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Christina Perri Soundboard

Christina Perri Soundboard

Christina Perri is not a movie, television show or a song, but rather a talented singer-songwriter who has mesmerized audiences with her soul-stirring music. Born on August 19, 1986, in Bensalem, Pennsylvania, Perri began her musical journey at a young age and quickly garnered attention for her powerful vocals and heartfelt lyrics.

Perri rose to prominence in 2010 with the release of her debut single "Jar of Hearts." This emotionally charged ballad quickly became a sensation, catapulting her into the spotlight. With her hauntingly beautiful voice and raw vulnerability, Perri captured the hearts of listeners worldwide. Her unique ability to convey intense emotions through her music resonated with fans, making her an instant favorite.

Following the success of "Jar of Hearts," Perri released her debut album "lovestrong." in 2011. The album featured a collection of soulful tracks, including the popular singles "Arms" and "A Thousand Years." Perri's sophomore album, "Head or Heart," was released in 2014, solidifying her place in the music industry as an accomplished singer-songwriter. Her powerful storytelling and ability to connect with listeners on a deep level were showcased throughout the album.

Throughout her career, Perri has collaborated with various artists, enriching her music with diverse styles and perspectives. Notably, she worked with British singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran on the heartfelt duet "Be My Forever" in 2014. Another notable collaboration was with Jason Mraz on the uplifting track "Distance" in 2012.

Perri's band members have played a crucial role in shaping her sound and bringing her music to life during live performances. Though specific band member names may not be readily available, their contribution to Perri's music is undeniable. Their collective talent, combined with Perri's extraordinary vocals, creates a captivating and immersive experience for fans.

If you are a fan of Christina Perri's music or simply want to explore her discography, you can easily access her songs online. Numerous platforms offer her music for streaming and downloading, allowing fans to enjoy her soulful ballads at any time. With just a few clicks, you can immerse yourself in the emotional landscapes she creates through her music.

Christina Perri's music has undoubtedly made an indelible mark on the hearts and souls of listeners around the world. Her powerful voice, poignant lyrics, and ability to convey raw emotions make her an exceptional artist. Whether you are encountering her music for the first time or have been a fan for years, Christina Perri's discography promises an enchanting sonic journey that will leave you captivated and moved.

And now you want me one more time
And tearing love apart
And who do you think you are?
And who do you think you are?
But I have grown too strong
Cash Cash Reff
Collecting your jar of hearts
Don't come back at all
Perri Thousand Years
Runnin' 'round leaving scars
So don't come back for me
So don't come back for me
So don't come back for me
Tearing love apart
To ever fall back in your arms
You're gonna catch a cold
1000 Years Sms