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Z Nation (2014) - Season 1

Z Nation (2014) - Season 1

Z Nation is a thrilling post-apocalyptic television series that first premiered in 2014. The show takes place three years after a deadly zombie virus has ravaged the world, pushing humanity to the brink of extinction. Created by Karl Schaefer and Craig Engler, the series follows a diverse group of survivors as they embark on a dangerous cross-country journey in an effort to transport the only known human who possesses a potential cure to the virus.

The cast of Z Nation is filled with talented actors who bring their characters to life with remarkable performances. The central protagonist is Roberta Warren, played by Kellita Smith, a strong and resourceful woman who leads the group in their mission. Alongside her is Tom Everett Scott as the intelligent and compassionate Dr. Garnett, tasked with protecting the valuable cure. The group is further supported by DJ Qualls as Citizen Z, an enigmatic hacker who provides them with crucial information and guidance.

Other notable characters include Addy Carver, portrayed by Anastasia Baranova, a young and fearless survivor with an unmatched skill for navigating dangerous situations. Keith Allan embodies the character of Murphy, the only known person who has survived being bitten by a zombie and is slowly undergoing a dramatic transformation. Rounding out the main cast is Russell Hodgkinson as Doc, a quirky and eccentric older man with a knack for unconventional medical practices.

Z Nation stands out amongst other post-apocalyptic shows due to its unique blend of horror, action, and humor. It doesn't shy away from the gruesome and terrifying nature of the world it presents, but it also knows how to inject moments of levity and comedic relief, creating a well-rounded and enjoyable viewing experience.

Throughout its first season, Z Nation takes its audience on a wild ride, exploring both urban and rural areas infested with zombies. The group encounters various challenges, including merciless bandits, crazed cults, and even zombie animals. Each episode is filled with high-stakes situations that keep viewers at the edge of their seats.

One of the standout aspects of Z Nation is its exciting and diverse soundtrack. From adrenaline-pumping tracks during intense action sequences to haunting melodies that capture the desolation of the post-apocalyptic world, the music perfectly enhances the atmosphere and emotion of the show. Fans of the series can play and download these sounds here (insert link).

In conclusion, Z Nation is a gripping and entertaining post-apocalyptic series that captivates viewers with its exciting storyline, memorable characters, and unique blend of horror and humor. With its talented cast and compelling soundtrack, the show transports audiences to a world where surviving the undead is an everyday struggle. So grab some popcorn, sit back, and prepare yourself for an exhilarating journey through the zombie-infested wasteland of Z Nation.

