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Birdgirl (2021) - Season 1

Birdgirl (2021) - Season 1

Birdgirl is a new animated television show that premiered in 2021. It serves as a spin-off and continuation of the popular Adult Swim series Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law, which aired from 2000 to 2007.

The show follows the adventures of Judy Ken Sebben, known as Birdgirl, who is Harvey Birdman's quirky and ambitious daughter. After her father's retirement, Judy takes over his law firm and transforms it into Sebben and Sebben, where she put her own superhero spin on practicing law.

Voicing the titular character of Birdgirl is the talented Paget Brewster, known for her roles in shows like Criminal Minds and Community. Brewster brings her distinctive voice and comedic timing to the enthusiastic and offbeat superhero. The rest of the voice cast features an array of talented actors and comedians who bring to life the eccentric characters of Birdgirl's world.

Jason Mantzoukas, who is widely recognized for his hilarious roles in Parks and Recreation and The Good Place, lends his voice to Birdgirl's loyal and lovable assistant, Black Vulcan. Tony Hale, famous for playing Buster Bluth in Arrested Development and Gary Walsh in Veep, voices the flamboyantly eccentric Phil Ken Sebben, whom Birdgirl frequently clashes with. Other notable voice actors in the show include Kether Donohue as Birdgirl's best friend Meredith and Rob Delaney as her arch-nemesis Mentok the Mind-Taker.

Birdgirl's first season is filled with action-packed adventures and legal predicaments that Judy must navigate in her own unique way. From defending animal rights to facing off against supervillains, each episode is filled with humor, wit, and unexpected twists. The show seamlessly blends the superhero genre with legal comedy, resulting in a refreshing and entertaining viewing experience.

For fans who can't get enough of Birdgirl and her adventures, the sounds and music from the show are available for playback and download. Whether it's the catchy theme song that gets stuck in your head or the sound effects that add an extra layer of excitement to the action, listeners can enjoy the audio experience of Birdgirl anytime, anywhere.

Birdgirl not only appeals to fans of the original Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law series but also stands on its own as a hilarious and clever animated show. With its talented voice cast, fantastic storytelling, and unique blend of genres, Birdgirl offers a fresh take on the superhero genre. So, sit back, relax, and get ready to join Birdgirl on her wild and wacky adventures as she balances her superpowers with the challenges of being a lawyer.

