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Although the conditions encountered on this operation were extreme, it was an unexpected outcome that the team would be wiped out.
And it took fewer bullets to kill him now than it would have if he had transformed.
Another mutant.
Fortunately, we can also use it as a moving shield to get us through the worst areas.
He was about to turn into a zombie.
He was as good as dead.
How did a girl like you managed to survive?
I had no choice.
I have no intention of helping you.
I made certain none of the other supervisors survived.
I'm one of the supervisors.
I'm quite impressed you've managed to stay alive up until now.
In a manner of speaking, you are.
It was an unexpected outcome that the team would be wiped out.
It would have been a threat, so I eliminated it.
It's entirely up to you.
Let's get moving.
Let's go over our plan.
Not exactly.
Not now. I'm busy.
OK people, let's get moving.
Once we get there and give the signal, the chopper will fly in and pull us out.
Our employers wanted the detailed analysis of the zombie beings which were created through infection by the T virus.
Since I'll be the only one who knows what really happened, I'll have more bargaining power when it comes to discussing my bonus.
So we have no choice but to use this cable car to navigate through it.
Such persistence.
That's all you need to know.
The amount is modest, but there is a reward to be claimed upon the confirmation of your death.
The main problem we have is that the landing zone is cut off from here by the fire.
Then let's go over our plan.
We were only required to collect live data from the subjects.
We're moving to the clock tower area, which is the designated landing zone for the extraction chopper.
You can either accept death with dignity or die with regret.
You mean the RPD Special Force team?
You're still alive.
You're still alive. Such persistence.