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Gone Girl (2014) Soundboard

Gone Girl (2014) Soundboard

Gone Girl is a gripping psychological thriller film released in 2014, directed by David Fincher. The movie is based on the critically acclaimed novel of the same name written by Gillian Flynn. It delves into the complexities of marriage, relationships, and the dark secrets that can lurk beneath the surface.

The film's cast is led by Ben Affleck, who delivers a remarkable performance as Nick Dunne, a seemingly average guy whose life takes a dark turn when his wife, Amy Dunne, played by Rosamund Pike, goes missing under mysterious circumstances. Pike's portrayal of Amy is hauntingly brilliant, keeping viewers on the edge of their seats as her character's intentions are constantly called into question.

The supporting cast includes Neil Patrick Harris as Desi Collings, a former lover of Amy's who becomes a suspect in her disappearance. Tyler Perry delivers a standout performance as Tanner Bolt, a charismatic lawyer who defends Nick and becomes entangled in the twisted web of lies surrounding the case. Other notable cast members include Carrie Coon as Margo Dunne, Nick's twin sister, and Kim Dickens as Detective Rhonda Boney, the lead investigator on the case.

Gone Girl explores themes of identity, manipulation, and the dark nature of human behavior. As the story unfolds, viewers are taken on a rollercoaster ride of suspense, constantly questioning the truth and the motives of each character. The film's screenplay, penned by Gillian Flynn herself, masterfully twists and turns, keeping audiences guessing until the very end.

The atmospheric sound design further enhances the gripping nature of the film. The score, composed by Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross, perfectly captures the eerie and unsettling tone of the story. From hauntingly beautiful melodies to dissonant sounds, the music adds another layer of suspense and intensity to the viewing experience.

If you're a fan of psychological thrillers or simply enjoy thought-provoking and intense storytelling, Gone Girl is a must-see film. Its intricate plot, stellar performances, and captivating soundtrack make it a standout in the genre.

You can immerse yourself in the world of Gone Girl by watching it online or downloading the film. If you're craving the haunting soundscape of the movie, you can find and play the score composed by Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross through various streaming platforms. Experience the gripping suspense and unravel the complexities of Gone Girl in the comfort of your own home by accessing the movie and its sounds today.

Please note that availability of the film may vary depending on your region, and it is always recommended to check with legitimate streaming platforms or authorized retailers to access and enjoy content legally.

