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Hunters - Season 1

Hunters - Season 1

Hunters, a thrilling television show released in 2020, takes viewers on an immersive journey into the dark world of Nazi hunters in 1970s America. Created by David Weil, this gripping series introduces us to an unlikely group of vigilantes who track down and eliminate hundreds of Nazis hiding in plain sight. Starring the immensely talented Al Pacino as Meyer Offerman, the leader of the Hunters, the cast also features Logan Lerman, Jerrika Hinton, and Josh Radnor, among others.

The show explores the haunting consequences of the Holocaust while interweaving gripping action, suspense, and dark humor. Each episode delves deeper into the intricate and bloody hunt for justice, blurring the lines between good and evil.

If you're captivated by the intense soundtrack that immerses you in the era and amplifies the tension, you can play and download the mesmerizing sounds of Hunters here. With a mix of iconic tunes and original compositions, the music perfectly complements the atmosphere and enhances the viewing experience.

A daughter.
A man pulled me out.
A missile?
A sign of what?
A vehicle to keep you safe and strong.
Abby doesn't want to turn herself in, this is her play.
Abby isn't dead. I was with her yesterday.
Abby's missing, Abby's dead, Abby's a something.
Abby's skin did the same thing.
Accelerated regrowth of your native mantle.
Accidents happen.
After a book I read when I was a kid.
After all these years, you came back to dredge up the past?
After the firefight, we were taken.
After what you just told me, I really should get going.
Agent Briggs, yes or no?
Agent Briggs.
Agent Regan of Homeland Security.
Ah, shit. Seriously?
Alba, Biel, or Jones?
All right so far?
All right, you're in shock.
All right.
All right. All right, all right.
All these years, you never once called.
All this weird stuff was happening.
Allison. What are you still doing up?
Allison's in a play this weekend.
An innocent.
An invaluable specimen to us.
And a hell of a hangover.
And arm's dealer who has access to long range missiles.
And arms dealer who has access to long range missiles.
And attempt a rescue mission.
And did you see it?
And he cleared it out after you failed to capture anyone.
And he said, Don't hate what you are.
And his entire family for that matter.
And his eyes are...
And I had every last one of his buyers in my pocket.
And I have nowhere else to house him now, do I?
And I know you saw it, too.
And I love you.
And I never forgot it, Allison, never.
And I'm off to one of my own.
And if he's not?
And if I don't come back and play, you're gonna contain me?
And it's what you are, too, isn't it?
And Lucas, he...
And Musa has been working with Viktor Karp,
And Musa has been working with Viktor Karp,
And my dad did this really corny thing.
And so help me if that Guano
And that's how you'll survive.
And then we'll talk about your father.
And these pictures are of non human subjects.
And they can survive a nuclear explosion.
And they have nuclear weapons.
And until you face it,
And until you find out what really happened, it will kill you.
And what about Regan's father?
And what if it affects me in the field?
And yet I'm the one you hate. You were born a Hunter!
And yet you ran away from the Hunt,
Angel, don't you worry your pretty little head about that.
Anything to do with speed.
Anything you'd like to say about what you've heard so far?
Are a part of me.
Are you comfortable?
Are you even hearing this?
Are you fit for duty?
Are you gonna hurt me?
Are you still getting direct orders
Are you still getting orders from her?
Are you two going to be able to work together?
As long as I'm alive, you're in danger.
Back it up! Back it up!
Bad things happen, I get it.
Be patient.
Be returned to you.
Beautiful wife, kids, this house.
Because Musa is planning a nuclear attack,
Because Musa is planning a nuclear attack.
Because you left when you should have died.
Before I let you back on the team.
Bless us and keep us all safe from harm.
Blind for them, too.
Bob drove off the road one night coming home late from work.
Bob made a terrible mistake, but he forgave himself.
Bob ordered you to go through that canyon.
Bob told you it was his call to take us through the canyon?
Bob, he's just trying to help.
Boys, stay inside!
Brecke may know why.
Brecke, no!
Brecke, what's happening?
Briefing in ten.
Briggs, any word on Karp?
Bring it on.
But after we found him, he opened up.
But Brecke, brother, I'm begging you.
But he was in a very weak physical state from the torture.
But I can now.
But I can't say the same for sleeping beauty.
But I got my daughter waiting for me.
But it isn't here.
But people can change.
But so was what we went through.
But the last couple weeks, I started seeing it, in nightmares,
But then I found these.
But there has been a cost.
But there is a question about whether he was, in fact, cooperating.
But you knew that already, didn't you?
But you've said this is like drugs,
But your father, we have him.
By a child showing off on the playground.
By turning her against her own kind?
Calm down. Pull yourself together.
Came at me pretty hard yesterday.
Can I ask you something?
Can I please just call my dad?
Can you please get down here?
Can you replicate the process without him?
Can you tell me who did this?
Can't push much else these days.
Careful, Agent Regan.
Carroll's in trouble.
Cockroaches are extraordinary creatures.
Come back for more, have you, tough guy?
Come back inside, we need to talk.
Come closer. It's been ten years since we've seen each other.
Come on, move, move!
Come on, soldier!
Come on!
Come on.
Come on. Spit it out, Guano.
Come with me, Agent.
Confirming Brecke's a Hunter,
Could even dream of. Imagine what we can learn from one another.
Crazy stunt, but no infection.
Cut mine off to match him, the lame son of a bitch.
Dad, don't.
Dad, no!
Dad, tell me the truth.
Dad, what have you done?
Damn it, stop lying to me.
Damn it! That's not good.
Dear Father,
Déjame verla.
Deliberate, then? Because of his wife?
Did it have a name?
Did mom fight for me?
Did my counselor leave?
Do better.
Do it.
Do not test me.
Doc says his blood alcohol level was 0.23.
Don't ask, don't tell, that's your policy?
Don't be late.
Don't know why they want him.
Don't let the Hunters take everything away from her, too.
Don't worry, once you crack this, you'll be back home, safe and sound.
Don't worry. Your daughter's not going anywhere.
Don't you, sweetie?
Dr. James can arrange counseling.
Easy, Jessica Jones all the way.
Emme does.
Emme does. You're all she has now.
Emme, I said I'm sorry.
Emme, I'm really sorry. I gotta take care of something.
Enriched lithium is a fuel source for nuclear warheads.
ETU is on the way. They'll find Katie's body.
ETU raided the offices last week.
Even though I knew what it meant...
Everything all right with Emme?
Except I'm still here and they're not.
Family first.
Farewell, my sweet.
Find out what really happened,
Finnerman keeps us guessing.
Finnerman said no, didn't she?
Finnerman's taking point on interagency cooperation.
First time I shot up, I was 16.
Flashes in my mind.
Florida, seriously?
Flynn never talks about his work with you?
Flynn told me.
Flynn, are you all right?
Flynn, come here.
Flynn, it's five hours and seven minutes since we spoke.
Flynn, it's five hours and seven minutes since we spoke.
Flynn, would you like to lead grace?
Flynn, you got a drug problem.
Flynn? Everything okay in there?
Flynn's cell pings at his home address.
For some scotch and a quick how ya doin'?
For you! I chose well.
Fostering human tendencies only confuses her.
From a dirt strip in Northern Mexico.
From Abby and the others.
From Assistant Secretary Finnerman?
From over there.
From the day you became Allison,
From there, you take a car to Brecke's home.
Full report on my desk by morning.
Generally, this wouldn't be fatal to a human form Hunter,
Get those kids out of here.
Get you a beer.
Get your boy toy Briggs to do your dirty work.
Give me what I want and I don't give a damn where you hold me.
Go back inside the house,
Go, Flynn, run.