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House of Cards - Season 4

House of Cards - Season 4

House of Cards is a critically acclaimed American political thriller television series that aired from 2013 to 2018. Created by Beau Willimon, it is adapted from the 1990 BBC miniseries of the same name and based on the novel by Michael Dobbs. In this article, we will dive into the captivating world of House of Cards Season 4, released in 2016, and examine its cast, plot, and significance.

Season 4 of House of Cards revolves around the Machiavellian moves of Frank Underwood, brilliantly portrayed by Kevin Spacey, as he aims to hold on to power amidst mounting challenges. Underwood, now serving as the President of the United States, finds his position under threat from all directions. His greatest nemesis is his own wife, Claire Underwood, depicted by the incredible Robin Wright, who decided to leave him at the end of Season 3. As Frank attempts to secure the Democratic nomination for re-election, he faces opponents on both sides of the political spectrum and a society that is growing increasingly disillusioned with his presidency.

The stellar cast of House of Cards Season 4 also includes Michael Kelly as Doug Stamper, Underwood's fiercely loyal and resourceful chief of staff. Stamper is haunted by his past mistakes and will stop at nothing to protect his boss. Molly Parker portrays Congresswoman Jacqueline Sharp, who finds herself caught in the crossfire of Underwood's schemes. Other notable cast members include Neve Campbell as political consultant LeAnn Harvey, Derek Cecil as Seth Grayson, and Paul Sparks as Thomas Yates.

As the season progresses, Frank Underwood's manipulation and ruthlessness reach new heights, leaving a trail of devastation in his wake. The tension escalates as he faces a formidable Republican opponent named Will Conway, played by Joel Kinnaman, who presents a new, charismatic and tech-savvy challenge to the Underwood regime. This power struggle is set against the backdrop of an impending global crisis, pushing both candidates to their limits.

House of Cards Season 4 explores many timely and relevant themes, including the corrupting influence of power, the pursuit of personal ambition at any cost, and the blurred lines between politics and morality. It delves into the inner workings of American politics, shedding light on the manipulation and Machiavellian tactics often employed by those in power. True to its name, House of Cards, the series highlights the fragility and vulnerability of the political and social structures on which society is built.

The intense and complex narrative is supported by a hauntingly atmospheric score composed by Jeff Beal. His music adds depth and grandeur to the series, enhancing the tension and drama that unfolds on the screen. The score beautifully captures the sinister undertones and the emotional turmoil experienced by the characters, amplifying the overall impact of the storyline.

If you want to immerse yourself in the mesmerizing soundscape of House of Cards Season 4, you can play and download the captivating soundtrack here. Feel the weight of Frank Underwood's machinations, experience the emotional journey of the characters, and let the music transport you into the heart of the political storm.

In conclusion, House of Cards Season 4 is a gripping chapter in the tumultuous journey of Frank and Claire Underwood. With powerful performances by an exceptional cast, a thought-provoking storyline, and an evocative score, it leaves audiences on the edge of their seats, eagerly awaiting the next move in this high-stakes game of power. To fully appreciate the immersive experience of House of Cards, be sure to delve into its rich soundtrack, which can be enjoyed by playing and downloading it here.

