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Johnny Test (2021) - Season 1

Johnny Test (2021) - Season 1

Johnny Test (2021) - Season 1 is an animated television show that follows the adventures of a young boy named Johnny and his genius twin sisters, Susan and Mary. The show was created for children and first aired in 2021.

The main cast of Johnny Test (2021) - Season 1 includes:

1. Johnny Test - Voiced by James Arnold Taylor: Johnny is a fearless and mischievous 11-year-old boy who loves to test out his sisters' scientific inventions. With his loyal dog, Dukey, by his side, Johnny embarks on thrilling and often comedic adventures.

2. Susan Test - Voiced by Maryke Hendrikse: Susan is one of Johnny's twin sisters and a brilliant scientist. She is always ready to whip up a new invention and is incredibly intelligent, though sometimes a little too serious.

3. Mary Test - Voiced by Brittney Wilson: Mary is Johnny's other twin sister, and like her sister Susan, she is a scientific whiz. Mary is more carefree and adventurous, often joining Johnny in his crazy escapades.

4. Dukey - Voiced by Louis Chirillo: Dukey is Johnny's energetic and talking pet dog. Thanks to Susan and Mary's inventions, Dukey has gained the ability to speak and even walk on two legs. He often serves as Johnny's partner in crime and voice of reason.

5. Hugh Test - Voiced by Ian James Corlett: Hugh is Johnny's well-meaning but somewhat clueless father. He often finds himself caught up in Johnny's wild experiments and mishaps, but always does his best to be a supportive parent.

6. Lila Test - Voiced by Kathleen Barr: Lila is Johnny's caring and loving mother. She sometimes struggles to keep up with the chaos caused by her son's experiments but remains patient and understanding.

Throughout Johnny Test (2021) - Season 1, viewers are treated to a whirlwind of exciting adventures as Johnny puts his sisters' inventions to the test. From shrinking devices to time machines, Johnny and his trusty sidekick Dukey encounter all sorts of zany situations that keep young audiences entertained and craving more.

In addition to the humorous and action-packed storylines, Johnny Test (2021) - Season 1 also boasts a catchy and vibrant soundtrack that perfectly complements the show's energetic vibe. Fans of the series can play and download these sounds to enjoy the music and memorable tunes at any time.

With its lively animation style, compelling characters, and captivating plotlines, Johnny Test (2021) - Season 1 is a wonderful addition to the world of children's entertainment. It offers an exciting and humorous escape for young viewers, showcasing the importance of creativity, teamwork, and family bonds.

Whether Johnny is taking on school bullies with his sisters' inventions or getting into trouble with the neighborhood powerpuff girls, there is never a dull moment in Johnny Test's world. Each episode of Johnny Test (2021) - Season 1 brings a new adventure and valuable life lessons for its young audience to enjoy.

So, if you're looking for a fun and adventurous television show that will keep kids entertained, Johnny Test (2021) - Season 1 is definitely worth checking out. Don't forget to play and download the soundtrack to continue the excitement even when the show is over.

