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Trainwreck: Woodstock '99 - Season 1

Trainwreck: Woodstock '99 - Season 1

Trainwreck: Woodstock '99 is a gripping limited series that takes viewers on a nostalgic journey back to the ill-fated music festival that was both a cultural milestone and a catastrophic event. Released in 2023, this mesmerizing show recreates the chaotic atmosphere and explores the underlying factors that led to the heartbreaking demise of Woodstock '99.

The series boasts an ensemble cast of talented actors who breathe life into the real-life characters who were part of this unforgettable moment in history. Leading the pack is Emmy-winning actor John Smith, who portrays the festival's charismatic but deeply flawed organizer, Michael Lang. Smith captures the spirit and ambition of Lang, while also delving into the darker aspects of his personality. Opposite him, Emmy-nominated actress Sarah Johnson brings heart-wrenching conviction to the role of Karen, a disillusioned attendee who becomes the voice of disillusionment amidst the chaos.

The series also showcases the raw energy and explosive performances of the iconic bands that graced the stage at Woodstock '99. The smash-hit soundtrack includes unforgettable performances from renowned artists of the era such as Limp Bizkit, Korn, Rage Against the Machine, and many more. These bands, known for their incendiary shows and unapologetic music, perfectly capture the intense energy and tension that was building throughout the festival.

Trainwreck: Woodstock '99 is a must-watch for anyone interested in music history, cultural dynamics, and human behavior. The show artfully examines the deep-seated issues that plagued the music industry and society at large during the late '90s, making it a thought-provoking and relevant piece of entertainment.

To enhance your viewing experience, you can now access and download the electrifying sounds of Woodstock '99. Relive the adrenaline-pumping performances and the crowd's reactions from the comfort of your own home. Immerse yourself in the chaotic atmosphere, sense the electricity in the air, and feel the raw passion of the artists who took the stage.

These authentic audio recordings provide an unmatched glimpse into the energy and emotions that coursed through the festival grounds, transporting you back to that unforgettable moment in time. Whether you were there in person or not, the sounds of Woodstock '99 can now be yours to enjoy anytime, anywhere.

Don't miss out on this captivating series and the chance to experience the unforgettable sounds of Woodstock '99. Tune in to Trainwreck: Woodstock '99 and download the sounds to join the millions of viewers who are indulging in this mesmerizing journey through music and cultural history.

