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Breaker breaker come in earth this is rocket ship twenty seven aliens fucked over the carbon is number four i'm going to try to re flocculated land on juniper hopefully got some space weed over
But you make my words i'm going to get my grade ten and everybody else can just catch a boat to fuck off the land
Get two birds stoned at once
Holy fuck reagan 's so those furry little bitch is urging the fucking me over a kids
How to get burn stains atake keep ants
I just don't know how to express myself sometimes when I need to be properly different fuck
I just don't understand investments tools that
Just remember he comes around is all around
Now we can go to the library and get a book on horvat culture
Oh you nobody wants to admit the non cans of ravioli but I did i'm ashamed of myself
OK no right now sources for on the cross but i'm fucking pissed off
Pussy control earthquake blue three or something
Same some of those sweet and power chicken things
Sort of fuck is that stealing what do you own space no nacer dead
The fastest way to get mine you steal a bank machine it doesn't take rocket appliances to realize all you gotta do is take a fucking chain hook it up to a truck and yet the fucking back but she doe...
The other thing is it's a catch twenty three situation
Then he passed with flying fucking care if it's
There with me is it
We've got to hang out with you guys and how are you but apparently it's clear to see who makes the pants here
What in the fuck are you dressed up like a bow before and what do you look at indianapolis jones
What kind of person say a total so you know what the code is so a fuckin attota so
With julie doesn't grow on burnham alright