A child is not a hobby.
A husband breaks his silence, not just on his wife's disappearance...
A sock...
A trained monkey who doesn't get the lethal injection.
After school meeting, don't mind if I do.
All right.
Amy is a decorated scholar.
Amy is our only child.
Amy, I love you.
Amy, it's time to move on.
An inspiration.
And after all the outrage, when I'm ready..
And are too polite to ask.
And cause each other pain.
And I am not letting you get away again.
And I teach creative writing at mvcc.
And I'll make sure that no one forgets the pain you caused me.
And I've just tried to be nice to him.
And let me just say this...
And my lazy, lying, cheating, oblivious husband..
And she is kneeling down, and..
And she leaves a pair of red panties.
And she made a life in her adopted home.
And then...
And told people that I murdered my wife.
And when Sharon airs tomorrow, we'll be looking at a whole new you.
And you are going to tell her about Andie.
Are they super twat's?
At a certain point, we got on the wrong track.
Because it's the most abnormal situation in the world.
Because the party's down to three beast lights and a bottle of pucker.
Believe you were a loving husband, desperate to find his missing wife.
Bump up your life insurance
But I failed her.
But I just wanna ask you in the media, please, harass me...
But I want that Nick.
But it wasn't Monica. It was a total stranger.
But just do me a favor.
But Nick got lazy
But you gotta have a grudging respect for your wife at this point, right?
But you read the first clue.
Can we do that?
Can you imagine?
Can you pour me a bourbon?
Clean and bleed. Bleed and clean
Come outside. Then, you're in it.
Cool girl
Cool girl
Cool girl is hot.
Could you walk me through what happened?
Dad, stop.
Detective boney!
Disturbingly close, Lauren
Do gooders?
Don't they tease people down in nola?
Eight years ago, she pressed charges against him
Even his bar's in her name.
Ever since that mall went bust, half the town is out of work
Everyone knows complicated is code for bitch.
Everything you have heard about my wife...
Excuse me, miss?
Excuse me. Excuse us, folks
Excuse me. You can't sleep here.
Fancy meeting you here.
First thing you have to understand about Amy, she loves to teach lessons
Five doors down. 1032.
Follow the river, up, up, up
Go home, Nick.
Good to see you.
Guys, come on. You know better.
He's nice.
Hello, Mr. collings.
Here you go.
Hi, go.
House is rented in her name. Car's in her name.
How many people are lucky enough to get a second chance at love?
How to bullshit.
I broke the vow that I made to her.
I can't just walk away.
I can't say I didn't enjoy some of it.
I can't.
I could go home to my parents...
I didn't kill my wife
I didn't touch you.
I didn't use the I word. I said you two were extremely close.
I do.
I don't know. I'd have to check my red panty inventory.
I drank canned beer watching Adam sandler movies.
I feel good. Go, can you pass me that box, please?
I fought my way back to you.
I got guys on the clock in here. But you give me 30 minutes.
I got it
I got your address from this letter that you wrote my wife
I hope you don't mind me coming by.
I know! Go home, fuck her brains out, slap her with your penis.
I love my wife...
I loved these books.
I need more time.
I need to make sure you're not wearing a wire.
I need you to admit that you got the credit cards...
I need you to do your part.
I need you.
I pled down, man. Sexual assault one, no jail time.
I think it's your chin.
I think that's something I should watch on my own.
I was a bad husband to a great wife.
I was unfaithful.
I will spend every day making it up to you.
I would never, ever hurt you.
I'd hidden some puppets at go's...
I'll balance on the exact fucking edge of your emotional razor.
I'll get groceries for tonight, we'll watch Sharon schieber, and finally move on.
I'll go find Amy.
I'm gonna try and see desi collings on my way home.
I'm noelle hawthorne. I'm Amy's best friend.
I'm so crazy, stupid happy.
I'm so exhausted.
I'm sorry?
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry. I can't.
I've got two ex secret service guys that are really good.
I've got two of my best guys on it.
I've never seen that before either.
Ice breaker.
If anyone out there has any information...
If he likes girls gone wild, she's a mall babe..
If this case had been left in your deeply incompetent hands...
In our neighborhood.
Is a lie.
Is that right?
It wasn't like that, okay? You have no idea how shitty it was with Amy...
It's a cozy room for my favorite writer.
It's an appeals process, so we will attempt to appeal to them.
It's been four hours.
It's fantastic.
It's surprisingly effective.
It's you!
Ivy league? Rubs people the wrong way?
Just do it.
Just let me know and I will get it for you.
Just remind her it is a possible crime scene.
Laptop ing.
Let me guess
Let's make the most of it.
Like these homeless you keep mentioning.
Listen, I've got $47,000 in savings. I've got $2,500 in an ira.
Look at that.
Ms. dunne, I know what you've been through...
My chin?
My cute, charming, salt of the earth, Missouri guy
My husband would be on death row...
My mom got sick.
My prayers go out to everyone who loves Amy
Neighbors will shun you.
Nick and Amy will be gone
Nick is happy to be home.
Nick teased out of me things I didn't know existed.
Nick wants me gone but he won't ask for a divorce.
Nick, I can't do anything
Nick? Breakfast.
No blood and no body suggests kidnapping.
No, I can't turn up now.
Noelle hawthorne?
Not that weird, but that is awfully high.
Now that I know you didn't murder your wife, yes.
Now, I have to ask you...
Now, I know there are a lot of questions and concerns...
Now, normally, we would not treat this as a missing persons case so quick..
Now, who would believe you?
Of course. Okay.
Of having been romantically involved with a married man.
Oh, stop watching Ellen abbott!
Oh, the bar.
Okay. Just be...
Okay. Keep talking
Okay. You know where I'll be.
On the very first night that we met..
Or get angry
Please continue, Ms. dunne.
Please put that on a t shirt.
Randy Professor, naughty student.
Regardless of what you thought...
Roll tape. Five... four...
She got the dog.
She is brilliant...
She is the beautiful blonde inspiration for the amazing Amy kids' book series
She was all in pink.
She's air.
She's going to ask real questions.
So I'd recognize you.
So much.
So, I'm gonna order a luminol sweep.
So, is Amy gonna do one of those anniversary...
So, what in God's name is at your father's house, Nick?
So, your wife has no friends here
Tanner bolt landed me
Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you. That's kind.
That is also true, yes.
That morning, the doorbell rang.