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McGruff The Crime Dog Soundboard

McGruff The Crime Dog Soundboard

Take a Bite out of Crime with a McGruff The Crime Dog Sound Board. Includes insults, bullying, and more.

And I'll always be here to help you take a bite out of crime.
And it could be you.
And it doesn't solve their problem.
And you're never gonna make friends with that attitude.
But it's easier to help than you think.
Dog biscuits.
Had anymore trouble with Mark?
Have you thought about talking to Officer Boxer?
Her name was Miss Terrie.
Here to help you stay safe.
Heya scruff.
I didn't think so.
I'm here to find out what's bothering you.
I'm McGruff the crime dog.
If you're being bullied and you fight back, someone's likely to get hurt.
Ignore them.
Ignore them. Shrug your shoulders, look them in the eye, then talk.
It hurts their feelings.
It's about self-respect, Sammy.
It's OK to be afraid.
Just be a friend.
Just so you know.
Keep it simple.
Look them in the eye.
Make a joke and say you don't believe what they're saying.
Make us smarter choice.
Math problem.
May I come in?
McGruff the crime dog.
Miss Terry.
Moody teenager.
Most people don't recognize me without my coat on.
Officer boxer.
Problems are like dog biscuits. They're better when you share them.
Respect yourself.
Say you don't believe what they're saying.
Shrug your shoulders.
Someone's likely to get hurt.
Sometimes an attention doesn't solve the problem.
Stop listening to the bullies.
Take a bite out of crime.
Tell them you got someplace to be.
That's me.
That's not very friendly.
That's right.
The crime dog.
Then talk.
Then you have to step up and help stop bullying.
This is McGruff the crime dog.
Thousands of kids trying to ignore bullying.
Until next time.
Well, just so you know, asking for help doesn't mean you're a loser.
Well, just so you know.
Well, until next time.
What did you do with my nephew Scruff?
You can say anything.
You must really love ballet.
You're a loser.
You've got to let the bullies know you're not gonna let them bother you.