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The Fountainhead (1949)

The Fountainhead (1949)

The Fountainhead is a film from 1949, directed by King Vidor and based on the eponymous novel by Ayn Rand. This thought-provoking drama explores the themes of individualism, capitalism, and the struggle to maintain creative integrity in a conformist society. Starring Gary Cooper as the enigmatic architect Howard Roark, the film delves into his uncompromising vision for innovative and original designs, all while battling against a collective mindset that seeks to suppress his individuality.

Opposite Cooper, Patricia Neal delivers a captivating performance as Dominique Francon, a complex and conflicted woman torn between her love for Roark and society's expectations. The chemistry between Cooper and Neal is electric, as their characters navigate a world that constantly challenges their beliefs and values.

Accompanied by a powerful score, The Fountainhead captures the essence of Rand's philosophical ideas and brings them to life on the silver screen. To immerse yourself in the soundscape of this remarkable film, you can play and download these sounds here.

A country house just for my wife and me.
A man abler than his brothers insults them by implication.
A man of integrity would do neither.
A model development for the whole world.
A temple to Dominique Wynand.
A totally selfless man.
A very interesting experiment.
A woman completely incapable of feeling.
After all, we're your board of directors. We have something to say.
After I'm gone, that building will be Gail Wynand.
After the kind of struggle you've had?
After two years of futile attempts to solve the problems involved...
All my things that you're keeping for me, I want you to burn them.
All my... My papers, my drawings, my contracts.
All our best architects have tried and failed.
All right, Howard.
All right, if that's what you want...
All right.
All right.
All right.
All right. Go on.
Alvah's column was a mess. I rewrote it.
Am I to understand you will choose Peter Keating?
An unpopular cause is dangerous business for anyone.
And a crusade against Wall Street.
And all those bills?
And he lifted darkness off the earth.
And he's maybe the most powerful man living.
And I felt it my duty to offer you my advice.
And I knew I'd never be in love.
And if I left the choice up to you?
And look at us now. Haven't you had enough of it?
And produces great big marble bromides.
And they keep growing every night.
And we must always compromise with the general taste. You understand that.
And what have you got to show for it?
And you must not tell him about us...
And you're not looking for ability, Mr. Wynand.
Any man who calls for me is my kind of man.
Anywhere, so long as I build my way.
Are you admitting defeat? Both of you?
Are you gonna leave me?
Are you reproaching me for the Banner?
Are you sure of it, Gail?
Are you waiting for something, Howard?
Arrest me. I'll talk at the trial.
Artistic value is achieved collectively...
As an expert in architecture, nothing else.
As one of our directors said, You can't expect us to stick our necks out.
Balconies? What for?
Because it's great.
Because it's not what I did.
Because we're old friends...
Before you leave him will you help me with a problem of my own?
Build it as a monument to that spirit which is yours and could've been mine.
But after all, we are your clients, and it's your job to serve us.
But Cortlandt Homes is to be the greatest of all housing projects.
But he fought for modern architecture...
But he left them a gift they had not conceived.
But I do not care ever to see you again.
But I don't think of you.
But I want to help you.
But I was afraid you wouldn't do an unimportant gas station...
But I was at the top. Why did I fall like that without any reason?
But I won't be there to see it happen.
But I'm in trouble. We need some excitement to boost circulation.
But it has achieved my purpose.
But it is precisely the self that cannot and must not be sacrificed.
But its appearance is not of any known style.
But now I believe nothing will take you away from me...
But since you know who I am, you'd better stop looking at me when I come here.
But surely you're not in favor of so called modern architecture?
But this is mine. Here I'm safe.
But to get things done, you must love the doing, not the people.
But we can't depart from the popular forms of architecture.
But what are we going to do?
But why shouldn't we have any say at all?
But you had no right to do this!
But you had years torn out of your life, wasted by the Banner.
But you haven't tried to find me in all these months.
But you knew that, of course. That's what you wanted me to live through.
But you may try if you wish.
But you used to say I was the greatest architect living.
But you were working like a convict in a granite quarry.
But you're not my only expert, Mr. Toohey. You have a rival.
But you're right. I was apologizing. You see, I need you.
But you've accepted my design.
But, Peter, do you imagine you could design Cortlandt?
By the time you come to trial, no jury will convict you.
Call up my office in the morning, and we'll sign the contract.
