so we can wrap this up.
Hello, Mr. ghost.
Hello, space ghost.
Hey, hey, ho, ho, space ghost has got to go.
Hey, hey, ho, ho.
Hey, I heard that.
Hey, pal, watch the gutter language.
Hope my breath's all right.
How about a tribute to shut up!
How dare she!
How many times has Jack klugman been on the twilight zone?
I I can't.
I I think that's better.
I can feel it deep inside, in my icky stuff.
I don't love zorak.
I feel more confident now.
I love Can it be?
I think space ghost is strangely sweet
I think that we all is nothing sacred?
I think you need it.
I told you, zorak, we are not doing a musical tribute to Jack klugman.
I want to know what love is!
I was actually born with eye makeup on.
I wonder what lucky citizen is her husband.
I, uh, said citizen nanny.
I'll charm the pants off her.
I'm a 50 car pileup of misery.
I'm a downy clowny.
I'm glad we had this little talk, Carol
I'm going to ask the pretty nanny questions.
I'm not jealous.
I'm on strike.
I'm on strike.
I'm on strike.
I'm sorry, but I don't feel up to this right now.
I'm sorry, nanny,
I'm space ghost.
I'm the hardest working mantis in show business.
I've I've never known love, Carol.
I've got it
Incorrect. Moltar?
Is love a lie?
Is not.
It was fruitcake.
It was my idea.
It's too loud.
Jive Turkey.
Keep cool.
Klugman is dynamite.
Klugman is klugman.
Ladies and gentlemen, the lovely Alice Cooper.
Let me try another question.
Let the klugman revolution begin
Love is watching Jack klugman.
Man, he's annoying.
Moltar, I swear I know. Sorry.
Mr. belvedere?
Mr. French?
My husband says that husband?
My idea was much better.
Nanny, do you nanny for radio controlled robot children?
Nanny, may I ask you some questions so I can hear more of your
No, it's not.
No, no! It can't be true.
No, skinny.
No. I haven't oh, what's the use?
Now I'm deaf in one ear.
Now, that's entertainment.
Oh, citizen nanny.
Oh, dear. I can't.
Oh, hi.
Oh, hi. How are you?
Oh, no. No, not me.
Oh, please come out of yourself.
Oh, space ghost, I've enjoyed it
Oh, yeah. I can sense quality in a female of the species when I scan for it.
Oh. Hello, Carol.
Ok, Cooper, how much to get rid of you?
Ok, quince.
Ooh. Dumb question.
Ooh. She's a little ViXen
Or is it space?
Our special guest women are "nanny" Fran drescher;
Please, someone, anyone, tell me this is all just a horrible nightmare.
Prepare yourselves for klugman.
Radio controlled robot children?
Really? We'd be cute?
Roll it, boy.
Sam, roll klugman
Say, would you go steady with me?
See you, creeps.
She had gained 10 pounds over the Christmas holidays.
She'll grow to love the ghost planet after a while.
Shut up!
So will this space ghost fella tell that nanny girl he loves her?
Sore loser.
Sorry, nanny.
Sorry. Johnny, tell them what they've won.
Sorry. Moltar!
Space ghost has got to go.
Space ghost, I made you something.
Space ghost, you got a channing at 3 o'clock.
Space ghost.
Space ghost's 15 minutes of lame are up.
Space man, space master... Mother!
Speaking of women, moltar has whipped up a little something on them.
Steady, boy.
Stick it to the man.
Ta ta.
Tainted love.
Tax and spend democrat.
Thank you.
Thank you. I know.
That "hello, Dolly" herself, Carol channing;
That nanny needs a lozenge
That voice that bewitching voice.
That's much better.
The nanny dumped space ghost.
They've won diddley squat!
This is a nonunion show.
This is a woman's show.
Time for our first woman.
To With your show, you.
Tonight we present a special theme show an all star spectacular
Tons of uses.
Tribute to...
Turn it down.
Ugh. You bloody fool.
Uh, one?
Uh, tell the show about us, nanny.
Uh, think, tad. Think!
Uh, yeah.
Um, well all righty!
Watch your mouth.
We'd be cute together.
We'll just let that one go since you're so adorable.
Welcome to our nightmare, Alice.
Welcome, citizen nanny.
Well, it's, uh has society totally broken down?
What? Jack?
Why, I ahem.
Will that bug meet that actor fella he always talks about?
Will the nanny feel, you know, likewise?
Yes, diddley squat, one size fits all.
Yes, it is. Also I want woman love.
You getting it?
You haven't, space ghost?
You know, actually, I've never ever bitten or killed anything onstage
You know, arsenio hall used to give out Nice gifts.
You know, I'm having trouble hearing.
You know, I've never met a woman guest quite like you before, nanny.
You obviously enjoy being in that kind of love/hate relationship.
You're not a woman, are you?