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B Positive (2020) - Season 2

B Positive (2020) - Season 2

B Positive is a heartwarming sitcom that first aired in 2020 and has quickly established itself as a fan-favorite. Created by Marco Pennette, known for his work on hit shows like Ugly Betty and Caroline in the City, it follows the story of B Positive (2020) - Season 2, a group of individuals brought together by an unusual circumstance - organ donation.

The show centers around Drew, a recently divorced therapist struggling with his own health issues. Portrayed by the talented Thomas Middleditch, known for his role in Silicon Valley, Drew's life takes an unexpected turn when he is diagnosed with kidney failure and urgently needs a transplant. Enter his old high school acquaintance, Gina, played by Annaleigh Ashford, known for her roles in Masters of Sex and Sunday in the Park with George. Gina is a hard-living bartender who, despite her own flaws, selflessly offers to donate her kidney to Drew.

With the transplant successful, the unlikely duo embarks on a unique journey of friendship and gratitude. The chemistry between Middleditch and Ashford shines through as they navigate the ups and downs of life, ultimately learning to lean on each other for support. Through their humor and compassion, they tackle the inevitable challenges that come their way, reminding viewers of the power of human connection.

B Positive is not just a medical comedy, but also a powerful exploration of the resilience of the human spirit. The show skillfully balances humor and heart, touching on themes of second chances, redemption, and the transformative power of organ donation. It sheds light on the emotional journey experienced by both the donor and the recipient, as well as the impact it has on their loved ones.

The ensemble cast of B Positive adds depth and charm to the series. Sara Rue, Kether Donohue, and Izzy G. are some of the talented actors who perfectly capture the complexities of friendship and the shared experiences of those going through similar challenges.

Whether you're a fan of heartfelt storytelling, comedic moments, or simply enjoy shows that leave you with a warm feeling, B Positive is a must-watch. With its relatable characters, engaging plotlines, and stellar performances, it promises an enjoyable and rewarding viewing experience.

You can experience the sounds of B Positive (2020) - Season 2 by playing and downloading the show's official soundtrack, featuring a delightful blend of original music and memorable songs that perfectly complement the series. So, sit back, relax, and immerse yourself in the heartwarming world of B Positive.