Can a man sacrifice his integrity his rights, his freedom...
Can I equal your courage, am I still afraid for you...
Can you wait a little longer?
Can your buildings stand by the side of his?
Certainly, Miss Francon.
Come in.
Come in.
Come inside.
Come on.
Come on.
Come on. Who designed Cortlandt?
Cortlandt Homes has to be the most brilliant product...
Dead things...
Design the kind of buildings everybody does, then you'll be rich, famous.
Didn't you know broken glass is dangerous?
Do the police believe that I was only an innocent bystander?
Do you know how much it means to me?
Do you know the big problem in housing? Economy.
Do you know what I was doing when you came in?
Do you remember?
Do you still want me to have dinner with you tonight?
Do you think I pick artworks by their signatures?
Do you think the Enright House is your beginning?
Do you think you could do that?
Do you want to end up this way?
Do you want to leave me?
Do you want to stand alone against the whole world?
Do you wish to call it that? I think it was a victory for both of us.
Do you wish to defy our common standards?
Dominique won't admit it, but she admires your buildings. She understands them.
Dominique, do you see why I love the Banner? I hold power.
Dominique, I would give you anything I owned...
Dominique, if I'm convicted...
Dominique, what is it?
Dominique, you look very beautiful tonight.
Don't be astonished, ask yourself, is there any reason for you to be at the top?
Don't be selfish. Besides, three minds are better than one.
Don't expect me to change it.
Don't forget that this is not a Wynand project.
Don't laugh. I can. I'll cook, I'll wash your clothes, I'll scrub the floor...
Don't offer me bribes. It's a battle I've waited for all my life.
Don't really care one way or another.
Don't say it.
Don't tell him. Say Gail did.
Don't try to, Mr. Wynand.
Don't you have to work?
Don't you know why?
Don't you see he doesn't have a chance against them?
Don't you see why I can't stand it now?
Don't you want to convince me?
Drive up to Cortlandt Monday night at 11:30.
Ellsworth Toohey got a confession from Peter Keating.
Ellsworth Toohey is very anxious to get the commission for Peter Keating.
Ellsworth, what are you after?
Ellsworth, you're wonderful.
Ever since I saw the Enright House, I knew you were the man I wanted.
Every horror and destruction...
Every new thought was opposed...
Everybody believes you were at the scene by accident.
Everybody had authority and nobody.
Everybody would say you're a fool.
Everyone will help you...
Everything I've built was stolen from you and men like you before us.
Everything was against you. How'd you break through?
Everything we have, every great achievement...
Far from the city. I bought the land. A place in Connecticut, 500 acres.
Father let me have his house all to myself.
For a popular newspaper, it's suicide!
For all the years we'll have to wait.
For any reason you care to imagine.
For once, I'll fight for what I believe.
For the same reason you've been staring at me.
For the same reason you've been staring at me.
Forgive me.
Freedom: to want nothing, to expect nothing, to depend on nothing.
Further, you are instructed that the extent of the monetary loss...
Gail Wynand gives people what they ask for:
Gail Wynand's Banner the foulest newspaper on earth.
Gail, are you out of your mind, defending that...?
Gail, don't give in to them. Don't give in.
Gail, Gail, it's no use.
Gail, give me back my old job.
Gail, if you'll stand by him today...
Gail, is this an obsession?
Gail, what are we gonna do? I can't get anyone.
Generally, there are three kinds of marble: The white, the onyx and the green.
Get me an ambulance.
Get your Banner. Read all about it.
Get your morning Banner. Read all about it.
Give in or close the Banner.
Give in. Compromise. Compromise now.
Give me all of them.
Give me that paper.
Gives me the creeps. Looks just like slabs in the cemetery.
Go ahead.
Go ahead. Try it. You'll find that you can't sue us.
Go home, Peter.
God gave you eyes and a mind to use. If you fail to do so, the loss is yours not mine.
Good afternoon, Miss Francon. How are you?
Good evening, Miss Francon. You sent for me?
Good heavens, no.
Good luck.
Good night.
Good night.
Great men can't be ruled.
Guess nobody buys the Banner anymore.
Had I been in town, I'd have done the same.
Has any other client come to you?
Has he? That's a right I'll never grant to anyone on earth.
Have that run off and set up on tomorrow's front page.
Have you studied the floor plans of the house?
Haven't you always fought for his work?
Haven't you ever loved anyone?
He claims that man is only a tool for the use of others...
He comes on earth unarmed.
He could afford to be generous. I don't accept generosity.
He deals with men by free exchange and voluntary choice.
He doesn't care about that but stand by him.
He held his truth above all things and against all men.
He knows he's won.
He lived for himself...
He must be nothing but a tool for the satisfaction of their needs.
He must not aspire to any virtue which cannot be shared.
He served nothing and no one.
He wants to bind all men together in common action and common slavery.