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NSFW Audio: Use caution, some sounds may be offensive
A plane
Absolutely no way and that's final
And don't call me peter that's my slave name
And what do they do with the regular K and for that matter whatever happened to K ballad you know if you said mallett and you had a cold it would sound like valley
Anyone I could watch it up there it is again
Are you crazy
At the center of the earth
Can I get chester thing
Damn it
Error is show you
From now on call me kichwa tembo
Fuck i'm sorry buddy I can't turn it off
Go on
God I suppose doing the exact opposite couldn't hurt
Good morning
Guess where i'm calling from
Hey at you richard simmons best friend richard simmons
Hey have you richard simmons
Hey hey hey
Hey how's it going
Hey thank you richard simmons
Hi i'm a peter griffin
I don't hear anything
I want an apology and some rice crispy treats
I wish I could see what kelly ripa was like off the ship
I wish I had my own theme music
I'll tell you what you can do you fire that sexy interesting version of our daughter and make us a family again
I'm a foreign diplomat I don't pay for drinks did you think G gordon liddy paid for his drinks while he was strangling people with piano wire for the good of our nation
Idea peter griffin my friends call me peter for short
Indeed mister progress his job back
Kichwa tembo
Nate griffin
No i'm peter griffin
Oh god
Oh now I get a fat but I don't know which way to lean
Oh that's easy
Oh yeah it was a big man now
Out out of funniest thing happened at work today
Peter griffin
Peter Griffin Sounds Sound
Peter Griffin Sounds Sound
Robert E lee
So what you saying the only way to make the world right is for me to kill someone
South crap i'm stuck in his stash
Thank you
That's it i'm calling the cops
That's not true
That's right
The current sequences could be dire
The hell does rap mean
Well i'm getting something really special too and and buy special I don't mean special like that climate boy down the street more special like like special K cereal
Well i'm just exhausted 'cause i've been up all night drinking
Well it's about time
Well mount time for me to be hitting the old dusty trail
Well, Richard Simmons, how's it going?
What a big boneless short khiam
What about me
What are you talking about i'm a born leader
Yeah help me print these bitch
Yeah I get out a little bastard
Yeah I guess not
Yeah that's
Yeah yeah
Yeah yeah I know you're a feminist and I think that's adorable but this is grown up time
Yeah you know what screw the kids will make it out to pee dick
You know what i'm getting at
You made me cry
You're right it