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Grace and Frankie - Season 2

Grace and Frankie - Season 2

Grace and Frankie is a television series that first premiered on Netflix in 2015. Created by Marta Kauffman and Howard J. Morris, the show has been lauded for its exceptional writing, outstanding performances, and its ability to blend comedy with poignant storytelling. Season 2 of the series further solidified its place as a fan favorite.

The show revolves around the lives of two women in their 70s, Grace Hanson and Frankie Bergstein, portrayed by the iconic duo of Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin, respectively. In Season 2, Grace and Frankie continue to navigate the challenges and joys of life after their husbands, Robert and Sol, revealed that they are gay and have been in a relationship for twenty years.

The cast of Grace and Frankie is truly a talented ensemble. In addition to Fonda and Tomlin, the series also features Sam Waterston as Sol Bergstein, Robert Hanson played by Martin Sheen, and a variety of other incredible actors. June Diane Raphael shines as Brianna Hanson, Grace's daughter, and Brooklyn Decker delivers a standout performance as Mallory Hanson, Grace's younger daughter. The chemistry between the cast members is one of the many reasons why Grace and Frankie is so captivating.

Season 2 takes viewers on a journey filled with love, laughter, and personal growth. Grace and Frankie reluctantly navigate the challenges of starting a business together, as they launch Vybrant, a line of vibrators specifically designed for older women. This storyline allows the show to explore themes of female empowerment and embracing one's sexuality at any age. The comedic moments unfold naturally, and the emotional beats are handled with grace and sincerity, often leaving viewers both laughing and reaching for a tissue.

While Grace and Frankie tackle their business venture, the show also delves into the complexities of their personal lives. Grace finds herself torn between two men, Nick Skolka (played by Peter Gallagher) and Phil Milstein (played by the brilliant Sam Elliott). Through these romantic entanglements, the series examines the different ways people can find companionship and love later in life, highlighting the fact that age should never limit one's ability to find happiness.

In Season 2, Grace and Frankie also confront the realities of aging parents. Sol and Robert's health declines, prompting Grace and Frankie to become their caretakers. This storyline touches on the challenges and emotional toll of caring for loved ones in their final years, and the superb performances by Waterston and Sheen add depth and authenticity to these moments.

Grace and Frankie - Season 2 is a masterclass in storytelling. The writers manage to balance humor and heartbreak, resulting in a series that tugs at the heartstrings while still delivering plenty of laughs. The chemistry between the cast members is palpable, and their performances bring these well-developed characters to life in a truly unforgettable way.

For fans of Grace and Frankie, Season 2 is a must-watch. The show tackles important themes with grace and authenticity, and the talented ensemble cast delivers performances that are nothing short of extraordinary. With its perfect blend of humor and heart, Grace and Frankie continues to captivate audiences and leave a lasting impression.

