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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
All the time I was overseas, I got a letter from my folks every week
And did you know that my daughter in law is of royal blood?
But I figured a way to do both. Work for the company and Chad Gates.
But it's only a matter of time before you're an admiral.
Come wish grandmother a happy birthday.
Congratulations! Both of you!
Conveyor belt hauls it to the trucks, then to the factories.
Don't you think I'm worth fighting for?
Fetch me a mai tai, Ping Pong. We got more bar glasses?
Go back to your rooms and settle this.
I am in bed.
I could explain what happened, but nobody would believe me.
I don't rob cradles.
I got my girl, but you've got a few things to straighten out.
I like my job. It's fun, interesting and I meet a lot of nice people.
In Hawaii.
Ito, this is the best fish I ever tasted.
Maybe I can give him a hand with his other problem.
Miss Prentace. She's a lovely woman. They make a handsome couple.
Mom, I'm sorry, but it wasn't my fault.
Moonlight in Hawaii is intoxicating.
My baby!
No. No grilling, no lamp. I'm just fine.
Ping Pong, make sure Mr Karnibad's glass doesn't get empty.
Quick, cover it up, Ping Pong. I don't want him to see it.
Thank you.
That perfume! You ought to take a bath.
The daring deeds that man performed, his bravery under fire.
The fellas are having a luau at the outrigger. I said we'd go.
Then how come I moved you here and kept myself on the mainland?
They didn't build teachers like that when I was at school.
To your glorious Hawaiian winters.
Yes. Chadwick, I think it would be much impressier
You guys are still travelling light!
You just made the decision for me.
Are you receiving visitors? I was just getting ready for bed.
Be careful. It bites!
Can't you tell them that? I will!
Do you want some help? What?
Hi, Chad. It worked. She's jealous.
I think he's got something. And incentive trips.
Isn't this a beautiful spot? Lovely. Look at the palm trees.
It's about time you got here. I left half an hour early as it is.
Let me see. You need it, boy. Take your pick
Maile, sit down. Hello, Maile.
Missed it, boy? Yeah.
Mr Gate on line for you. Merci beaucoup, Ping Pong.
Ready? Almost.
Salt? It's real good.
Scattered all over the States? And Canada.
She wants to meet you. Now?
The others are having fun. They're drips.
What are you trying to do? I did it.
When did you get back? Today, brother.
Who is this character anyway? This is my boss, Dad.
You mean you and Jack? Yes!
You want some cold eggs? No, thanks. I'll stick to juice.
You're a very funny man! I'm sorry...
..the schoolteacher