A Absolutely correct. Yes, years ago.
A and I want to show her by banging her good.
A And I'm thinking that I could be host/moderator.
A And the previous owners were so eager to sell
A Are you okay?
A bank filled with Nazi gold?
A baseball game?
A better person because of you.
A Bible.
A bit and then we can take the tour.
A bunch of my friends didn't make it home at all that day.
A car you can trust.
A decision for you.
A Drew of all trades, if you will. Hmm.
A father daughter road trip across our great land?
A few months ago, you were nothing but a but a...
A few years ago I got busted for selling fake IDs to kids.
A few years. You?
A four lane bowling alley...
A friend of mine is in surgery and I have to get there.
A good life.
A grizzly is gonna eat Gina's kidney.Relax, relax.
A handful? Don't you mean a bitch?
A health care proxy to make my decisions,
A letter.
A liberal conspiracy to poison America.
A little going away gift for you.
A little much?
A little Social Studies? ¿Un poquito Español?
A little.
A lot of people have an irregular heartbeat.
A lot of people who get transplants
A lot. Like, a lot a lot.
A lot's happened since then, so we'll see.
A month on the road really shows up in the skivvies.
A musical and a film?
A nonfat, bone dry cappuccino.
A poem?Yes.
A road trip?Yeah.
A successful architect.
A time of wonder and exploration.
A tiny, frail,
A toast.
Aah. Ow!
About a thing.
About the guy you hooked up with.
About the Orville Redenbacher Museum.
About what?
About your stupid freaking dishwasher.
Accepts me
Accepts me for me.
Act? What do you mean?
Actually, I had a great time, too.
Actually, I'd prefer it if you took a vow of silence.
Actually, I'm a bit tired.
Actually, it...Let it go.
Actually, we're gonna take the I 95 South
Actually, we're gonna take the I 95 south
Adriana says hi.
Adriana, hey. What's up?
Adriana's coming?
Adventure is the solution.
After 55 years, I'm not a part of this?
After getting hit by the passionfruit margarita bus.
After I saw that film, I named my cats
After my wife passed,
After, you know, I spend a few weeks
Again, amazing.Oh,
Again, bathroom.
Again, your fault.
Again? To dinner?
Agreed.IRENE: Yeah.
Ah, and you're holding the ten ball.
Ah, I can't believe this.
Ah, Irene.
Ah, it's Drew.
Ah, it's hard getting used to a new place.
Ah, me, too, baby.
Ah, sure. For you that's probably true.
Ah, thank you, Bert.
Ah, thank you, Gabby.
Ah, thank you. Gabby,
Ah, the best.
Ah, the long pause after I tell a woman I love her.
Ah, the long pause after I tell a woman I love her.
Ah, the seven of diamonds, everyone!
Ah, yes, the whole "pen is mightier than the sword" thing.
Ah! The three of clubs!
Ah. [chuckles]
Ah. All right, you're up, kid.
Ah. Look at this. Uh.
Alexa, normal lights.
Alexa, party lights on.
Alexa, tell the CIA agent listening
All my clothes come back stretched out.
All my tests came back normal.
All of a sudden I'm spilling my guts about Jackie
All of you. This this...
All right, bye.
All right, can I show you the game room?
All right, everybody, buckle up.
All right, everyone, it's showtime.
All right, grab a stick. You're up.
All right, guys, good seeing you.
All right, how about this?
All right, how's this?
All right, I need you to count backwards from ten.
All right, I'll let you off with a warning this time.
All right, I'll transfer you.
All right, let me put this a different way,
All right, let's get started.
All right, let's have a look.
All right, look, it was a tough day.
All right, maybe we should pull over
All right, moving on.
All right, now let's do the novocaine.
All right, well, I'll see you in six months.
All right, what else?
All right, what's going on here?
All right, what's going on?
All right, you are all set.
All right, you need to take I 90. Uh, no.
All right, you try to start a fire,
All right!
All right!Good for you.
All right.
All right.
All right.
All right.
All right.
All right.
All right.
All right. Anything else?
All right. Come talk to Gideon.
All right. Here's a hundred bucks.
All right. Meal choices will be reduced.
All right. Thanks. Thanks, thanks. Ah.
All right. That's my teammate right there.
All right.Then I stole the identity
All the greats were guided by lists.
All the meals are included.
All the salt on a margarita glass.
All the time.
All we do is fight. Why the hell would you want
All you can hope for is somebody to talk to.
All you were trying to do is help kids drink.
ALL: No!
Along the way.
Also bought a couple of Birkin bags they're, like,
Also, don't tell Gabby.
Althea talk about her ex husband.
Althea, can you help me...Have a nice day.
Althea, do you have a moment? Oh.
Although there's no law against hiding stuff.
Although you certainly have made her life very difficult.
Although, a testament to my improvisational skills.
Although, I do have a ticket
Always good to meet a fan.
Always have been.
Am I a car guy now?
Am I blushing? I feel like I'm blushing.
Am I not as adorable as I thought?
Amazing you are,
Among other amenities,
An actual letter. Wow.
An authentic frontier fort just off the highway.
And 30 hours of community service.
And a cigarette dipped in crystal meth.
And a pocket square would be too much,
And a thank you would be nice.
And a wrong way to do things. You get that.
And about the food.
And after I took over, we got even closer.
And also lice.
And also tell Drew.
And another two months to get her father's permission.
And as of today, she is our new administrative vice president.
And as soon as she gets the back brace off,
And asks him to fix her flat tire.
And bad boys
And broke into a cabin.
And cabana boys.
And celebrate their life.
And cheap.
And clean out your back seat.
And couldn't leave during the national anthem.
And do you know what that tells me?
And do you mind closing the door on your way out?
And eat an authentic Cubano.
And eat an authentic Cubano.
And edibles.
And exciting new breakthroughs in catheter hygiene.
And fill with water.
And for some reason, the laundry expenses
And for what it's worth,
And get me a muffin?
And get that image out of my head.
And get to the bottom of it.
And give the new room to Bette.
And good news for you:
And good.
And has a mouth on her you wouldn't believe.
And he already slept with some rando.
And he did not take it well.
And he needed my credit card.
And he said they got a divorce a couple years ago.
And he says, "Have you had any changes in your lifestyle?"
And he should because we are not a thing.
And he tore down the Berlin Wall.
And he was right.
And he won't talk to anybody.