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Mike Tyson Mysteries - Season 3

Mike Tyson Mysteries - Season 3

Mike Tyson Mysteries is an animated television series that first premiered in 2014 and is currently on its third season. The show follows the adventures of former heavyweight boxer, Mike Tyson, as he tackles mysteries and solves crimes with his eccentric team of fellow crime fighters.

The cast of Mike Tyson Mysteries is led by the hilarious and charismatic Mike Tyson himself, who lends his voice to the character. Mike is joined by his clever and sarcastic adopted daughter, Yung Hee, voiced by Rachel Ramras. Together with a ghostly Marquess of Queensberry, voiced by Jim Rash, and a drunk and lecherous talking pigeon, voiced by Norm MacDonald, they form an unconventional yet effective team.

This adventurous team investigates a wide range of mysteries, from supernatural occurrences to classic whodunits. Each mystery takes them on a journey filled with humor, oddball characters, and unexpected twists. With their unique skills and unconventional methods, the team always manages to solve the case, typically with a generous dose of comedic mishaps along the way.

As the show progresses into its third season, the humor and wit of Mike Tyson Mysteries continue to captivate audiences. The animated format allows for hilarious visual gags and exaggerated facial expressions, making the show an absolute delight for viewers of all ages. The clever writing, coupled with the talented voice cast, ensures that the humor lands perfectly, leaving audiences in stitches episode after episode.

In Season 3, the team takes on some of their most intriguing and outrageous cases yet. From uncovering the truth behind a haunted doll to investigating the disappearance of a famous magician, the mysteries are varied and never fail to entertain. With each episode clocking in at around 11 minutes, the show packs a punch of fast-paced humor, ensuring that there is never a dull moment.

One of the standout aspects of Mike Tyson Mysteries is the chemistry between the characters. Mike Tyson's larger-than-life persona is brilliantly contrasted with the dry wit of Yung Hee and the ghostly eccentricities of the Marquess of Queensberry. The addition of Norm MacDonald's unforgettable portrayal of the pigeon adds an extra layer of hilarity to the mix. Together, they create a dynamic and memorable team that keeps viewers coming back for more.

If you want to experience the comedy and adventure of Mike Tyson Mysteries, you can easily watch the show online or on various streaming platforms. Additionally, you can play and download sounds from the show, which will let you relive the quirky and humorous moments at your leisure. These sounds are sure to bring a smile to your face and remind you of the incredible comedic talent that brings the animated series to life.

So whether you're a fan of mysteries, animated comedies, or simply enjoy a good laugh, Mike Tyson Mysteries is a show that will not disappoint. With its talented voice cast, witty writing, and captivating storytelling, it is no wonder that the show has garnered a dedicated fanbase and received critical acclaim. Jump into the whirlwind of adventure, mystery, and comedy by joining Mike and his team as they unravel the most peculiar cases in the most delightful way possible.