A big swinging dick! Uh, wait. What?
A consumer defined vintage organization experience.
A deposit of a mysterious mineral.
A dog from down there.
A Eurocup thigh hole, fortified junk pouch.
A ferrari!
A good hang.
A group of us are grabbing drinks.
A house. Aha.
A little about myself I'm not much of a joiner,
A little Baltimo's still in there, huh, Jude?
A lot of people quit.
A lot of time by yourself around here.
A lot.
A million times, yes.
A networking event for businesswomen, run by men.
A new day is here
A new employee is actually cheaper than overtime.
A product's about to drop.
A walk?
Aaah! Get her off me!
Aah, aah! Oh, my god!
Aah! [ gasps ]
Aah! Aah!
Aah! Aah! Aah!
Aah! Don't do that!
Aah! I know this smell.
Aah! It's gonna blow!
Aah! Look at yourself.
About a giant earthquake that's going to...
About her secret identity,
About people learning my not secret identity.
Across the plains of what you call north america.
Actually, you're not.
After he eats, can you play with him?
Ah, the park.
Ah! Ugh! Ah! Ahhhhhh!
Ah! Ugh! Ugh! Ah!
Ah. Now it's 86.
Ah. You're a weirdo.
Ahem. Did I do something wrong?
Ahh! [ Vomiting ]
Ahh! Ow! Ahh.
Ahh! Ugh!
Ahh! Ugh!
Ahhhhh ohhhh!
Alive and prospering
All bears share.
All the "S" words.
All the online hate comments about judy into categories.
All this beautiful pent up rage makes Sebben & Sebben
All those in favor
All while keeping your information private
All: [ murmuring ]
All: Hi, judy.
All: She has returned. She has returned.
Allow me to introduce you
Already on it.
Alright, it's a sale on Eostre cards.
Alright, sit down, brian.
Alright. Stop being a weirdo.
Alright. Swing to the right. Swing to the left.
Also, he looks like he has a mini fridge
Although I can't tell you why.
Although they do say, if you love what you do,
Always had a job with constant promotions
Am I in trouble here?
Am I real?
Am I sensing some anger?
Am I the super?
Am I?
An entire town made of Baltimo?
An office phone needs heft.
And And you invented this game
And a benefits package.
And a few of them, their names.
And all of your medical records,
And as a woman who supports other women,
And because you'll die alone,
And bring her back to your parents' house to the attic.
And built it into a multinational conglomerate
And but a distant memory, if you remember me at all.
And clean up this mess...
And commemorate said support by signing this important
And everyone forgets about layoffs...
And everyone shows up unconscious.
And fear is a useful survival response.
And find something to remove blue dye...
And Friday, you have
And gives the most optimal feedback it can,
And he'd have to lose the Hummer.
And how can you two not even scream?
And I don't see a place for my fax machine.
And I don't want to lose this job.
And I know. [ carrot crunches ]
And I quite like it.
And I want to be a fierce advocate of Meredith
And I'm a person who's always deeply felt things,
And I'm asking for forgiveness, okay?
And in exchange, I promise not to hurt you.
And it should feel like work when you use it.
And it was a lot of that thing.
And it's been one big "yes" ever since.
And later, we will be revisiting you stealing 20% of my stock.
And my dad didn't sell.
And not just in my penis.
And not just metaphorical ones.
And not just the one on your face.
And now he knows everything.
And now I'm fired! [ grunts ]
And now it all just makes me...
And now she's disappearing.
And now so can everyone else.
And now we're finally doing something.
And now you shall die!
And now, both are worthless.
And on behalf of everyone at Sebben & Sebben,
And one for our ce oh.
And our commerce site is almost live.
And people are loving it!
And planning a brunch on their own behalf.
And save the world as birdgirl,
And say this isn't all your fault.
And shipped back to the farm to grow more food. [ sniffs, groans ]
And since we're not, maybe I'll let you not cool down
And someone else okay, perfect.
And something about mindtaking?
And sometimes save...
And spent months wandering in the wilderness
And stare at people through you.
And stored locally.
And straight to the top of the company!
And sues judy ken sebben for all of sebben & sebben.
And takes it deadly serious.
And tell him you want to change it.
And tell me something I can't even admit to myself,
And that is not how that usually happens.
And that's why my folks make me come here to practice.
And the custodian of beloved soda pop topple popple...
And the fritters are amazing!
And the majority of people would have a big problem with that.
And then after a while,
And then it hit me!
And then, when nobody's looking,
And there haven't been a lot of allies.
And they can overrule you on all your decisions.
And they think there's a possibility
And they'll click "leadership"...
And told them to release it if they didn't hear from me.
And wanting to tell people at work.
And we are the birdteam!
And we can be a part of that dream.
And we deliver it right to your busy life.
And we have a successor.
And we start with Share Bear.
And we work for you, even though our name's not on the company?
And we'll get judy ready to go onstage.
And what do Share Bears do?
And when I found those nine pounds,
And when it comes to my employees,
And when she does, we'll just pull her up.
And when she is awake, too.
And when she is here,
And when you throw it across the room at someone
And when you're finished...
And you came along and ruined everything by being born!
And you know I support you no matter what.
And you only worked half a week, so giddyup.
And you signed the order to sell it
And you tell me what's on your mind.
And you used to put every goddamn thing in your mouth.
And you won't have to, as long as you stick
And you, both of you... There...Tonight...
And you're ...dy, so you're always ...dy ing.
And you're worried because that's your job?
And you're...So... Very...Adequate.
And your hands, they're magnificent.
And your social security number.
And, Birdteam, go!
And, uh, you could afford to miss a couple of meals.
And... Synchronize watches.
Animal waste?
Another day guarding the secret comes to a successful end.
Another drop coming.
Another one? It's been happening all morning.
Another way of putting that is...?
Anybody gives you flak, you show them this.
Anyway, the Share Bear!
Anyway, there's your 12 bucks, right there.
Anyway, these two have mind melded
Are both an honor and a responsibility.
Are those the only choices? I look gross.
Are we dating?
Are we okay?
Are you insane? It's disappearing.
Are you okay? I'm terrific!
Around all 462 of them.
As Birdgirl says...
As curated experiences, I thought they were high.
As did your father.
As fourth wave feminists, how about we support each other,
As my last official act as ceo,
As topple brand manager,
At 24 bucks a pop?
At exactly 19:56 with judy's outfit.
At improving the lives of millions of people.
At just over a quarter mile, he's kind of hot.