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Aim Bot Activated - Lady
Aim Bot Activated - Old Man
Aimbot Activated - Kid
Ban hammer is ready
Brb Grab Beer
BRB Pee Pee
Don't Make Me Discconect you
Eat Glue
Ella Doing Ella Things
Feelin like tommy (short)
Feeling like tommy!
Fornite - Best Mates Sound Effect
Fornite - Boogie Bomb Sound Effect
Fortnite - Death Sound Effect
Fuze the Hostage
Get Mercked
Get Schwifty
Get Wrecked
Gigantic Shit
Good Game Team
Good Job Billy
Good Job Father
Good Luck
Good Luck youll need it
Goodbye Gang bang
Got you bro, these kids are scrubs
Hands up don't shoot
Hey girl erector set
Hey Randy
I love you
I'll Wait
I'm watching you
Invite Squad up
Its Ok
Its your boy Ubisoft
Kiss my p!ss
Leave Jane Alone
Let's play a game!
Not my real father
Praise Lord Tachanka
Ready to kill noobs
Recruit Rush
Rook Mine!
Servers are Stable Today
Shut the fk up
Sorry Buddy
Sorry guys
Sup my ****a
Taste your tears
Tea bag tea bag
Team Killing Time
Thank you
This guy fcks
This is my Voice
Ubisoft Servers, All hail!
Vote to Kick
Whats up guys
You took my kill!
1 v 1 Me Scrub