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NSFW Audio: Use caution, some sounds may be offensive
A junior western bacon chee
All right
Alright cherries jubilee and that's it
Also a small seasoned curlies
And give me four chicken mcnuggets
And i'm going to go with a filet of fish sandwich
Better closer warmer
Can I have a junior western bacon chee
Check it out
Cock pushups
Come again
Do you have any money
Don't you have something to say
Dude listen
Fuck my ass what else
Fuck you
Fucking talk chaos
Get on top honey
Give it to me
God i'm fucking hungry let me check the fridge
Gotta lose some of the weight
Hard fucking
How much is that sir
How's it going
I just wanted to say hi
I lost my wallet
I love you
I want you
I win one did nothing
I'm just wanting to for nugget thing i'm trying to watch my calorie intake
I've been doing cock pushups
Jack Black 2 Sounds Sound
Jack Black 2 Sounds Sound
Jack Black 2 Sounds Sound
Josh shut up
Just can you give me just four nuggets
Knee baby me
No way
Now if you could take a coca-cola and just go half coca-cola half diet coke
Now you finish your insult mister days of our lives
Please don't don't offer me anything i'll tell you what I want
Put for chicken mcnuggets up your ass
Put them up your ass
Put two of them up your ass
See instead I can simple
Shouldn't affect me so hard
Shut up
Shut up
Shut up and listen to my order
Slow down slow down
Take the six nuggets and throw two of them away
That's where you fucking lay down flat on the ground and then you let your boner lift you up off the ground
Think about it man
Trying to watch my figure
Trying to watch my figure
Usually give a shit
What are you doing
What the fuck
What's funny
Wow man
Yeah hold on a second i'm looking at the menu
Yeah one is all you need
Yeah um
You cock sucker
You fucker yeah fucking bitch
You fucking dick
You fucking shit
You know how you got the six piece nuggets
You know what I was thinking
You piece of shit