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Just One of the Guys

Just One of the Guys

Just One of the Guys is a classic 1985 comedy film directed by Lisa Gottlieb. This hilarious movie takes a lighthearted approach to exploring themes of gender roles and identity, providing audiences with a fresh perspective on the high school experience.

The film revolves around Terry Griffith, a talented and ambitious high school journalist portrayed by the talented actress Joyce Hyser. Terry's dreams of becoming a journalist are thwarted when she is denied an internship because of her gender. Frustrated and determined to prove herself, Terry comes up with a daring plan – she decides to pose as a male student at a rival high school to uncover the truth about the discrimination she experienced.

The supporting cast in Just One of the Guys adds depth and entertainment to this comedic gem. Clayton Rohner plays Rick Morehouse, Terry's friend who helps her in her transformation. Billy Jacoby, as Buddy Griffith, Terry's brother, provides comedic relief with his quirky antics. The movie also features Sherilyn Fenn as Sandy, the beautiful girl who catches Terry's eye.

As Terry disguises herself as a guy, she encounters various hilarious and awkward situations. From locker room discussions to getting boxing lessons from her younger brother, Terry tries her best to fit into the male-dominated world she has entered. Through her experiences, Terry gains valuable insights into how boys interact and behave, shedding light on the many stereotypes that exist.

Just One of the Guys cleverly highlights the challenges faced by both genders. Terry discovers the expectations society places on young women to conform to certain roles and standards, while also witnessing the pressures boys face to fit into a certain masculine mold. The film effectively challenges these stereotypes, encouraging viewers to question societal norms and embrace individuality.

What makes Just One of the Guys truly timeless is its ability to find humor in uncomfortable situations while addressing important social issues. The film's blend of comedy, romance, and self-discovery resonates with audiences of all ages. It serves as a reminder that we should all be free to be who we are, regardless of societal expectations.

In addition to its engaging storyline and talented cast, Just One of the Guys also boasts an iconic soundtrack. The memorable songs from the movie transport viewers back to the 1980s, evoking a nostalgic sense of fun and adventure. From upbeat pop tunes to heartfelt ballads, the soundtrack perfectly complements the film's themes and overall atmosphere.

Whether you are a fan of 1980s cinema, hilarious comedies, or thought-provoking narratives, Just One of the Guys is a must-watch. Its memorable characters, witty dialogue, and crisp direction combine to create a truly enjoyable cinematic experience. The film's timeless message of self-acceptance and equality serves as a powerful reminder that, at the end of the day, it's not about fitting in or conforming, but about embracing our true selves.

If you want to relive the comedic magic and musical nostalgia of Just One of the Guys, you can now easily play and download the movie and its soundtrack online. So grab some popcorn, gather your friends, and immerse yourself in this 1980s gem that continues to entertain and inspire audiences today.

