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O Brother, Where Art Thou? (2000)

O Brother, Where Art Thou? (2000)

O Brother, Where Art Thou? is a highly acclaimed film directed by the Coen brothers and released in 2000. Set in Depression-era Mississippi, it follows three escaped convicts, Ulysses Everett McGill (played by George Clooney), Pete Hogwallop (played by John Turturro), and Delmar O'Donnell (played by Tim Blake Nelson), on their quest for hidden treasure. The movie brilliantly combines comedy, adventure, and musical elements.

The soundtrack of O Brother, Where Art Thou? is phenomenal, featuring traditional folk and bluegrass music from the 1930s. It showcases remarkable artists like Alison Krauss, Emmylou Harris, Gillian Welch, the Soggy Bottom Boys (a fictional band led by Clooney's character), and many more. You can experience the soul-stirring sounds of this film by playing and downloading the soundtrack here.

A 9,000 hectare lake.
A couple of steaks
A lot of people like that reform.
A miracle.
A road fraught with peril.
A third of a gopher would only arouse my appetite
A toad.
After that, it'll be at the bottom of a lake.
Against the Soggy Bottom Boys
Ain't going to be no wedding.
Ain't gonna paddle it. Gonna kick it. Real hard.
Ain't no one gonna pick up three filthy, unshaved hitchhikers.
Ain't that right, little fella?
Ain't you ever heard of amor fidelis?
Ain't you ever heard of negotiatin'?
Ain't you, boys?
All except for our accomp... our accomp...
All except for our accompanist.
All right, boys, follow my lead.
All right, boys, we got the scent.
All right, boys!
All the money in a bag.
All you boys is miscegenated!
All's well that ends well, some poet said.
Allow me to introduce myself.
Almost loved up, though.
Aloysious'll just have to sign Xs.
Already lit out.
Amor Fidel... is.
And a forge and some shoein' impedimenta
And a little leftover besides.
And about life in general.
And all my meals for free.
And all the staff say Yes, sir and...
And banished from Woolworths.
And Big Dan sells the only book that's got 'em.
And by way of endorsing my candidacy,
And consumed in a fire, and whipped no end,
And dilution
And don't try nothin' fancy.
And even with lunch under my belt,
And from all those smart ass folks say we come descended from monkeys.
And furthermore...
And God almighty.
And he carries a hay fork.
And he told you to go to Tishomingo?
And he'd sure appreciate it, if you ate his farina
And heaven everlasting's my reward.
And I can get my wife back, and we can get out of here.
And I have it from the highest authority
And I have traveled many a weary mile
And I have... No! Hey!
And I like the smell of my hair treatment.
And I say if their rambunctiousness
And I'm Delmar O'Donnel.
And I'm feeling 10 feet tall!
And I'm here to sack the city ltta Bena!
And In a jiffy, Pete.
And it is that which I propose
And lightning from my fingertips!
And look what it's...
And misdemeanoring is behind them...
And nary the inclination
And no transmission belt for 2 weeks neither.
And not given to acts of pointless sentimentality.
And of our old time religion.
And one of them a know it all who can't keep his trap shut.
And our women.
And our women.
And powers of persuasion.
And remember,
And remember, Jesus saves,
And retie the knot, mixaphorically speaking.
And so...
And some gratine potatoes
And stay out of Woolworth's!
And sunstroked, and soggied.
And sweep this state clean!
And that's the goddamn problem right there.
And the preacher said that that sin's been washed away, too.
And these boys here,
And these here are the Soggy Bottom Boys
And they's convicts, folks.
And turned into a frog.
And turned me in for the bounty.
And Uncle Ratliff?
And wash it down with some of your finest bubbly wine.
And we get a little smellum in our hair,
And we was beat up by a bible salesman
And you have eluded me
And you tell your friends!
And your time with me will not have been ill spent.
And, oh, so many startlements.
