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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
All right. Back in the trunk
All they need is a few thousand rounds of ammunition...
Allah helps the innocent.
And here she stands in front of you just asking for a chance.
And I do not have time for quitters and losers
And in an ideal world...
And manager talent.
And my plane ticket
And speaking in tongues...
And took my passport and my money..
And you better deliver me my 30%.
And you'll be back at L'Volcan tonight for cocktail hour.
Anybody else wanna see how real bullets work?
At the very least, two adjoining bedrooms.
Back at you, babe.
Because this is golden.
Big Daddy. Big Daddy.
Bring it home!
Buckle up, cowboy.
But no food.
Can you sing?
Come on out. Come on.
Come on. We're in the homestretch.
Creative suicide.
Donna Elaine Beckerman. Grosse Pointe, Michigan.
Five dollars? You got to be kidding.
For money?
For money? Yes, of course
Good luck, sir. I'm royally fucked
Good night, everybody.
He wants to pay you over tea at his home
Heard about it. Heard about it.
Hey. As salaam alaikum.
How y'all doing, guys?
I also get a taste of all the merch money
I am a quitter.
I believe in you. Mmm.
I bet.
I bought it from my boy, Azam Ghol.
I figure this area is rent controlled,
I got her out of here last night on a C 130 to Dubai.
I have no intention of dying, ever.
I have one bed, one room.
I just got to know, man.
I must remove her name from the ballot
I need you to wire me a few thousand dollars.
I read Passion's Promise.
I'll come back at 1900 hours,
I'm gonna decide on my own.
I'm gonna go kill him, just in case. No, Richie.
I'm in a rented double wide.
I'm sorry. I don't think I...
I'm taking that one. Between these two.
If you ever tell anyone I did this, I'll deny it.
If you let the Afghan people see her courage...
If you refuse, he will be honor bound...
If you're saying 10 bucks, I'm sorry.
International Ballistics and Munitions.
Is suggested off limits to all Westerners,
It is a goddamn cash waterfall.
It's porno.
It's why we are all here, okay?
Jon Bon Jovi throws up before every show.
Just stop the car.
Knock yourself out.
Let's see if we can't keep him alive.
Life is good. Yes, and cheap.
Look around. Look at that.
Look forward, please. Oh, yes.
Look, we need somebody we can trust, all right? An American.
Map! Map! You. You got hair. Here, take it. Kid with the hair
Michael Jackson.
Minimum Operating Security Standards
Mr. Lanz? I'm done
My neighbors would tear us apart for the sin.
Nah. I don't know shit.
Never. Never.
No, I can't.
No! I don't like this!
Not in the traditional sense, sir
Not were, sweetheart. Am.
Now, you work too hard for me not to say this.
Oh, fuck.
Oh, Jesus. Oh, God.
On TV last night..
Ready? Ready? Ready?
Richie Lanz Management...
Richie Lanz.
Salima Khan!
Salima Khan! Salima Khan!
Salima Khan! Salima Khan!
Salima, honey, you were the best I ever heard.
She's gone!
She's mine.
Sir. Yeah.
Slight change of plans.
Stand down! Stand down!
Susanna Hoffs would not even talk to her own mother.
Sweets, I can do things to you...
Tell her, Riza.
Thank you. I thought that was French.
That grin, man. You were really something.
That Richie Lanz smile. What'd you call it?
That's great. That'll be... All right, give me some string.
That's not true. Nobody good
That's the spirit.
The chick in the red burka didn't get the memo
The girl's not that great. You're too drunk to know.
The second you pay me the two months...
There is no list.
They were dying to go with her.
They're blowing up goats.
They're in North Africa, not Afghanistan.
This chick,
This is right now. This is Van Nuys
This one?
Today, Rich. Okay? It's just a few hours south.
TV show that comes out of Kabul.
Twenty five years of killing.
Uh, Private? Yeah?
Want you to have it. Anything at all.
We are here to kill all unbelievers and the whore who sings.
We can have it in your hands tonight.
We're safe here? We're totally safe
Welcome to the jungle!
Well, I'm afraid so. It's a touching story
Well, la di da.
What time is your flight?
When were you going to tell me? Was it a big surprise or something?
Why would you ever do that? You think we didn't think about this?
Winner gets $5,000 American and record deal.
With no proof or identification that I am responsible...
Yes, sir. Yes, sir.
Yes! Whoo!
Yes. But you raised her.
You can't do it for five?
You really have the total package of me.
You say you're shopping a book deal.
You see, we're, uh... we're double booked.
You win, sir. I upgraded you.
You, mighty Mo..
You're the greatest. You're aces.
♪ And don't try to save me ♪ One, two, three.
A ninja! Salima.
Back in the Bay Area. You dated Danielle Steel?
This shit rocks! Totally.
'Cause I only got five bucks. It's all I got.
♪ And I believe it could be ♪
♪ And it's getting nearer ♪
♪ And this is for the questions ♪
♪ Baby, I'm grieving ♪
♪ Bawitdaba da bang da bang diggy, diggy, diggy ♪
♪ Bawitdaba, da bang da bang diggy, diggy, diggy ♪
♪ Come and join the living ♪
♪ Come on now, peace train ♪
♪ Come on, come on, come on ♪
♪ Come on, come on, peace train ♪♪
♪ Come on, peace train The peace train ♪
♪ Do you understand me now? ♪
♪ Everyone jump up on the peace train ♪
♪ Everyone jump up on the peace train ♪
♪ Fire in the night ♪
♪ Glide on the peace train ♪
♪ Glide on the peace train ♪
♪ Hoo ah eeh ah hoo ah ♪
♪ Hoo ah eeh ah hoo ah ♪
♪ I can't use it anymore ♪
♪ I'll have to go there ♪♪
♪ It's hard to get by just upon a smile ♪♪
♪ Jump up, jump up and get down ♪
♪ Just let me go where ♪
♪ Knock, knock, knocking on heaven's door ♪
♪ Let's come on, peace train, oh ♪
♪ Mama, take this badge off of me ♪
♪ Now that I've lost everything to you ♪
♪ Oh, how I'd love to ♪
♪ Oh, peace train sounding louder ♪
♪ Over and under your spell ♪
♪ Peace train, holy roller ♪
♪ People ♪
♪ Shake the boogie said up jump the boogie ♪
♪ Something good has begun ♪
♪ Something good has begun ♪
♪ The can of freaks Cars packed with speakers ♪
♪ The G's with the 40s And the chicks with beepers ♪
♪ The Northern Lights and the Southern Comfort ♪♪
♪ There rides a peace train ♪
♪ There rides a peace train ♪
♪ Thinking about the good things to come ♪
♪ We can make each other happy ♪♪ Welcome to Afghanistan.
♪ When things go wrong, I seem a little sad ♪
♪ Why must we go on hating? ♪
♪ Yes, I'm goin' on my first gig ♪
♪ Yes, I'm goin' on my first gig ♪
♪ Yes, I'm goin' on the TV now, now ♪
♪ You are the reason I've been waiting so long ♪
♪ You know, I've seen a lot of what the world can do ♪
♪ Can always be an angel ♪
♪ Come on, peace train ♪♪
♪ Come take me home again ♪
♪ I ♪
♪ I've ♪
♪ Sometimes I feel a little mad ♪