A are you busy Saturday night?
A blowjob?
A couple of guys hanging out in the men's room,
A girl would be crazy to turn you down.
A guy who has dedicated his life
A guy who is into James Brown?
A guy with a great sense of humor.
A hobby?
A long time ago, I knew this girl named Terry.
A lot of you have been giving me a lot of grief
A lot.
A nimrod!
A novel written by the earthling Salinger
A Pinto, dad's Skylark,
A real scum!
A summer job at the Sun Tribune. Think about it.
A tribute to you, Greg.
A word to the wise...
A zero!
About how you can be cool
About my article,
About neglecting you yesterday.
About the man behind the mess.
About the other night...
About this Sun Tribune journalism competition.
Actually, I'm a professional new kid.
After all you've done for me,
Ah, here she is.
Ah, New York City, live, Apollo Theater, 1962.
Ahh! Agh!
All balls itch. It's a fact.
All meet up at the cave tonight?
All men care about is sex.
All right, all right.
All right, everybody, up!
All right, Greg! Way to go, Greg!
All right, now move your feet apart.
All right, now, you've got to look tougher.
All right, shower squad!
All right, where is she?
All right!
All right.
All you transvestites are alike.
Always when I'm busy.
Am I invisible?
And a chauffeur.
And a fabulous boyfriend.
And a Schwinn.
And a sex life.
And almost as smart.
And award somebody a summer internship, okay?
And could he please wait for me in the car?
And for their minds.
And from those submitted by all of your pals
And go to the mall?
And here's to summer.
And I fell asleep in the closet.
And I just want you to know
And I practiced putting them out.
And I tried to deal with this myself, okay,
And I will never forget you
And I'd like to do something that I feel,
And I'll see what I have in the kitchen.
And I'm Cyndi Lauper.
And I'm going to start making friends...
And I'm going to submit it as a guy.
And I'm not leaving till I see her.
And I'm not too thrilled about any of them,
And I'm really stressed out!
And I'm sorry I misjudged you.
And I'm usually alone when I do it.
And if I don't go, he won't go with Deborah.
And is that all you care about, that I'm hot?
And it belongs at the Sun Tribune,
And it's pretty discouraging
And just because I'm... cute, no one takes me seriously.
And Louann has dedicated her centerfold
And pick a name at random.
And Roger Gibbler.
And she asks you about my girlfriend...
And she looks a lot like Chris Evert Lloyd.
And shit like that.
And Springsteen and Prince.
And tell Kevin I'm not quite ready,
And that be the way it is.
And the coefficient of Y
And the hardest working man in show business.
And the only reason
And then from those,
And then I had Terry Griffith,
And then I swear I'll shut up.
And then, one day, she disappeared.
And they were? Yes.
And today was a disaster, and I was a major geek,
And were transformed
And woman on earth,
And yet somehow you find the courage to go on living.
And you are my best friend.
And you are so clueless to, like...
And you believe him?
And you can use it to hold your earring on.
And you can't tell anyone,
And you know what?
And you know what's really sad is,
And you write well,
And you're late.
And you're so wonderful that...
And your friendship means so much to me
And your hairy chest.
And, uh, this year's prom king is...
Another good exercise for upper body strength...
Any friends I can find.
Any time, sis.
Anyway, Kevin will never find out.
Anyway, Kevina made me promise to tell you
Anyway, thanks for the fish.
Are you a virgin?
Are you new?
Aren't you a little embarrassed?
Around here
As long as Denise cooperates.
As long as I get to drive.
As us guys.
At a store.
At becoming journalists.
Aw, fix!
Back from the cult!
Back home.
Back rub in the bedroom?
Barbara does her physics homework buck naked
Be a model?
Be worth it.
Because I promised Rick,
Because I've asked everybody else.
Because it's going to get real exciting.
Because it's party time.
Because while you were up in the closet getting drunk,
Because you've been so honest up till now.
Because, uh, Terry,
Bend your knees and lift.
Benefit of the doubt.
Besides, models make some pretty nice bucks.
Besides, she's hung over.
Besides, the guy can lift cars.
Big improvement, huh?
Bowling, uh... Great game.
Bruce Schulman, Edward Zink,
Bud, what do you want?
Bud, why don't you take the subtle approach?
Buddy, can I borrow your army jacket?
Buddy, can I see you for a minute?
Buddy, I love a good party,
Buddy, why don't you just call the guys
Buddy, why'd you bring Kevin?
Buddy, you know I can't answer it.
Buddy, you're a nice guy.
Budmeister, are you okay?
Budster, are you all right?
Budster, I need you. She needs you.
Budster, listen to me.
Bunch of snotty rich kids.
But as you can see, I really am in a rush.
But don't worry, I put a buck's worth in...
But don't you think that it would be nice
But I can't send it to the Sun Tribune.
But I had to pick kids who've got a real shot
But I know I can do better.
But I still need something to tie it all together.
But I think I should go out with someone
But I think you're terrific,
But I'd love to see you try.
But I'll tell you what...
But I'm not too sure you have to go to school to do it.
But I've got until a week from Monday
But let's get serious.
But of course, that isn't the real problem here.
But once I turn on the charm, she's mine.
But something about you worries me.
But thanks anyway.
But that's not always enough.
But then I stayed, and I met you,
But they all thought I was a guy.
But this contest,
But this time...
But what the heck, you know,
But you can ask me out again.
But you do show promise.
But you don't have to do this
But, I mean, she talked to you.
But, man, this stuff is really boring.
But, uh... I didn't.
But, yeah, I got time.
By the prom.
Bye bye... Uh, scumbag.
Bye, Kevin.
Bye... guys.
Call me.
Can I be totally honest with you?
Can I be your younger brother?
Can I finish those fries?
Can I go to the restroom please?
Can I help you?
Can I talk to you for one brief moment?
Can I tell you a little story?
Can we define the word "anything"?
Can we talk about me now?
Can you come in here, please?
Can't you be alone when your parents are home?
Can't you ever just be man enough
Can't you hear what you're saying?