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Abbreviations count in scrabble they don't
Alright alright third times the charm
Ask her tonight with me
Complicated the flowers and the romance and the lies upon lies
Don't worry you'll be fine
Enough with the question
Excellent excellent
Except my genetic material
Experiment your life story
For run beautiful night I knew what it was to be a grandmother subjugated yet honored
For you my friend anything
Give it to me straight professor is it's been rocked it spin rod isn't it tell me it's not
Give me the
His desire to native feeling
How do I look
How was your day
I am normal
I have no idea
I just wanna talk it does nothing to do with anything
I'll show you how normal I am
I'm a doctor
I'm confused
I'm feeling last night thank you
I'm going to go workout with the nautilus
I've performed a few mercy killings
Is you catch my drift
It's been years since medical school so remind me disemboweling in your species fatal or non fatal
It's filled from this
Last big
Much better
No one will ever want to mate with me
Now what seems to be the trouble
Of all the slimy grows crab monsters on this planet you are apparently the hottest
Of course i'm doing a rational i'm in love
Or maybe a doctor
Really I thought you were the rabbit
Remember from high school
Shut up
That's nude baby
Then the illusion is complete
This love intrigues me teach me to fake it
Tried to the death
Watt now there's a bird involved
Well what's the point
Who's going to have guy now
Why would I wanna know
With an erotic displayed
Yo yo yo what's up what's up give up the rock
You're right nice tingle and this week
Zoidberg | Futurama Sounds Sound
Zoidberg | Futurama Sounds Sound