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The Cuphead Show! (2022) - Season 2

The Cuphead Show! (2022) - Season 2

The Cuphead Show! is an animated television series based on the critically acclaimed video game "Cuphead," which was developed and published by StudioMDHR. The show, which premiered on Netflix in 2020, has been a massive hit among fans and critics alike, thanks to its stunning animation style, unique setting, and vibrant characters.

Set in the 1930s, The Cuphead Show! follows the adventures of Cuphead and his brother Mugman as they navigate the mysterious Inkwell Isles. The dynamic duo finds themselves in trouble when they accidentally make a deal with the devil and must now collect the souls of various villains to repay their debt. Along the way, they encounter a diverse range of boss battles, colorful characters, and challenging situations.

The Cuphead Show! Season 2 is one of the most highly anticipated releases in 2022, as fans are eager to continue following the incredible journey of Cuphead and Mugman. Season 2 promises to deliver even more action, humor, and heartwarming moments, building upon the success of the first season.

The show boasts a talented and diverse voice cast, with Tru Valentino lending his voice to Cuphead, and Frank Todaro voicing Mugman. Other well-known voice actors include Grey Griffin, Joe Catte, and Maurice LaMarche, who bring to life a variety of lovable and quirky characters.

In addition to its exciting plot and engaging characters, The Cuphead Show! captivates its audience with its stunning animation style. Inspired by the golden age of animation, the show beautifully recreates the hand-drawn, watercolor aesthetic of classic cartoons. Each frame is meticulously crafted, bringing the Inkwell Isles to life with its vibrant colors, fluid movements, and imaginative character designs.

Alongside the release of The Cuphead Show! Season 2, fans can also enjoy the show's incredible soundtrack. The music, composed by Kristofer Maddigan, perfectly captures the essence of the 1930s jazz era, while also featuring a unique blend of big band, ragtime, and Dixieland influences. Maddigan's talents as a composer shine through each track, enhancing the show's atmosphere and adding another layer of immersion to the viewer's experience.

The Cuphead Show! Season 2 will be available to stream on Netflix, allowing fans to immerse themselves once again in the rich and captivating world of the Inkwell Isles. With its combination of compelling storytelling, mesmerizing animation, and unforgettable music, the show is sure to leave a lasting impression on viewers of all ages.

If you're a fan of The Cuphead Show! or simply enjoy the incredible music it has to offer, you can now play and download these delightful sounds here. Whether you want to listen to the jazzy soundtrack while you work, immerse yourself in the world of the Inkwell Isles, or simply relive your favorite moments from the show, these sounds are sure to bring a smile to your face.

So, mark your calendars and get ready for another thrilling adventure in The Cuphead Show! Season 2. With its fantastic cast, stunning animation, and mesmerizing soundtrack, this animated series is guaranteed to entertain and captivate audiences. Make sure to catch up on the first season if you haven't already, and get ready to join Cuphead and Mugman as they continue their quest to repay their debt and save their souls.

