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Early Man

Early Man

Early Man is a hilarious animated film that takes us back to prehistoric times, exploring the adventures of a group of Stone Age cavemen. Released in 2018, this family-friendly movie is perfect for a cozy night in with loved ones.

The cast of Early Man is truly star-studded, with talented actors lending their voices to bring these lovable characters to life. The protagonist, Dug, is voiced by Eddie Redmayne, who captures the endearing qualities of the clumsy and kind-hearted caveman. Joining him is the extraordinary Tom Hiddleston as Lord Nooth, the ambitious and somewhat comical antagonist. Together, Redmayne and Hiddleston create a dynamic that keeps the audience engaged throughout the film.

The supporting cast also adds depth and charm to the narrative. Maisie Williams brings her unique sass and wit to the character of Goona, a rebellious and intelligent young woman who offers her help to Dug and his tribe. Timothy Spall is the voice behind Chief Bobnar, the leader of Dug’s tribe, providing comic relief with his exaggerated reactions and humorous dialogue. With such a remarkable ensemble, the chemistry between the characters on screen is palpable and makes for an enjoyable viewing experience.

Early Man combines elements of comedy, adventure, and even sports, as Dug and his tribe are unexpectedly forced into a high-stakes game of soccer against the more advanced Bronze Age civilization. This clash of civilizations leads to a heartwarming and entertaining story that transcends time.

The film’s music adds an extra layer of excitement and emotion to the narrative. The captivating score, composed by Harry Gregson-Williams, complements the scenes perfectly, enhancing the comedic timing and creating an immersive atmosphere. Ranging from uplifting tracks during the heartfelt moments to intense rhythms during the game sequences, the music never fails to capture the viewer's attention and heighten the overall cinematic experience.

If you can't get enough of Early Man, the good news is that you can now play and download these delightful sounds to relive the movie's magic whenever you desire. Immerse yourself in the quirky world of Early Man through its enchanting soundtrack and let the melodies transport you back to the Stone Age.

Early Man’s unique animation style also adds to its charm. Created by Aardman Animations, the studio behind beloved characters like Wallace and Gromit and Shaun the Sheep, the film exhibits the studio's signature claymation techniques. Every frame is meticulously crafted, showcasing the incredible attention to detail and the labor-intensive process that goes into creating each scene. The result is a visual feast that captivates the eyes and immerses the audience in the fantastical world of Early Man.

So gather your family and friends, sit back, and let Early Man take you on a journey through time. With its talented cast, captivating story, memorable music, and delightful animation, this film is a must-watch for anyone seeking an enchanting and humorous adventure. And don't forget, you can now play and download the sounds of Early Man to keep the magic alive, long after the credits roll.

