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Our Brand Is Crisis (2015) Soundboard

Our Brand Is Crisis (2015) Soundboard

Our Brand Is Crisis is a 2015 political comedy-drama film directed by David Gordon Green. The movie is inspired by the 2005 documentary of the same name, which focused on the tactics used by American political campaign strategists in South America.

The film stars Sandra Bullock as Jane Bodine, a retired political consultant who is persuaded to come out of retirement to help a struggling presidential campaign in Bolivia. Jane is known for her fierce and ruthless tactics, and as she takes on this challenge, she faces several obstacles and personal demons along the way.

The cast of Our Brand Is Crisis also includes Billy Bob Thornton as Pat Candy, a rival campaign strategist who uses similar techniques to Jane. Their rivalry and witty banter provide a humorous undertone to the film. Other notable cast members include Anthony Mackie as Ben, a member of the political campaign team, and Zoe Kazan as LeBlanc, an idealistic young consultant.

As Jane navigates the treacherous world of politics, she must confront her own troubled past and find a balance between winning at any cost and maintaining her integrity. The film explores the moral dilemma faced by many political consultants as they try to shape public opinion and manipulate the electoral process.

With its sharp writing and stellar performances, Our Brand Is Crisis delves into the complexities of political campaigns and offers a satirical commentary on the questionable strategies employed by campaign managers. The film highlights the power of branding, persuasion, and manipulation in the realm of politics.

The soundtrack for Our Brand Is Crisis complements the film's narrative, enhancing the viewer's experience. The film features an original score composed by David Wingo, known for his work on other David Gordon Green films, such as Prince Avalanche and Joe. Wingo's music captures the tension, comedy, and drama of the story, immersing the audience in the world of political campaigns.

If you are interested in exploring the soundscape of Our Brand Is Crisis, you can play and download the soundtrack through various platforms. By searching for the soundtrack, you can listen to the intriguing musical compositions that accompany Jane's journey and the intense election race in Bolivia. Immerse yourself in the film's atmosphere and experience the emotional depth brought forth by the music.

In conclusion, Our Brand Is Crisis (2015) is a captivating political comedy-drama that sheds light on the intricate world of campaign strategies and the ethical dilemmas faced by political consultants. Sandra Bullock leads a talented cast in this satirical film that delves into the power of branding and manipulation in the realm of politics. With a captivating soundtrack composed by David Wingo, the film's music enhances the viewing experience and immerses the audience in the story's emotional depth. If you are curious about the soundscape of Our Brand Is Crisis, be sure to play and download the soundtrack to fully engage with the film's atmosphere and narrative.

Adam Smith, laissez faire economics.
And it has stuck ever since.
Anonymous recommendation.
But that's another reason you're 30 points behind.
Did you ever think about that?
Did you make this?
Do it.
Every consultant inside the Beltway
Give me everything you have on Castillo, okay?
I can just wait there quietly.
I don't know about that.
I mean, it's no joke down there.
IMF MAN 1: Is he okay?
INTERVIEWER: Did you ever work for a politician you did not believe in?
INTERVIEWER: No longer idealistic?
JANE: Is it soul stealing?
LEBLANC: Páselo a la izquierda!
Lyndon Johnson was running for Congress...
Maybe I should hire him to be my campaign manager.
More intimate with the animals.
My son has his private life
NELL: (CHUCKLING) Ready for a deer to jump out.
NELL: Oh, my God.
Now tell them to tell the people that didn't understand what I just said.
Oh, that's such sweet bullshit, Nell. Thank you so much.
Oh, there's always something to find out, sir.
Okay? Okay.
Once we start shooting, you'll see it'll move faster, so...
Perhaps before the election is over.
Senator, roll up your sleeves.
Something good?
Switch your TV on, sweetheart.
That is $135,000 of taxpayers' money
That person is someone who can do as much, or as little, as needed.
That's Warren Beatty as well. (LAUGHING)
They are desperate because we're climbing in the polls,
They died two years ago
This to be one of the conditions
Through friends of friends, of course.
We worked it out, just 18%?
What are you gonna do?
What did you say?
What the fuck are you doing there?
What the fuck?
When this is all over, I mean, no matter which way it goes,
Where did the rest of your money go?
Why would... Why would he not catch you?
You have a picture of Victor Rivera standing next to Klaus Barbie?
(SIGHS) Light the fire, honey.
How is the Führer? He's good.
No, I said unconventional, but... Oh.
Thank you. All right. Take care.
Velasco's going sky high. (SPEAKING SPANISH)
Well... I'm confused. So, what's the link?
Yes! Yes. Oh, my...
(SNAPS FINGERS) Why would he not catch you?