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Jackass: The Movie

Jackass: The Movie

Jackass: The Movie is a hilariously outrageous and shockingly entertaining film that pushed the boundaries of daredevil stunts and physical comedy. Released in 2002, this movie quickly became a cult classic and spawned a highly successful franchise.

The cast of Jackass: The Movie comprises a group of fearless and eccentric individuals who are willing to put their bodies on the line for the sake of laughter. Led by the charismatic and mischievous Johnny Knoxville, the cast includes Steve-O, Bam Margera, Chris Pontius, Ryan Dunn, Dave England, Jason "Wee Man" Acuña, and Preston Lacy, among others. Each member of this daredevil crew brings their unique brand of humor and insanity to the screen, making for an unforgettable viewing experience.

What sets Jackass: The Movie apart is its raw and unfiltered nature. The cast takes part in a series of dangerous, painful, and often revolting stunts, pranks, and challenges, all for the amusement of the audience. From skateboarding off rooftops to subjecting themselves to extreme bodily harm, the cast of Jackass fearlessly embraces chaos and embraces the absurdity of their situations. It is this audacity and commitment to their craft that makes their antics both cringeworthy and captivating.

The movie is a perfect representation of Jackass's unique and over-the-top style. It showcases the cast's incredible chemistry and camaraderie, as they encourage and support one another in their crazy antics. Additionally, the film also includes hilarious skits and hidden camera pranks, adding another layer of unpredictability and laughter.

Featuring a fast-paced and energetic soundtrack, the movie complements the wild visuals and stunts with a robust selection of songs. From punk rock tracks to hip-hop beats, the music adds a dynamic flair to the already chaotic atmosphere of the film. While explicit and challenging, the soundtrack perfectly sets the tone for the film's audacious and reckless proceedings.

If you're brave enough to immerse yourself in the world of Jackass: The Movie, you can easily indulge in its absurdity and hilarity. With a multitude of platforms offering the ability to play and download the sounds, you can relish the uproarious laughter, cringe-worthy moments, and heart-pounding stunts from the comfort of your own home.

In summary, Jackass: The Movie is a daring and unconventional film that captivated audiences with its audacious stunts and unapologetic humor. Led by its fearless cast, it quickly became a cultural phenomenon and set the stage for a successful franchise. If you have a taste for the extreme and a stomach for the outrageous, Jackass: The Movie is a must-watch that will leave you simultaneously laughing and wincing at the sheer absurdity of it all.