A dozen of these aspirin
A month ago?
A true survivor.
About a month ago.
Addison Carver.
Air Cav Whiskey Bravo Six, this is Northern Light.
All right, everybody. Time to go.
All right.
All right. I'll handle the meet and greet.
All right. Let's do this.
All we need are some basic supplies
Amen brother. Let's go.
An ex cop and some others taking shelter in a prison
An old high school with a civil defense shelter in the basement.
And all of you.
And all we got to do is get organized and the zombies don't stand a chance.
And by then you're dead.
And he may just be the last best chance to save humanity.
And he won't stop crying.
And I am forgetting about vaccines and labs
And I am out of options.
And I can't get anyone from Delta Xray on the radio.
And I got to tell you people,
And I need your help.
And I'm not dead yet.
And leave you to die?
And not a zombie?
And now's my chance.
And sharp.
And that brought the Z's.
And that what I intend to do.
And that's all I can tell you.
And they ain't making any more aspirin.
And they deserve to live.
And transportation south as far as the Tappan Zee bridge.
And we're out of here!
And what if it's you?
And you three check the vehicles.
Any problems, you hit the ground.
Are you people going to help me or not?
Are... are you aware of Operation Bite Mark?
As far as I can tell it's just two males.
At least you're still alive.
Batteries... dying.
Be ready to go.
Beats me. I stopped planning two minutes ahead years ago.
Been watching them for a while.
Before he attracts Z's like flies.
Before I'd make that deal.
Before the thing's down and dead.
Behind you.
Being bitten by a Zombie.
Blue Sky has been overrun.
Blue Sky, this is mobile one. Over.
Brain dead on impact.
Bring you to the Tappan Zee.
But as far as I know, we're the only ones left of our unit.
But don't you worry, Delta Xray. I'm not going anywhere
But I think it's time.
But I'll get home soon, I promise.
But it's gonna be about two or three shots
But we don't know...
But word got out that there was food.
But you can still pull it out. Cuz nothing is worse than
But you don't know what I know about this man.
But you'd be on your own after that.
But... you really want to make an impression,
California sure is a hell of a long way.
Camp Blue Sky, this is mobile one.
Camp Northern Light.
Can always turn them back around.
Can't they give you some time off?
Catch you in the next life, sir.
Cease fire! Save your ammo, Valdez.
Check out this smoke wagon.
Check this out.
Closing time.
Come in.
Come in.
Come in.
Come in.
Come on, Hernandez! Out of there! Let's go!
Come on, sweetie.
Come on.
Come on.
Come on. Let's go.
Come to papa.
Cuz that's how it starts. If you're still alive,
Cuz that's what we do.
Cuz then you got to drag them down to the ground.
Daisy, I just don't know.
Damn it!
Damn, he was one of our best customers
Delta Xray Delta.
Delta Xray Delta.
Delta Xray Delta.
Delta Xray Delta. Come in.
Delta Xray Delta. This is Camp Northern Light
Delta Xray Delta. This is Camp Northern Light.
Delta Xray Delta. This is Northern Light.
Delta Xray Delta. This is Northern Light.
Delta Xray Delta. We need to...
Delta Xray is bringing out survivors now.
Delta Xray location currently unknown.
Did you say that Hammond is dead?
Do not panic.
Do what you got to do.
Do you copy?
Do you have her special?
Do you mean the lab in California?
Do you need a ride?
Don't go far.
Don't leave me to the zombies man.
Don't leave me! Don't let me turn, you bastard!
Don't worry.
Don't worry.
Donna? Marion?
Eight of them.
Especially as old as Nana was.
Even if it is turned.
Everybody meets back here in five.
Everybody's gonna be so disappointed.
Ferry accident?
Five minutes!
For a dozen of these reloaded.223's
For exposure to an experimental substance.
For the zombie virus.
Found on Miller's Road by Sutter's Farm.
Four brothers, recently turned,
Garnett and Warren, you clear the building.
Garnett to Warren, over
Garnett, do you copy?
Garnett? Thank God you're alive.
Get away from there.
Get back in the truck.
Get in!
Get out of the car.
Get over here.
Get your hands off me.
Getting this far.
Getting you this far.
Getting your pike stuck into a Z's skull.
Give her the baby, and let's go.
Given mercy, May 13, 3 A.Z.
Go for Warren. What's up Charlie?
Go! Go! Go! Go!
God, I hate moral dilemmas.
Good luck, Whisky Bravo. We're out the door ourselves.
Good. Good.
Got some vehicles and a team of killers waiting.
Hammond's dead.
He chewed up another one of your shoes.
He has information vital to the development of a vaccine
He must have turned just a few hours ago.
He was given the only dose of an experimental vaccine
He was our last hope at finding a vaccine.
He's fine.
He's right
He's right about the Z's.
He's weak, but he's hanging in there.
Heads up.
Hear what?
Hell yes I'm ready.
Hello, baby. It's me.
Here are the new destination coordinates.
Here baby baby.
Here baby.
Here they come.
Here. What do I do?
Hey doc!
Hey guys, I need you to get back to us.
Hey there.
Hey, did you see that stuff on the news about Washington?
Hey, Doc. What's going on? What's going on?
Hey, hey
Hey, hey, hey
Hey, isn't that Red Hanson?
Hey, it's okay sweetie.
Hey, Mack.
Hey, mister! Baby.
Hey, where'd all the Z's go?
Hey! Hey! Are you sure?!
Hey! We haven't talked about this.