A back room within a back room.
A billboard there was vandalized late last night
A bold plan that will significantly increase successful diagnoses
A conversation?
A couple of questions, Mrs. Underwood, if you have a moment?
A day or two.
A decorated war veteran pulverizing us for being weak on national security.
A detainment facility.
A difficult one, because we had no guarantee where it was going to lead us.
A distraction rather than a solution...
A diversity of ideas makes us all wiser,
A fierce Texan...
A First Lady as the... That's ludicrous.
A glass of water or anything?
A heartbeat away from the presidency is a serious matter now.
A little bit of compassion, the kid just shot himself.
A little hi. Can we get a little hi?
A liver, even one quarter of a liver,
A lone gunman whose identity we are still trying to determine.
A lot of calls about Mrs. Underwood in Russia.
A lot of toys.
A lot to catch you up on, Mr. President.
A million five for LeAnn and some on top of that.
A piece of you?
A politician is the one who would drown a litter of kittens
A president should know his constituents.
A quarter of the delegates changed their votes,
A reporter called my office. I've read the email.
A result of your meeting with Governor Conway yesterday?
A single vote from Senator Scott Sheer
A staffer, who says Goodwin posed
A Supreme Court confirmation in the middle of an election?
A true reflection of America's future.
A VA hospital expansion open to the general public,
A young, eager community of men and women of all races and backgrounds,
About Governor Conway's alleged interference
About how he knew about the laundering,
About Mrs. Underwood's involvement in the Brandenburg negotiations.
About my age. His name was Walter Wryson.
About that limp dick defense bill I killed when I was whip...
About to see this awful thing...
About you and me.
Accordingly, the government is requesting a Section 702 upstream surveillance order.
Actually, it says that you joined the Baath Party in 2000.
Adam, are you covering this yourself?
Add that to the press release for this afternoon.
Addressing claims that his father was a member of the Ku Klux Klan.
After being shot and before he died,
After everything that's happened in South Carolina.
After Louisiana put her in the running for president?
After Lucas tried, after I tried.
After news of his family's alleged Klan connection broke this morning.
After Remy, after Brockhart. With Durant, with Dunbar.
After that, we disconnect the call.
After the government seized his TV stations and newspapers.
After the stunt you just pulled, I would've thought you love ham.
After the vice presidential nomination process is complete.
After what you did, I should hate you.
After you'd fallen asleep with your face against the glass.
Afternoon, Oren.
Ah, I don't care about either of you...
Ah, oh, I see. It makes you small again.
Ah, still smells delicious.
Ah, you must be exhausted. Now, sit. Sit.
Ahmadi has consistently encouraged acts of terror like this one.
Ahmed and Yusuf Al Ahmadi.
Aidan. This is Doug Stamper.
Alabama's own Jane Winthrop.
Alaska, you're next.
All 237? Nice.
All diplomatic affairs to the State Department.
All I know is we're in a holding pattern.
All I needed was one call to him. I don't need to make another.
All I want is the appearance.
All I wanted to do was get out of this room
All I'm asking is that you make the call.
All I'm saying is it's not over. You'll get through this.
All of Russia is praying for the president's recovery.
All of the cell phone footage is on the Conway campaign website.
All of these deaths could have been prevented.
All of those in favor of the nomination
All right, I can't hide the way that you...
All right, I need you to come with me, sir.
All right, I'm hanging up.
All right, I'm here to try to listen to you,
All right, I'm... I'm coming. Uh, where's my...
All right, let's hurry on up, now.
All right, let's work.
All right, stay in your office.
All right, tell him to stay put. We'll tackle that later.
All right, thank you, LeAnn. Good night.
All right, this first. One thing at a time.
All right, we'll speak soon.
All right, what about...
All right, you seem a little confused here, Tom.
All right, you take your meeting with Baker.
All right!
All right.
All right.
All right.
All right. Bring the box back here. Don't let it out of your sight.
All right. Don't disgrace yourself, Julia.
All right. Don't do or say anything. I'll handle it.
All right. Fuck it.
All right. Get me a copy and report on the investigation so far.
All right. Now we wait and see.
All right. Thank you, Francis.
All right. They're closed.
All that proves is that I'm honest,
All the justification we need for a full offensive.
All the lies and betrayals, and I helped you.
All these people in their houses...
All they've known are your bombs. Poof, gone.
All those in favor of the nomination
Along with partners in the private sector,
Alongside him were all of the donor organs' recipients.
Already compiling it, ma'am.
Also for Catherine Durant.
Also, Tom Hammerschmidt called.
Although President Underwood's critical condition
Although this video is simply for purposes of
Although, I mean, with school and... and their friends,
America Works is falling flat.
Among those quoted are ex president Garrett Walker,
An alias for Lucas Goodwin, a former editor at The Washington Herald
An analytics firm I contract with, one of the best in the country.
An apology would do...
An ex president of the United States.
Anatoly Rostropov. His empire's worth 30 billion.
And 14 for Secretary of State Catherine Durant.
And a consortium of American and Chinese energy companies
And a Durant candidacy might be appealing to Democrats
And a slightly better than average understanding of political gamesmanship.
And a trade crisis with China.
And a weapon like that could blow up in my hand
And after Sulla had him killed,
And again, he just shook his head.
And all of the other terrorist threats that we face around the globe.
And all of those who believe in freedom and democracy.
And all the manager said is that it was a Caucasian brunette.
And all you give me is excuses.
And America is paying attention.
And answer every question that you might have.
And as a result, I am heading to Washington right now
And as for you...
And as poor as my family was,
And as the president, that would be me.
And ask yourselves...
And at that meeting, that's when that photograph was taken.
And by our calculations and their current pace,
And by the time she gives her speech tomorrow night,
And campaigning for it.
And collect some money?
And come tomorrow, when you vote...
And Congresswoman Sharon Pierce of California,
And couldn't even close the deal in Brandenburg.
And cross off Milford.
And do I speak with them sometimes? Of course.
And do you remember when my mother almost left Daddy
And Donald Blythe, he oozes integrity.
And everything we...
And finally took General Brockhart's advice to heart.
And for that I want to apologize, and I do hope that you will accept it.
And for that reason, I am ending my bid...
And four votes to Senator Joseph Baker.
And Francis Underwood for president by acclamation.
And Francis was very upset about that.
And Frank Underwood will not allow this journey to end with Limestone.
And friends.
And get their advice.
And give him proof of a cover up?
And good evening.
And grow quickly, he did nothing.
And he didn't even realize it.
And he gets us the votes.
And he has corrupted the institutions that report to him.
And he is in stable but critical condition.
And he just shook his head no.
And he never got the help he so desperately needed.
And he questions the patriotism of a man who has fought in many?
And he said it time and time again,
And he spoke to me because he wants to help.
And he would do whatever the Klan told him to do, and my father knew that.
And he's gonna tell you about our partnership.
And here is my good friend Benjamin Grant. He's the founder of Pollyhop,
And here's something else I know
And his totally adorable son Charlie.
And how many of you drove together?
And how to target them, to influence them.
And how was I supposed to know about this photo?
And I ask all of you to join me in praying for my husband,
And I asked him if he wanted some.
And I believe the best government is that which governs least.
And I believe you're right. Thank you, Mr. President.
And I can't sacrifice this opportunity to pave the way for Cathy Durant.
And I could've chosen not to come,
And I deeply regret that I allowed
And I demand that you make an apology to the general.
And I didn't wanna miss the chance to make some new friends in Washington.
And I don't care what's on that billboard.
And I don't give a shit about circulation.
And I don't just say that because African Americans
And I don't think you do either.
And I feel the same about Francis. Nothing.
And I gave that tree a good whack. And Walter cried out, but I kept on.
And I got angry.
And I have to say, everyone's primary focus right now
And I have to say, the feeling is mutual.
And I know Claire will, as well.
And I know you don't mean it.
And I made you chair of this convention precisely for moments like this.
And I promised you I would... in the morning.