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Anger management. Just another day.
Angry Birds: The Walking Dead Ep. 2 The World is Gone (Angry Birds Fan Made Animation)
Angry Birds: The Walking Dead Ep. 3 The Attack of Zombies (Angry Birds Fan Made Animation)
Are you picking it up? They had a bunch of gay Cowboys eating pudding, Huh? Yeah. Yeah. Really. And I found that isn't about gay Cowboys eating pudding. I only know how to do it doggy style. Gonna ...
Bing. Good. Hey. What are you saying?
Can you get? English cheddar man, another baby. Excuse me, but I do believe that. Anything about gay Cowboys eating pudding?
Family time. Thank you.
Go downstairs and kick her swearing the night. And. Gaming fans. Your name, baby. Because you make a lot of money. And when you have money, you don't have to hang out with any poor ass losers. Slag...
Hello. Mario. Hey, what took you so long? So. We. Please take what took you space. What are you saying, knuckles?
Hi, Grandma. It's me, Eric. OK, bye. I'm trying to make the best of a bad situation. I don't need to hear crap from a bunch of hippie freaks living in denial. Great. You guys remember that time? My...
I hope that one day America could be more like angels. India, Vicky. And BBQ, which is where I like, enjoy more than America. Please.
I wasn't picking it. I had to. I have that Wednesday. America could be more like Angel. Yeah. He didn't even. Where are you? So very, very sweet. I only know how to do it doggy style.
Period. And they did they make it in? Being younger, I am very skinny and dangerous. What the hell.
Please. Faggot. Five crackers in your nutsack and ride your balls all over your pants. Taking it, making me. In your. Good English.
Thank you. Alright. Hey Chris, please. I'm around.
We want you to get out of this. That is not true. What I call a sticky situation. Yeah. And you will. That is not true. Stop it.
Yeah, my aunt is killing me. It's made with you.
Yeah, yeah. Alright, thank you. Anybody.
Yes, I was. I was on television. Yes, and I've learned something too. We want you to give our parents herpes. Doesn't kick her swearing the night. Exactly.