A caveman?
A great player!
A massage, his own champion football team.
A match between the Bronze and the brutes?
A rabbit!
A Real Bronzio penalty
A small chance,
A way out.
About the mammoth thing...
Actually, more stupid than brave, really.
After all, you'll soon be digging lots of bronze out of it.
After you.
Ah, yes.
Ahh, ohh, eee...
All right, secure the valley.
All right, then. Don't worry about us.
All right!
All right?
All stand for our mighty leader, Lord Nooth!
All yours, Goona!
ALL: Ahh!
ALL: Huh?
ALL: Morning, Chief.
ALL: Ooh.
ALL: Uh...
ALL: Um...
Although the thing about rabbits, Chief,
Always have been.
Always will be.
An hardworking governor like me,
And all the creatures we share it with.
And all we've got is
And broke into the stadium just to find some balls?
And gives us shelter from the Badlands.
And have a little nose.
And how's it going to get our valley back?
And if we work together, then maybe we can do this.
And kill him slowly. Idiots!
And now this.
And now, I believe it's time you went home,
And our valley
And she's going to help us win the game.
And stupid.
And that's how you can beat them.
And the captain, Jurgend!
And the crowd goes wild!
And the leader of the Bronze people,
And the other side tries to kick the ball in that goal.
And then we go back to the valley!
And this game is going to make me loads of it.
And volunteer myself for the mines.
And we haven't even got a full team.
And we're better off here in the Badlands
And you have to stop me, okay?
ANNOUNCER: Introducing Real Bronzio
Apologies for the inconvenience.
Apprehend that rodent!
Are hogs supposed to play football?
Argh! No, I mean take him away at normal speed
As for Lord Nooth...
ASBO: Can I sleep in me football kit?
At the end of the day,
Aw, Mum!
Aye, Nooth is on the back foot now, Brian.
Bad move, caveman.
Beating him with sausages!
Because she's a...
Because the mine is waiting
Because you're great footballers,
Best goal scorer in the known world.
Bit early, isn't it, Dug?
Bobnar, you've got to believe me!
Brainless goons!
BRIAN: A draw is just not good enough for the primitive part timers, Bryan.
BRIAN: And it looks like it's all over
BRIAN: And normal service is restored!
BRIAN: And surely, that's settled it.
BRIAN: Goodness me, it looks like a caveman counterattack.
BRIAN: He's got a trotter to it!
BRIAN: It is now!
BRIAN: Jurgend should get a prize for acting.
BRIAN: Let's see the replay, Bryan.
BRIAN: Oh ho! The Stone Age team is really coming together, Bryan.
BRIAN: Oh ho! Unorthodox, Bryan,
BRIAN: Oh, look at this!
BRIAN: Oh, that's way below the belt.
BRIAN: Real Bronzio are in
BRIAN: She's going all the way.
BRIAN: That is an amazing goal!
BRIAN: That's right, Bryan.
BRIAN: Well, it's halftime, Bryan, and Real Bronzio
BRIAN: You can't argue with the puppets, Bryan.
Brilliant! How do we do that?
Bring out the Stone Age challengers!
Bronze Chiefness.
Bronze is not all we found down here.
BRYAN: A great effort,
BRYAN: And you have to say, Brian,
BRYAN: Aye, and the goalie looks in a bad way too.
BRYAN: Aye, but will he get away?
BRYAN: Aye, the puppets don't lie, Brian.
BRYAN: It's still in play, Brian.
BRYAN: Look at that.
BRYAN: Oh, caveman down, Brian!
BRYAN: This may be an uneven contest, Brian,
BRYAN: Very interesting!
BRYAN: Well, Brian,
BRYAN: Well, Real Bronzio,
BRYAN: You're not wrong, Brian. It's like early man
Bryan! The Stone Age team
But a chance.
But at least we're still together.
But I'm willing to offer you a deal.
But I've got a deal to make.
But let's hope it's at least entertaining.
But our ancestors played football.
But that's all they are.
But that's just it.
But we have something they don't.
But we're pretty good.
But what they're not is a team.
But whatever happens, keep your formation.
But you had one problem.
But, Chief, we're early man.
But, in the end, it wasn't quite enough.
Can we have our ball back, please?
CART DRIVER: What are you doing? Get out of the way!
Caveman coming through!
Centuries before we were.
CHIEF BOBNAR: "Football"?
CHIEF BOBNAR: Come on. Just run.
CHIEF BOBNAR: It's over.
CHIEF BOBNAR: Right, line up, everybody! In line!
CHIEF BOBNAR: That can't be right.
CHIEF BOBNAR: Time to turn in. Big day tomorrow.
CHIEF BOBNAR: What's going on?
CHIEF BOBNAR: Where's Dug?
Chief, we can't play this game.
Chief! (SOBBING)
Chief? Chief?
Come on, Chief.
Come on, come on!
Come on, Dug.
Come on, everyone!
Come on, everyone.
Come on, Hognob.
Come on, Hognob.
Come on, that was never a penalty!
Come on, then. Let's see your tackle.
CROWD: (CHANTING) Jurgend! Jurgend!
CROWD: Oi! Oi! Oi!
Delivering message!
Delivering message!
Delivering message!
Dino is having a lie down.
DINO: (MUFFLED) They went that way!
Do you really believe
Don't crowd me!
Don't know.
Don't you miss the valley, Chief?
Down in the new mine in the valley.
Dug, Dug. Look at us...
Dug, it's time to give up this football lark
Dug, look at our ancestors.
DUG: (MUFFLED) What are you doing?
DUG: And she's gonna help us win the game.
DUG: Are you awake, Chief?
DUG: Barry, where are you going? No, don't wander off!
DUG: Come on, everyone.
DUG: Great work, Magma!
DUG: Grubup, drop it! I told you,
DUG: Hognob.
DUG: I'm sorry, Chief!
DUG: Nearly there, Hognob.
DUG: No, Barry, not moss.
DUG: To you, Eemak.
DUG: You've picked the wrong tribe to mess with.
Dug! Over here!
EEMAK: Whoa.
Eh? Well, I'll be... (GROANS)
End of message.
ENGINEER 2: We've made a copy for your inspection.
Everyone working together!
Everyone, go home! There is no game.
Everyone! Give me a hand!
Exactly. Uh... Right.
Excuse me!
Face it, caveman.
Food. (CHUCKLING) Yum!
Football sounds hard.
Football's hard.
For the valley, you say?
For the valley?
For their sake.
For this plucky band of knuckle grazers, Bryan.
For you and your primitive friends.
Forgive me, Hognob.
Foul? No one's even playing, you silly slap head!
Fowl! Fowl!
Free kick!
Game after game.
Get in the goal!
Get your act together!
Get your cuddly caveman here! Before they go extinct!
Glad to be on board.
Go for it, Asbo.