A cyclops with an eye patch.
A g g g g ghost? That's right!
A gift?
A little worried now.
A memento of the family I love.
A moment, Moog Maan!
A real pirate!
A real, real pirate!
A surprise?
A symbol of me enduring devotion, me undying affection…
Actually, my name is…
Actually, you were right the whole time!
After all this trauma, I think I deserve a little treat.
After all, I broke rule number one.
Ah jeez.
Ah, banana oil! I've had it with you and your worrying!
Ah, burning passion, dead octopus, yadda, yadda, yadda.
Ah, calm down.
Ah, come on, Mugsy, don't be sore. I'm just having a little fun.
Ah, home sweet home.
Ah, how about I give you a ten second head start though?
Ah, I ain't too worried about it.
Ah, well, excuse me for caring about you staying in one piece!
Ah, what a delicious day.
Ah, yes.
Ah, yoo hoo!
Ah, you said the same exact thing when you wanted my free pie coupon.
Ah! And oh, hey, hey.
Ah! We sure showed her!
Ah. Now, where were we?
Ahem. I know all of you are angry.
Ain't you gonna eat my sweets?
All I know is we gotta get out of here.
All right, all right.
All right, Chalice. Enough already! Now take
All right, enough already, go to bed.
All right, let's find that new brother.
All right, this can't miss.
All right, varmint, you win.
All right, you let our friend out of that painting this instant!
All right. We'll both hold it.
All the brothers are already taken.
All those chumps who gave me free stuff?
Almost perfect.
Almost there!
Amusement park!
Amusement park!
Anchors aweigh! Hard to starboard!
And be just like you, Cuphead,
And become you, Cuphead!
And Cuphead, shave that beard.
And don't come back until you learn some self control!
And don't you forget,
And effortlessly tempts us into unhinged depravity."
And goodbye.
And he's always got a few tricks up his sleeve.
And he's inspiring me to appreciate the finer things,
And how does that work exactly?
And I can possess people.
And I couldn't just take his soul out and eat it
And I don't care what it is. [grunts]
And I don't wanna spend 'em trapped in a painting.
And I have his pitchfork?
And I wanna go to the movies.
And I was forced to build this cabin and lodge here until spring.
And I was lucky to get away. Cookies were pretty good though, huh?
And I've always got a few tricks up my sleeve.
And isn't that joy worth the cost of an eensy weensy, little bit of money?
And it has been precisely 31 days,
And it hasn't worked once.
And it ruined my life.
And it's true, Chalice is a lying, grifting, friend abandoning thief who
And my lobster!
And now we don't have any firewood for the winter.
And one of these! I've always wanted one of these!
And rule number two! Eat all the candy you desire,
And see where that gets you!
And Slim just drowned.
And stack it neatly…
And the movie?
And the next day, and the next day, and the next day too.
And the next minute we're going nowhere.
And then he had this… this… this sweater.
And then I set the city on fire, uh, hmm…
And then they destroyed the whole carnival!
And they left all their stuff.
And this time it'll be forever!
And today is your lucky day.
And tonight with Ludwig, I ate lobster.
And we wind up at the big house.
And we're all dirty and scuffed.
And what's Elder Kettle gotta do if he wants that picture?
And why hasn't he chopped a single piece of firewood?
And with only the waning vestiges of daylight remaining,
And wouldn't you know it? He couldn't name "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star."
And you you won't zap me?
And you can keep your snooty piano instructor.
And you take us on a high seas adventure.
And you're breaking rule number two as we speak.
And your hair…
And your soul debt has expired?
And your stupid crooked hat!
Angry mob? Hmm.
Any ideas, Chalice?
Anything can happen.
Anyway, I gotta lay low for a while, but we'll hang out again soon. Promise!
Anyway! Let us go, my boy.
Apparently, they got a problem with that.
Are Are you having any p p paranormal issues?
Are ya kidding?
Are you aware your hat is on crooked?
Are you having any paranormal issues?
Are you okay?
Are you ready to talk about, uh, Diaper Baby?
Are you still here?
As instructed, please come prepared with two monologues and a song.
As much as I love prison, my place is with Cuphead.
As per usu [screams]
As upsetting as the Diaper Baby is to Elder Kettle, it sure is funny.
Auf wiedersehen!
Aw, boss, you've been in here for days.
Aw, gee, Cuphead.
Aw, jeez.
Aw, licorice sticks! They escaped?
Aw, nuts.
Aw, nuts.
Aw, she said she was gonna eat us.
Aw, why can't there be anyone like Cuphead?
Aw! Exquisite.
Aww, thanks, Devil, but actually…
Aye, me sweet slaughters all who dare approach.
B but boss, they're untamed primordial beings.
Back to my real brother. I'm not getting shattered with you!
Be my new brother!
Because I choose to nurture the next wave of talent, you!
Been nice knowing you, pal!
Before his very eyes!
Being on the inside changes a mug.
Being prepared is my middle name.
Being the three ding dongs was fun while it lasted.
Between the flour and sugar, where it's always been.
Bite your tongue! Or me sword will bite it for ye.
Blech! For the last time, I don't eat disgusting children.
Boo Boo.
Boring old Mugman
Bought what? We really are making him a surprise.
Bowlboy, Cuphead.
Bowlboy's always got a few tricks up his sleeve.
Boys, we got ourselves a gold mine.
Boys! There you are.
Bravo, bravo!
Brineybeard, where are we?
Brineybeard! Brineybeard! [squawks]
Bring him back, you live!
Bring me my second finest demon!
Brother of Moog Maan, what you just did, how did you do it?
Bullseye! [laughs]
Burn them all!
But But it's in the story. Uh, we're supposed to kiss!
But also quite handsome."
But did her dancing not bring you joy?
But don't practice and you certainly won't."
But Elder Kettle!
But his dumb brother grabbed his soul and stuffed it back in,
But I am literally just about to
But I cannot even begin to imagine the fourth finest demons.
But I filled up on tiramisu.
But I thought we were… [screaming] …brothers!
But I'll be honest with ye, our chances of survival are slim to none.
But I'm afraid I must eat you and your crew now.
But if you work hard today…
But it looks like I'm on my own again.
But it's still big enough for the two of you.
But keep it under your straw, boys. Mum's the word. It's a secret.
But nothing scares me anymore.
But now we can ride our bikes together, together!
But slightly smaller.
But sometimes one must go to extremes to do the things one wishes to do.
But that doesn't mean Cuphead won't get worse.
But that was supposed to be my dream, and my $10,000,
But that's a story for another time.
But that's all we have.
But that's Elder Kettle's truck.
But they'll be back.
But this'll do.
But we deserve the blame.
But we destroyed your camera.
But we did that one together.
But we tell each other everything, and you owe me for the candy.
But we won't be avoiding her candy!
But we're gonna do it my way.
But what if anyone can use it?
But why?
But with you and your brother's hard work,