And, well, you three ladies are about the...
Any of you boys know your way around a Walther P.P.K?
Any of you boys smithies?
Any other wedding band wouldn't do.
Are swingin' him by the tail.
Aw, shh shh. Hang on!
Been what, 12, 13 years?
Before I can start thinking about that.
Before it chokes out
Before straitened circumstances forced you into a life of aimless wanderin'?
Believe me, Delmar, a woman is the most fiendish
Believe me, Delmar, he would have wanted us to press on.
Bet we could talk this thing out.
Born to raise hell.
Boy, that was some mighty fine a pickin' and a singin'.
Boys, we was chained together.
Breakin' out our own midget.
Busting out alone was not an option.
But fear not the obstacles in your path,
But featherbeds and silk sheets.
But George Nelson withdraws!
But how'd he know about the treasure?
But I don't think nothing's gonna save me now.
But I would like to address your general attitude of hopeless negativism.
But if that ain't the consensus view,
But if you just stick with me,
But it does put me in a damned awkward position
But me and Pete here been saved.
But that's the way it seems to be working out.
But the great Satan hisself
But the old tactician has got a plan.
But the plain and simple fact is that we got close to...
But there was witnesses seen us redeemed.
But there's a fella in there who'll pay you $10,
But to smoke you out.
But try finding a decent hair jelly.
But we're open to others as well.
But you ain't bona fide.
But, Pappy, they's integrated.
Buying nipples.
By the power vested in me
Can't beat 'em, join 'em.
Can't you see it, Everett?
Can't... stand much longer.
Cannot afford four more years of Pappy O'Daniel!
Care for some gopher?
Careful with that fire, now, boys!
Chasing a rabbit through yours truly.
Clean government is yours for the asking!
Colored fellas, I believe.
Come and get us, coppers!
Come on in, boys. The water is fine.
Come on, boys, we're going for the record.
Come on, get it! Go!
Come on. I'm a friend of the little man.
Come Tuesday,
Compensating for their lack of sight,
Consider the lilies of the goddamn field.
Corn liquor.
Couldn't say.
Cow killer!
Cow road that used to lead all the way...
Crazy! No one's ever going to believe we're a real band.
Daddy? He ain't our daddy.
Damn his eyes!
Damn it, I had to bust out.
Damn it, I wasn't hit by any train!
Damn it.
Damn, they found our car.
Damn, we got to skedaddle.
Damn! We're in a tight spot!
Damn! We're in a tight spot!
Damn! We're in a tight spot.
Deceitful, two faced she wolf.
Delmar, come on. Go.
Delmar, don't be ignorant.
Delmar, what are you talkin' about?
Delmar, what the...
Delmar. Over here.
Delmar's been saved.
Did he just say little Wharvey gals?
Didn't have no plan.
Didn't know you'd be bringing a friend.
Do a little politicking?
Do you have the Soggy Bottom Boys
Do... not...
Do... not... seek the treasure.
Do... not... seek the treasure.
Do... not... seek... the treasure.
Don't be crazy, Tommy.
Don't be saps for Pappy.
Don't forget your shoe box, friend.
Don't I know it.
Don't matter how stumpy!
Don't mind telling you I'm awful pleased
Down at the Indianola Savings and Loan.
Election held tomorrow,
End of lesson.
End of the road, boys.
Enticements of power, wealth, et cetera.
Especially to work for a man who lacks moral fiber.
Eudora, from out of Greenwood, doin' a little number
Even amongst the colored?
Even if it did put you square with the Lord,
Even unto your salvation.
Everett, my beard itches.
Everybody's lookin' for answers.
Everyone knows I'm a friend of the farmer.
Everything's gonna be put on electricity and run on a paying basis.
Except prison food, gopher, and a little greasy horse.
Excuse me.
Fact of the matter is there never was.
Fate was a smilin' on me. You just have to have confidence.
Finding one little ring in the middle of all that water
Finest governor we ever had in Mississippi.
First you must travel
Folks, here's my cousin Ezra's niece,
Folks, now the little Wharvey gals!
For a good used auto voiture
For Delmar's and Pete's.