A bird... (BLEEP) you, Marquess.
A boy is missing!
A couple of hours?
A field green salad, and if you have wild salmon,
A little powerful for someone of my stature, but...
A lot of, "Thank you for driving this 10 hours
A marriage needs to be able to withstand life's little disappointments.
A mystery?
A strict adherence to traditional educational standards
A talented home decorator,
A wax, and an apple cinnamon smell.
A white, a black and a Chinese.
A young boy...
A young woman has fallen in there.
About 30 minutes from Charleston,
About how you can have both of them at the same time.
About my experiences as a radiologist.
Abrupt manner and... I'm sorry, am I still talking?
According to Reddit.
According to Tickler's Business Insider.
Adam is a fully autonomous being.
Adam is A.I. Artificial Intelligence.
Adam. Where is he?
African American gentleman.
After all, it's the weekend.
Ah, forgive me, but we're visiting from Germany and my husband is in there.
Ah, how?
Ah, I just feel so guilty. I mean,
Ah, I see they went for understated elegance.
Ah, Michael!
Ah, oh yeah!
Ah, oh, hold on. Whoops.
Ah, Raji is a child prodigy.
Ah, really? How would you do it?
Ah, um...
Ah, wake up.
Ah, we were good. We weren't great, but we were good. (CHUCKLES)
Ah, what a collection of assholes.
Ah! I'm impressed, Michael.
Ah! It must've been in his pocket the whole time.
Ah! Oh!
Ah? Oh, yeah, hey, yeah. Sure, maybe.
Ah. Is my blindfold still on? Because I can't see anything.
Ah... Pigeon, what do you say?
Ahhh! Ahhh!
Ahhh! No, no, no. No, no! No, please!
Ai yai yai, look at those cans.
All eyes on you. Which way do you go?
All ghosts are allowed one go back,
All I want is to love and to be loved.
All right, baby, I'll be home for dinner.
All right, get down in there.
All right, if you say so.
All right, listen. After a lot of thought, I've decided to use
All right, we respect your...
All right. It is what it is.
All that pressure, damn!
All the other rooms are booked?
All the way up your penis, to your prostate.
ALL: (CHEERING) Chug! Chug! Chug! Chug!
ALL: Chug! Chug! Chug!
ALL: Chug! Chug! Chug!
Almost done.
Aloha! It's me, Haulani.
Also known as the Mike Tyson Special Secret Government Strike Team.
Although Helen keeps asking me to retire.
Although you only get one, you can take as many people as you want with you.
Am I going to jail?
Amanda better watch out or Travis is gonna leave her fat ass for the nanny.
Amanda, and let's just say she's not anorexic anymore.
An industry without which, I dare say
An outdoors one. Get a little sun, vitamin D.
And a pack of smokes.
And an "abstained" from Pigeon.
And at most it was like four hours! It just...
And be rewarded in heaven with 72 virgin maidens.
And bring it inside, since that's where I've been living.
And bury him in the backyard.
And called Kevin and Kristi's daughter a slut, but we've had dinner since then.
And do you frame these posters?
And do you have a portfolio?
And even if we don't solve it
And even that night, Kevin groped Tanner and fondled me
And Father Ferdinand took me up to the belfry and made me...
And get the platter, and nobody'll be the wiser.
And guess what then?
And he also... He's dead.
And he didn't do just stuff to me.
And he said it's because he didn't understand
And he's gonna be mine.
And he's very gifted and has helped a lot of people.
And her name is Atari Pentagraph. I got it.
And hide in the towels and watch her bathe.
And his little baby, R2 D2.
And his office is just down that way.
And how do you wish to handle my prostate?
And how's that ghost doing back there?
And I am minority whip Trent Lott, from the great state of Mississippi.
And I came back as your dog.
And I did a bunch of cocaine,
And I don't know if room service is still going on,
And I don't know s about electronics.
And I don't think Amanda and Travis will tell us anything
And I don't want to know what it's stuck with.
And I gave him a couple of bills to put this in.
And I get it.
And I got a bunch of her shit, and then we came here.
And I guess curfew's at 11:00, so they all stopped at 10:45, so they could get back,
And I guess every other weekend and holidays.
And I have to, like, scrunch my face to concentrate
And I just try to hide, and every once in a while, they spot me.
And I keep making it go up and up and up until you pay.
And I said I loved her from afar.
And I thank you, Marquess.
And I think, if it comes to it, a jury of my peers will exonerate me.
And I told Kristi about it and we hashed it out. You know, boys will be boys.
And I would... Well, I don't know what I would do.
And I'll lose my only friend in the whole world.
And I'm gonna honor that promise
And I'm looking forward to getting the newsletter! (LAUGHS)
And I'm not supposed to ask any questions,
And I'm sorry for that,
And I've called the cable company,
And I've lived that way ever since.
And I've never not been invited to the Tux and Tiara
And if she does need changing, change her.
And if you aren't on that invite list you may as well just move to Anaheim.
And in that moment, I saw something.
And is able to communicate with the spirit world.
And it is the event in Newport Beach
And it was like, "Who's gonna talk next?"
And it's a movie, so that's like, um,
And it's the same I. I'm a bitch.
And just a perfect summer salad. (GASPS)
And just get paid for it. I like that.
And just went for it, and...
And land is so cheap in New Mexico,
And last night one of those seeds germinated.
And left you a little surprise in there.
And make them they did.
And melt them down,
And my brow lines are getting so deep.
And not dressing like the goddess of fertility and love.
And not go out with men with a convertible car.
And not just clean up for the princess.
And not just physically, I'm emotionally home.
And not me and Marquess and Yung, is because...
And now I guess I'm Jim Bankerd again.
And now I love her up close.
And now I'm here to take your life.
And now I've met Phillip and I'm finally in love again.
And now just some poor slob trying to make it to the weekend.
And of course the police can keep their guns.
And of course, you're all invited.
And on Monday, you received the balloon payment
And only 10 hours from where we live. We can come here all the time.
And perfectly balanced.
And Phillip's the sweetest man in the world.
And planted their seeds.
And put it somewhere so it can't hurt anybody, anymore.
And saying that takes up even more time.
And see if you can get this guy's home video up on the cloud.
And she pointed it at me and fired and she missed.
And she said, "Take equal care of both."
And she's at home all day with our four kids.
And she's out here figuring out what she wants to do.
And shot you out of the torpedo tube,
And silky.
And so are you.
And someone's gotta know something.
And soon as we do it, the stock is no longer available at $30 a share.
And spank that shitty cook for that meal. (CHUCKLES)
And stitched to the face of your mother's father.
And stuffed in the mouths of your children.
And that bitch is me.
And that caboose.
And that he was very angry all the time.
And that he would kidnap a young boy.
And that home is my home. (CACKLES)
And that period could last anywhere from a few minutes to a few days.
And that shit will be all over TMZ, man.
And that was a fact.
And that when she got back,
And the fact that we were just going to give up on him.
And the kids could run around and jump in the pond, and...
And the mystery team privately please?
And the other is... Is my son.
And the oxidation.
And the real estate market there is incredibly tight.
And then a little after that, Kevin fondled me at Tiffany's Fabulous 40 party
And then I asked her to marry me.
And then I had a heart attack and died
And then I just ripped a hole in the fence,
And then I say, "Go back, go back, let's go back."
And then I'd always finish him off with a blowie.
And then I'd have to get fillers...
And then I'll have a better idea.
And then inject us in the tip of your penis
And then it blew his face off?
And then it just... Happened.
And then maybe get started on the main course.
And then that guy will be disappointed,
And then they reset the router,
And then this would be a lot easier.
And then we all sat next to each other at church on Sunday, so...
And then we stopped by her place
And then we went to the courthouse and got married.
And then we would sit in her parlor
And then you come home to a meal like that? Awful!
And then you say, "Okay, okay, okay, okay."
And then,
And there was this division of the ****stani royal guard.