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A bouquet that doubles as hors d'oeuvres.
A brutal yet fair point. You're smarter than I give you credit for.
A little help!
A low hum.
A very respectable 40 percent refund from the florist.
A week? Oh, look, there's a very angry woman coming this way.
About me not calming down.
About what?
Absolutely not.
Actually, the hospital will sue you and come after your wages.
Actually, will you help me move some of these things out of the way?
After I gave them lasagna.
After the wedding, I felt almost good. And what do you do?
Ah choo!
Ah, wait. Snacks for the road.
Ah, well, you are really a peach, you know that?
Ah. Ahhh. Ah.
Ah. I know, but the answer is complicated. My majorette boots.
All day, everybody's hunched and whispering.
All I see is you anymore, in the house, in the car.
All of Downton Abbey and a deluxe manicure kit.
All right, all right. They're your friends. I'll just have to adapt.
All right, keep your mouth shut and your eyes open.
All right, Robert, this isn't a contest.
All right, then what is it? What is the elephant in the room?
All right, this has gotten way out of hand.
All right.
All right. You know, let let's do road signs. You want to do road signs?
Also "boobs," "boob," and "boobies."
Although, I don't know. You know, it is a little weird
Am I dying, Sol? Is that why you got me that horrible chair?
And 30 year old men do sometimes, when they're sad.
And another business might want it, too.
And as infuriating as that is...
And blow you right into the driveway!
And by the way, the Lord does not like stubborn and unreasonable.
And can I just say what a pleasure it has been
And Coyote... also to his flute lessons?
And do you, Sol, happily make the decision
And don't worry about me getting my license back.
And elastic skin.
And elves and goblins, and
And everyone should look as good as you coming off the year you've had.
And for God's sakes don't talk about the BP oil spill
And Frankie, the hurricane wasn't even the best part of it.
And get a change of clothes. Did I say that?
And he's dead now. The president is dead. I hope you're happy.
And he's passionate about the national dam system.
And here you are. And I'm here, too.
And I can't bear the thought of never getting a chance to marry
And I could really use a bowl of G**** Nuts.
And I have 40 years of anger built up.
And I I I..
And I I should tell you that Well you should know, I mean,
And I saw an ambulance here a couple of days ago.
And I thought Bob Mackie deserved an Oscar!
And I want you to take me seriously.
And I will do the same for you.
And I'd also like to make amends for drinking all the crème de menthe
And I'll bet there are plenty of chaplains around here.
And I'll grab the marriage license.
And I'm gonna pass this sucker, thanks to your sage advice.
And I'm here to see about the yam supply pipeline.
And I'm pretty sure that under the Affordable Care Act,
And if if not, there's some Us Weekly's in here, too.
And in return I'm going to get nine million dollars.
And it could be a good thing, Mom. You don't even like driving.
And it takes longer for things to sink in.
And it would be really shitty if you died before I get a chance
And it'll help you move forward.
And it's it's not like I asked you to marry Jesus!
And it's never, ever going to happen again, is it?
And it's not about Coyote's chlamydia.
And left a message with no hint of any news.
And let me say that Robert makes a mean mojito.
And litigating against patients,
And lose the dick.
And maybe... that'll help you get some of your power back.
And my baton.
And nine million dollars would solve things.
And on top of everything I can't believe I was so stupid.
And rejected by insurance, my husband would have died on the table!
And Robert had a heart attack because he eats sausage for every meal.
And rushing from the house to the car. So...
And rushing out of the car to your house,
And second, babies don't grow in Mommy's tummy, they grow in a separate part
And she told me that in addition to having a very high rate of billing code error,
And somehow your hair turns a darker shade of blonde ish.
And stop doing this.
And thanks for the invitation, but I don't think Drag Queen Bingo's for us.
And that, my love, is you.
And the brown sweater is in a cedar box he keeps in the closet
And the people at Drag Queen Bingo would know that.
And then it became easier not to make any wishes at all.
And then we met by chance one Friday after work.
And then you know what they'd do?
And then you took the test and it was like you never studied.
And there's Uber now, and everyone delivers.
And think of the environmental contribution you'd be making.
And this chair?
And those babies are really lucky
And we sue your hospital's ass off?
And we want to hear all about your new single lives.
And we'll take little breaks so you don't get winded.
And we're gonna go get someone to officiate
And what it can do to a crab salad.
And what's with the ottoman that looks like a yeti?
And when I tell you, you'll know it's true.
And where are these independent drivers now?
And who are these two men?
And why not? I spent my whole life having to look away and pretend
And why they put the ottoman here.
And you didn't say anything that could cause his face
And you didn't think you could.
And you go home and get something to wear besides that Hawaiian shirt abomination.
And you know who? You!
And you know why? Because I am not gonna let you.
And you know why? Because you're being stubborn and unreasonable.
And you might have a new best friend.
And you must be Sol.
And you need to know the last time he ate was six hours ago, not eight.
And you said this better be my last baby because I needed to start my life again.
And you would find things that look like scrotum.
And you, of all people, would know what it's like not to have a license.
And your license has been expired for three years.
And your peanut butter sandwich up to your studio.
And, Aunt Irma? Get that racist shit together, OK?
And, look, it gives you a massage.
And, oh, those soulful eyes!
And, uh, I think the stockholders will be pleased.
And, uh, we should talk about it, but I think you should take it
And, um, are there any potential risks involved with these tests?
Any trouble finding the place, Arlene?
Any way you can do this without breathing into my mouth?
Anyway, he orders from this guy on the beach,
Anyway, we got a little lost,
Are those shorts or underwear?
Are you aware that Mission Viejo is the birthplace of Florence Griffith Joyner?
Are you fucking kidding me?
Are you gonna drive?
Are you OK?
Are you OK?
Are you OK?
Are you surprised?
Aren't Coyote and Bud supposed to pick you up for your test in ten minutes?
As I will remember you and all our intrepid adventures.
At least you have that in common.
At Thanksgiving and blaming it on Brianna.
At the house after Madison's christening?
Aw, man, she really does need her full 11 hours.
Baby, I'm back in business.
Basically, I channeled you.
Be causal bleeds Sausalito, California every day."
Be the bossy hamster with the drinking problem.
Because he keeps that with all his other drugs,
Because he thinks he has his extras, which he doesn't,
Because he's got to get healthy because there's some stuff
Because I have other names.
Because it's horrible. I never should have said that.
Because it's not something one does.
Because Mommy needs clown spray so she's not scared.
Because of the thing!
Because see? The bull.
Because she's sick because there's not enough room in her tummy for two babies.
Because they are always under his favorite pillow.
Because they deeply and truly love each other.
Because we don't want to give Mommy lice.
Because you thought the driver was Roy Orbison?
Because you'll be spending it with me. Pull over.
Because you're the best mother I know.
Because, Frankie. It's what one does.
Because, uh, you didn't call me to come help with the kids.
Because, you know, Jean's here.
Bed rest? What does that mean? Tell me.
Before going to sleep.
Before I get a chance to marry you.
Before in my life.
Being roommates with that hippie nutbag?
Besides, it'll look too weird. Like you can't stand them or something.
Besides, you don't have to be around to deal with them anyway.
Between your memory problems and all the pot?
Bidding war? Yes, please. Power lunch? Thank you, Sharks.
Bill? Will. Gil. Alan.
Binge on Antiques Roadshow.
Bitch, I'm here to play bingo! This bitch invited me.
Bitch, what are you doing here?
Boobless? I taught you that.
Books aren't tons of fun, Grandma Grace. Forts are fun.
Brianna, for the love of God, will you give me some peace?
Bud did most of the cleaning.
But don't you miss the balls and the blowers?
But everything's fucked because they got married anyway.
But Grandma Jean had us make get well cards for Mommy
But gross is much larger than net, and with the licensing deal
But had we known about this surgeon,
But how about this one: What do you want?
But how can that be? How is this happening?
But I am afraid of dying
But I can't light a match around the oxygen anyway.
But I did not recreate it at the DMV, so, of course, I was all thrown off.
But I don't know.
But I know you're a very serious businesswoman, so...
But I think if he marries Robert, he would like it if you'd call him Dad.
But I was afraid if I...
But I'll tell you what we can do
But I'm not getting a Pomeranian.
But I'm the one that told Sol he was a schmuck if he didn't tell Robert.
But I've learned so much today I'd like to branch out.
But if you stick with it, it's smooth sailing.