A book shooter e scooter,
A bounce house, cool sunglasses, and a tub of caramel cheesy corn?
A cat.
A disintegration beam to this baby.
A dog.
A littering tree?
A man in a trench coat just pulled off a huge heist.
A mazing!
A noise machine? Hugh, those things never work…
A one?
A Plethora of Pages, here I come.
A Plethora of Pages.
A Quickest and the Monkiest binge fest,
A self popping popcorn bag?!
A triple face fister!
A two and a one.
A woo oo!
Aah, the "Mom Look"!
Aah! It's those mad scientists and that weird talking dog.
Aah! Shoo, ugly dog! Shoo!
Aah! We smushed someone when we landed.
About all the ways your hometown is special,
About the General tonight.
According to a family legend, he worked in a meatzzaria
According to our TinyMon tracking Hacker Tracker,
According to the satellite, Hank is doing a report right… here.
According to this, Alicia is powered by a completely new
According to this, Dr. Speed is the only show to be canceled
Activate autopilot.
Activate… Battle Barrage!
Actually, I think we'll all be on the same side for today's first take down.
Actually, it's our portrait, and
After devoting my life to service, I never had time for a family of my own,
Again, how is this place even legal?
Again, so sorry about the cheese.
Against the three biggest Luchas of all time?
Agree to do a festival in our backyard?
Ah, I can't wait till I'm out of school and there's no more tests.
Ah, I wanted to add
Ah, kettle.
Ah, nobody appreciates me.
Ah, pure silence.
Ah, the county fair!
Ah, the rugged city life is way better than boring Porkbelly life, and
Ah, this is gonna hurt.
Ah, this is gonna take forever!
Ah, well, it's small, but at least it's quiet.
Ah, what a beautiful tomorrow.
Ah, yes... the sweet and loud sounds of Porkbelly
Ah! The book makes noise. Close it, Johnny. Close it!
Ah! The only thing better than free ice cream
Ah. This is the life.
Ahh! This is the most amazing thing in the Galaxy!
Ahh… spa day.
Aim, swipe, and snatch.
Albert, fire!
Alicia, could you please boop me up a one wheeled eBoard,
Alicia, I'd like to order one command ball beat down,
Alicia? More like A mazing!
Aliens invade.
All I can think about is all the great and slightly terrifying times
All I wanted was a nice picture of my family,
All this work, and no one's even looking at our house!
All we have to do is lure the maniac to us…
All you need is loaf!
All… outta…
Allowing him to snapture them all! And you know what that means…
Almost there...
Already done!
Although usually, when there's a beehive, there's…
Am I forgetting anything?
Ambulance will be here in one minute,
An Alicia?
An inferiority complex?
And 252 unique Shiatsu settings,
And a cup of hot cocoa.
And a happy ending.
And a kid disappeared in here 50 years ago?
And a report.
And a secret smoothie machine.
And a talking dog want to cut me up.
And a Themed Lair.
And actually is a mad scientist.
And aim better this time!
And all paths lead back to the entrance,
And all paths lead to the entrance or the ugly gift shop.
And all the cool stuff happened 2,000 years ago.
And all you need is Monkey.
And are you ready for our secret weapon?
And attract the wildest of wildlife.
And because I am a fair king and it's my lunchtime,
And before Johnny destroys more tests!
And being out of your brain and doing nothing.
And besides the jewel thief thing…
And besides, what's the worst that could happen?
And bighorn sheep are so territorial!
And blamed me.
And Bling Bling makes one bad revenger.
And boop, it shows up at the door.
And bring all his old memories back to life.
And bring the funk.
And brought me home from the pound?
And by that, I mean one with lots of pictures
And can you give me part of your college fund to do it?
And can you please headline a free concert in my backyard tonight?"
And cheer up, little brother. You're gonna love Rome.
And cooked Rome's most delicious meat.
And couldn't do the speech.
And cut off any damaged wires.
And destroy the whole town.
And do you remember the day you saved my life
And does your heart remember when we all got the flu?
And doesn't that make her insane?
And don't forget the paper towels.
And Dukey found it.
And Dukey was born with fleas, farts, and slobber.
And ends…
And enhance them to MegaBonBonMon levels?
And entering!
And finally crush the flame headed boy who defeated me numerous times in mine.
And found an old, uh… broken down crab!
And from now on, call me...
And fun and… and…
And go to not sandy and exciting…
And got cranky.
And he did bring marshmallows.
And he only has one attack left.
And he should give us the… ow!
And he was never seen again.
And he's heading back to take that test.
And here's packing tape and labels!
And here's your money back for the umbrella.
And how are we supposed to do that tuh?
And how are you gonna do that?
And I am telling you, with the help from your sisters' construction drones,
And I bet you didn't even get me a present.
And I couldn't get revenge!
And I don't feel smarter, so get to science stuff.
And I don't know the names of the two evil girls or the dog, either.
And I get to go to the gala tonight, cos they're serving lobster. Heh heh heh.
And I have nothing.
And I have the Christmas Dinosaur.
And I have this coupon that gets me out of trouble. See?
And I promise I will be a better brother next time.
And I said "the woods," which, frankly, you wouldn't last a second in.
And I shall take this unusually large chew toy
And I shall take those moneys.
And I smelled cat. A very, very evil kind.
And I still love this cape.
And I think I know who else wants to eat…
And I think it's time I was an only child.
And I think we know who will be the last one standing. Oh!
And I told myself when I entered this maze 50 years ago
And I want Albert right here.
And I was like, "Gaah, Jonathan!"
And I will be an only child.
And I will find you before I…
And I'll make sure the ice pops are OK.
And I'm extremely sorry for taking them from you,
And I'm gonna transmute myself into the General's body
And I'm here to announce that today is Free Ice Cream Day!
And I'm on a mission to destroy all tests,
And I'm part kung fu fighting dog.
And I'm pretty violent.
And I've learned so much.
And if Dad needs the holly est and jolliest house on Porkbelly Lane,
And if he creates powerful new Johnny memories,
And if he wants spooky…
And if it doesn't, they're fired!
And if someone didn't understand science, that means...?
And impervious to carnival ride guy smushing?
And instantly be hibernated so it won't ram anything.
And is that…
And it is not a good smell.
And it looks like he stole our mind switch tech!
And it looks like he's trying to say something.
And it looks like I have somebody right where I want them.
And it looks like it's me
And it might be evil.
And it rhymes with "wheeze."
And it wasn't me! It was Johnny.
And it'll turn your suit into a missile that will destroy Eugene.
And it's filled with history and art and fantastic food.
And it's filled with, like, a thousand times more toys.
And it's indestructible.
And it's like I'm really getting shocked!
And it's our boss, Jorf Muskerberg,
And it's still stuck in my teeth.
And it's time for me to refill my plate at the buffet!
And its electro force field and laser powers
And Johnny Test!
And JohnnyFest just broke the Internet.
And lastly, give us a confused face.
And lastly, six juicy steaks.
And leading our military to protect our free way of life,
And libraries need quiet.
And look, Johnny, I think it's time for me to focus on my art.
And look, the Johnny and Dukey dots are running for their lives with another dot.
And look!
And look!
And lucky for us,
And made some improvements.
And maybe, like… one other side.
And more importantly, the exit!
And most booby trap filled corn maze on the planet.
And Mr. Teacherman said,
And my fur will get so tan!
And my head on Mary's body!
And neither will this.
And no, we will not help you.
And nobody attacks my sisters or pops Santa!
And nobody is bigger than the big guy.