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Get Out (2017) Soundboard

Get Out (2017) Soundboard

Get Out (2017) is a critically acclaimed thriller film that took the world by storm with its unique and thought-provoking storyline. Directed by Jordan Peele, this groundbreaking movie introduced a fresh perspective on race and societal issues, creating a lasting impact on audiences.

The film revolves around Chris Washington, portrayed by Daniel Kaluuya, a young African American man who goes on a weekend trip with his white girlfriend, Rose Armitage, played by Allison Williams, to meet her family at their secluded estate. However, as the couple arrives at the Armitage residence, Chris quickly realizes that something is off. The atmosphere is thick with unsettling tension, and the seemingly friendly and welcoming family hides something sinister beneath their pleasant facade.

The cast of Get Out also includes outstanding performances by Bradley Whitford as Dean Armitage and Catherine Keener as Missy Armitage, Rose's parents. Their portrayal of an affluent, seemingly liberal couple provides an eerie contrast to their true intentions. Lil Rel Howery shines as Chris's best friend, Rod Williams, injecting moments of humor into the film while also serving as a voice of reason for the increasingly distressed protagonist.

Get Out masterfully blends horror, suspense, and social commentary to create an impactful film. Jordan Peele, known for his work in comedy, expertly directs this psychological thriller, enfolding audiences in a harrowing experience that exposes deep-seated racial discrimination. Peele's astute direction highlights the subtleties of racism and its insidious nature, making it a powerful tool for social critique.

The movie delves into the concept of a covert racism that operates beneath the surface of seemingly well-intentioned individuals. It tackles themes of cultural appropriation, fetishization, and the commodification of the black body within a society that claims to be progressive. By using horror elements, Get Out effectively reveals how racism can be a monster lurking in plain sight, disguised as politeness or curiosity.

The success of Get Out lies not only in its compelling narrative, but also in its stellar performances and atmospheric score. The talented cast remains captivating throughout the entirety of the film, drawing audiences into their characters' terrifying ordeal. Additionally, the haunting musical score composed by Michael Abels complements the movie's suspenseful atmosphere, adding another layer of unease.

To experience the soundscape of Get Out, you can easily play and download the film's chilling sounds here. Immerse yourself in the score that heightens every moment, sending shivers down your spine. The combination of Abels' innovative use of instruments and eerie melodies creates an unforgettable soundtrack that enhances the overall viewing experience.

Get Out continues to make a lasting impact on cinema, opening doors for more diverse storytelling and fostering conversations about racism and inequality. With its clever storytelling, exceptional performances, and powerful social critique, this film leaves a profound impression. Get Out is more than just a thriller; it is a thought-provoking, genre-defying piece of art that demands to be seen and discussed.

A sliver of you will still be in there, somewhere, limited consciousness
All I know is sometimes
An audience. You'll live in..
And I love you.
And there could be a whole bunch of brothers they got already
Anything more you'd like to add?
Chris. Rose's boyfriend.
Damn you!
Do something with this
Do you have your cozy clothes?
Don't do nothin' stupid
Fairer skin has been in favor for the past, what, couple of hundreds of years?
For phase three
For the big get together. Yeah.
Four months.
Fuck. Are you okay?
Get outta here! Get outta here! Chill! Chill, man! Chill!
Gordon loves Tiger.
Got that.
He's got IBS.
He's studying medicine now. Wants to be just like his old man.
Hey, Chris
Hey, Rosie.
Hey, you ready?
Hiroki Tanaka,
How are ya? I'm good
How'd you find me?
I agree. Yeah.
I did judo after school, first grade.
I don't even wanna tell you.
I don't like 'em.
I imagine that I owe you all an apology
I just wanted to have a chill weekend.
I know what you're thinking.
I love it.
I love you
I picked these up in Bali.
I see that. Okay.
I was just watching TV.
I wasn't gonna take it there.
I'd like to talk to him, please.
I'm at the Armitage house. My name is Chris
I'm either away from the phone or I just don't wanna talk to you. Peace
I'm only telling you that 'cause he's definitely
I'm quitting.
I'm serious, man. The next 9/11
If there's too many white people, I get nervous, you know?
Is gonna be on some geriatric shit.
It did?
It was a reflex. I'm sorry.
It's all about being two, three, four moves ahead.
It's fine, it's not a big deal. It's not a big deal.
It's like they haven't met a black person that doesn't work for 'em.
It's me.
It's not that, it's everything
Just like a dollar. You basically threw a dollar out the window. Great
Just putting the bags in the car, man
Let me do it
Look, man, thanks for looking after Sid this weekend.
Magic ain't real
Maybe you could take this one.
Might take me a second
Much more comfortable with my being here.
My dad would've voted for Obama a third time if he could've.
My dad's claim to fame.
No shit
No, I didn't. I don't know what you're talking about
No, no, no. He wasn't driving.
No, you can't.
No. I can never find them.
Nobody answers the door around here?
Now, I'll control the motor functions, so I'll be..
Oh, don't you worry about that
Oh, how terrible.
Oh, my God.
Oh, Rod.
Oh, shit!
Oh, sorry about the "shit
Oh, the best I've ever seen.
Okay, I don't forget shit. You do.
Okay. Hold on
Ooh, that TSA shit tingles. This motherfucker's lying
Rain. It was raining.
Rod, just stop
Sink into the floor.
Sir, can I see your license, please?
So, in the future, the number to call is Animal Control Services.
Something wrong?
Sounds like fun, actually.
Stand up
Straight up.
Sure thing
That was hot.
That's Dre
That's how she died in the early morning, cold and alone.
The nearest house is across the lake.
The piece of your brain connected to your nervous system
They were askin' me about the African American experience
They'd have you fuckin' barking like a dog,
They're like rats. They're destroying the ecosystem.
Wait, Jim Hudson? Hudson Galleries?
We hired Georgina and Walter to help care for my parents.
We're here.
We're huggers. Yes.
Well, smoker or not, we're thrilled to have you up here
Well, that's okay. We don't have to talk about that.
What did I miss?
What did you say?
What? Oh, my God!
When they died,
Where was your mom?
Yeah, I told... Rather than meddle with it further,
Yeah, Rose, where are your manners?
Yeah, so what?
Yeah? Yeah
Yeah? Yeah?
Yeah. He got all paranoid, and then he freaked out on me
Yeah. It came outta nowhere. We got it pretty good.
Yo, you at work?
Yo... Come on, brother, this is...
You got your toothbrush?
You just dangle a pocket watch in front of people's faces? Is that it?
You know what I'm saying? Mmm hmm.
You know what, I am grateful for what you've done today.
You know you picked the wrong guy, right?
You mean like UFC?
You, uh, ever play golf?
You bit him? What?
"Dude" what?
"Heightened suggestibility."
"My man, my man."
"Oh, man, that's Andre Hayworth