A facility that can house that kind of event,
A lot of crazy people.
A lot of the vendors were out of stock,
A mix of the showers
A quarter of a million young people,
About the concert goer or the festival goer experience.
All hopes and dreams of Peace, Love, and Understanding 1969
All of a sudden, I hear the producer's channel,
All these goddamn kids being drunk and unruly.
All things considered, I'd say that there would probably be
Almost as a religious experience.
American Pie was the most successful R rated comedy that we had ever had.
Among us always, and some are a little bit more strident than others,
And a powerful partner.
And all of these people
And all these, you know, officials just couldn't wait to invite us back.
And all those who have covered it, and the community as a whole, so…
And another bomb goes off.
And as you can see, there's a steady stream of cars,
And ask people to light candles up.
And at that time, one of the biggest players
And because there were no cell phones,
And decided to extend their carnage and rage
And everybody else who was there too.
And everyone was anticipating, like, some type of special artist.
And feeling kind of crazy.
And food trailers…
And having such a good time was liberating.
And he thought that meant we could make money.
And I can't eat. I can't drink. I can hardly talk.
And I clicked.
And I didn't really care, really, what I was doing
And I hadn't seen him at all in the weeks that we'd been up there.
And I look over, and I see just waves
And I look up to the sky, I'm like, "Is that a fucking UFO up there?"
And I look up, and it's a dude with a mask on.
And I remember asking around,
And I remember one question said, "Well, how do you feel? You got it done."
And I remember seeing PAs coming out of the production trailer
And I said,
And I said, "Pilar that was Woodstock '99
And I think everybody was excited.
And I think it was that, they weren't ready to put it to bed.
And I think that people had had enough,
And I thought…
And I try to bring to everybody's attention
And I was like, "Back to New York?" [laughs]
And I was like, "Why the hell is everything,
And I'm looking around at all of this damage.
And I'm thinking, "Oh my God. You're Michael Lang. I'm Colin Speir,
And I'm thinking, how the fuck did this happen?
And if I remember correctly,
And introduce myself to a couple of those f****.
And it just spread like wildfire.
And it looked like a black cloud was rolling down the tarmac towards us.
And it pissed people off.
And it was a lot of fun…
And it was disgusting.
And it was hard to put your finger on,
And it was hot, and we smelled, and we were tired and hungover.
And it was only going to get worse.
And it was pretty much just all tarmac in between,
And it was quite scary down there.
And it was wild. It was…
And it wasn't just the overstimulated testosterone young males at this point.
And it's a communal, interactive event,
And it's only Friday!
And Jewel fit that slot just perfectly.
And John Scher just tells me to shut up and get off the channel.
And just started barricading them.
And just throwing the monitors and the towers into a 15 passenger van.
And just to lay low, that we were shutting down the vendor village.
And keep coming back with beta tapes full of stuff.
And let me know that you're okay." But I had just dropped acid.
And let's see what happens.
And looking in the mirror, going, "Oh my God, holy fuck."
And love and music and coming together in harmony.
And many of the top people in their field.
And Michael Lang and everyone just looked at me
And nasty runoff from the porta potties.
And now some of them are saying we can't clean it up.
And now you're gonna do the total opposite
And of course, everyone just high as balls.
And peace and love, I was picturing like, a big open field.
And people just couldn't resist it.
And people just running. Running, like, for real this time.
And people, and tow trucks making their way out of the concert.
And pull down their tent flaps in front of their stalls,
And rock and roll in central New York.
And saying, "Well, I'm the CEO. We're doing this."
And see that
And seeing so many women get naked
And she goes, "What'd you say?" And I said, "Oh, I gotta go."
And shouting out what they have.
And so, I'm laying on my back, tripping balls on these mushrooms,
And so, we bear responsibility for, you know, what happened to the women.
And suck it up.
And that crisis intervention workers
And that felt like a dangerous combination.
And that that was going to be a big visual demonstration
And that was in Nassau, Bahamas, Paradise Island.
And that was the moment for me where it stopped becoming
And that yielded a lot of money.
And that, um,  makes you nervous.
And that's only a problem, because where's all this energy gonna go?
And that's the channel with Michael Lang, John Scher.
And the 22 year old me raises my hand,
And the big rumor was that Prince was going to play.
And the concert's not quite over.
And the people who came here to live the life of Woodstock.
And the press conference on Sunday morning is where it got most testy.
And the way women were treated was really horrible.
And the whole plan was to, like, turn it into a Woodstock dreamland.
And then all of a sudden, these things happen Sunday night
And then all of a sudden…
And then the price gouging on top of that was ridiculous.
And there was a sea of kids causing trouble.
And there was an element that just was, you know.
And there was this thought that anti gun violence could be our cause.
And they gave in to, you know, their worse nature.
And they had lots of angst. Lots and lots of angst.
And they loaded us onto the bus.
And they said that the security wouldn't work, and it did.
And they said that we couldn't handle the traffic, and we did.
And they were going to hand out 100,000 candles.
And they're all battling the elements.
And they're gonna do something about it.
And they're like, "That's a great opportunity for our kid,"
And think that it's just the way it is.
And this incredibly long tarmac landing strip.
And this is You know, I've always wanted to meet you."
And to give that generation an idea of what Woodstock was about.
And wanting to hide in the office.
And we could do nothing about it.
And we get in her car, and we drive around.
And we just have to get some of the more strident ones.
And we left.
And we really appreciate it.
And we will.
And we, as the production crew, were just super excited.
And we're still cooking up a little something for the end.
And we've put in place boundaries and things that will prevent us
And what they ended up doing was selling the food rights.
And when that happens, you got to change people's emotion
And when this is all over and done with, I think Woodstock is done.
And where our offices were,
And, uh, fearful of growing up,
And, uh, then this happened.
And, yeah, we had all these non disclosure agreements
And, you know, have a family and stuff like that.
Angry mob mentality
Any food was taken from us. Any drinks, actually, were taken from us.
Any free drinking water that had been available
Anybody with eyes, who saw the footage, knows that there were thousands of kids
Anything they could get their hands on, they were throwing into the fire.
Anywhere you like on your body.
Are in the house tonight?
Are looking into the **** reports,
Are you guys proud of yourselves?
Are you in charge of the whole thing?
As long as it wasn't cleaning the porta potties.
As many or more ****s in any sized city of that.
As soon as I leave, I'm gonna haul my ass out there to the middle of that crowd
As the event was going on,
As the sound traveled all the way to the back.
As you can see, it's not part of the show. It really is a problem.
Associated with Woodstock.
At last weekend's Woodstock Music Festival.
At least half of the total audience got in for free.
At that point, it reeked of possibility and optimism.
At the time, most of the biggest bands, current biggest bands, were hard rock.
At this point, it was an emergency.
At this point, it's kind of like anarchy, and chaos, and mob mentality.
At Woodstock '99."
Back row, hands up.
Back then, a bottle of water was probably 65 cents.
Back then, you were supposed to just deal with what you had to deal with
Basically from drinking unsanitary water.
Basically tell them to go fuck themselves.
Bazaars to browse. Heavy traffic is anticipated.
Be safe and careful going home.
Because by that point,
Because it was supposed to be a peaceful,
Because the perimeter wall was gonna be profoundly ugly,
Because they didn't let us bring anything in.
Being backstage, I was reading the crowd,
Between this and this was nine bucks.
Big, fat, naked dudes. Don't wanna see that.
Blessing the event, just providing a sense of peace and calm.
Boom, went like, whoa!
Burnt to the ground."
But at Woodstock, a bottle of water was a stupid four dollars,
But compared to what had just happened,
But considering there were 200,000 people there, um…
But either the water was gross and running brown, or they were broken.
But he just walked around the remains, and that was it.
But his response was, "They're not gonna listen to me."
But I can tell you that many people were treated for injuries.
But I certainly would not condemn this crowd for the fuck up
But I didn't have a signed contract.
But in the '90s, I started thinking about Woodstock for my kids' generation.
But it felt like a crowd that could turn at any time.
But it was completely inappropriate.
But John stepped in to overrule the entire board
But looking back,
But most importantly, violence.
But MTV said, "We're gonna send you back to New York for Woodstock '99."
But never like an overnight… Never like, a festival of this scale.
But that didn't exist back then.
But that it was maybe gonna be historical.
But that's not how it turned out.
But that's what it was, you go on.