A condom. Thank you.
A dog didn't cause this.
Afternoon. How you doing?
All right, George, what do you do and what are we doing here today?
All right, this is rocket skates,
All right, we're here in the valley today to do our own little riot control test.
All right, you guys. Touch gloves and come out fighting.
All right, you're gonna watch this?
All right! All right! All right!
All right.
An old man that steals, I can't believe it.
And a little toy car.
And an alligator grabs a hold of him, Steve O will relax,
And at last! I thought it would never...
And by knockout in the first round, new champion, Butterbean!
And hope that the alligator will release him.
And I don't even want to make a joke about it right now
And I think I'm a little concussed.
And I'm about to rent a car.
And I'm gonna go outside,
And I'm gonna go wake his ass up.
And I'm gonna take a shit right in one of the toilets.
And if any of these alligators try to ruin our swimming,
And let him pull it out.
And Phil has to be at work at 5:00 in the morning.
And Steve O and Chris thought it was a great idea.
And still champion...
And that is, you know, as soon as something touches them,
And the next thing I know I'm just fucked.
And the webbings of my toes.
And the winner,
And this is called the Rent a Car Crash Up Derby.
And today I'm gonna 50 50 this rail, and... Or try to.
And we're about to go swim with some whale sharks.
And we're about to test my rocket skates.
And we're going to shoot you with one of our projectiles.
And we're gonna be burglars today.
And we're gonna walk around it, inspect it together.
And, you know, think that they could take it.
Ape, I need toilet paper!
Apparently I have a big gash in my head,
Are these alive?
Are waiting to eat
Are you all right?
Are you any good at snorting stuff?
Are you okay?
Are you okay? Are you okay? Are you okay?
Are you okay? You all right?
Are you starting to lose your mind on that shit?
Bam, stop it!
Bam, what the...
Be comfortable.
Blue, it's my favorite color.
But first, we need to go rub one out.
But George and his company said, "No way."
But I'm sure I could learn,
But that car's gonna have to be paid for.
But this is the Butt X ray.
But today, you know, today was my first try.
By the end of this movie.
Come on in, Manny.
Come on in.
Come on, man, get out of the fucking car.
Come on, you're missing the cone, dude!
Come on! Come on.
Dave, fight it, man.
Definitely no sitting down happening.
Did you see the way I caught that beanbag with my stomach?
Didn't give me a wedgie. I went forward.
Didn't I tell you I was gonna come over here and kick your ass for that?
Do another snooter.
Do it. Do it.
Do your balls first, just to get it over with.
Does it smell like...
Don't look, Steve O! Don't look!
Don't look! Don't look, Steve O. Don't look.
Don't move!
Don't never come in here no more, man!
Don't pull on it, man.
Don't, Lance, there's so many places for you to...
Don't... Do you want to ruin everything?
Dude, dude. Wait. Stop! Chill, dude.
Dude, I told you not to fall off the damn beam.
Dude, I told you to keep up the left!
Dude, I've fucking been in there before, dude. It sucks.
Dude, it's dripping out of the bottom.
Dude, on the plate. On the plate.
Dude, you were hauling so much ass.
Dudes, this is, like, worse than a hanging.
Dunn can't drive for shit.
Dunn's gonna win, dude.
Ease up. Come on. Daddy's got you.
Eat it! Eat it!
Enjoy the snow cone.
Especially with all you guys fucking staring at me.
Every time!
Everyone, be quiet.
Food, food, food, food!
For fuck's sake, come here!
From what, the pepperoni or the paper cuts?
Fuck, man. At least I don't have to look at it, right?
Fuck! Get the diamonds!
Fucking peanut gallery while I'm trying to crap.
Fucking rad.
Gator wrestling.
Get back here!
Get back. Get down, get down.
Get him!
Get off!
Get out of the car!
Get out of the fucking car!
Get out!
Get out! And take the other stuff out of your pockets.
Get this out of your pocket, man!
Go back down a little bit.
Go grab the dead kitty.
Go put the chicken on him!
God damn it! What are you doing?
God damn, this is the BMX Tug of War.
God, am I glad I came down to see what was going on in this room.
God, chopsticks are so stupid.
God, this party sucks!
God, you're compressing it.
Going hot.
Got him, dude. And there went his hair.
Hail to the queen!
He didn't even get you.
He just shat everywhere.
He likes it.
He made it all the way down.
He's alive!
He's going, yeah.
He's going.
He's out.
He's starting to lose it!
Hello, I'm Johnny Knoxville.
Hello. I'm Johnny Knoxville
Hello. I'm Johnny Knoxville,
Help! Help me get this thing out of here!
Here we go.
Here, you've lost your club. Sorry.
Hey, Ed's here for rescuing, dude. You're here for making it a problem.
Hey, I'm Raab himself, and this is Bungee Wedgie.
Hey, man, what kind of games you playing? Get out!
Hey, my man. Wasabi, lots.
Hey, Phil!
Hey! Get off, man!
Hey! Hey! Hey!
Hey! What the fuck? What the...
Hi. I'm Johnny Knoxville,
Hi. I'm Johnny Knoxville. This is the Tidal Wave.
Hi. I'm Party Boy.
Hi. I'm Steve O, and this is Alligator Tightrope.
Hi. I'm Wee Man, and this is a big cone.
Hold your breath. Don't move.
Holy fuck!
Holy shit!
Holy shit! I'm taking a cab back to the hotel.
Holy shit.
How hard is it to tie a bottle rocket to a cock?
How is that supposed to help?
Hurry up. Hurry up.
I actually burned my butt hole.
I almost broke my leg getting out of there!
I am pretty nervous about my wiener around that whale shark. I really am.
I appreciate it. Thank you for taking care of me.
I called it! Hey! Time!
I can't believe he got that far.
I can't believe it.
I can't believe... I can't...
I can't even turn it off.
I can't really look cool right now.
I can't...
I could sure go for a Miller High Life.
I didn't say the "F" word.
I didn't stick anything up my ass.
I don't even, like, pick a tattoo, like,
I don't know what happened. I just remember we went in the air,
I don't know, but it's not what's going to be intended.
I don't play. I don't play.
I don't want to get stuck with the whole charge of it.
I feel like I have to shit my ass.
I fell and busted my ass, that's what's fucking wrong.
I got it. I got this.
I gotta get another job.
I guess I don't really have any last words.
I guess we didn't reinforce the windshield.
I had a accident, as you can see.
I had a few to drink when I signed that, too, so...
I hold the California state record.
I hope you didn't take a shit in that, son of a bitch.
I just black out, so I...
I just fully got a haircut just, like, a week ago.
I just mentioned the car in the butt.
I just... I don't know, man.
I knew she was fighting dirty.
I know what my fortune is. It's partying.
I mean, trust me, dude, I'm not unimpressed.
I need a pick me up.
I need a signature here
I need to go home right now.
I passed out. I must've fallen down and broken something,
I promise I will get my mom to say "fuck"
I ran straight into a crocodile. What the hell.
I rented it from you earlier.
I returned it with a full tank of gas.
I said, "Get back here!"
I seriously felt all right for a little bit, until she punched me in the nose.
I shit my pants at the fair.
I think I need an x ray.