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Are we gonna get that or wait for commercial
Aw I suppose
Call me back
Don't go
Every second of every day
Found it
Good evening i'm tom tucker
Gotta get the energy up
I appreciate your offer but
I just wanna thank you
I quit my job to come here
I thought you drive a fancier car
I tried to make a career in holywood
I wish i'd known that then
I'm michael myers pt1
I'm michael myers pt2
I'm tom tucker
If you guys are a family
Last time we saw you
Lets go home
Life after halloween 4 pt1
Life after halloween 4 pt2
Life after halloween 4 pt3
Life after halloween 4 pt4
Life after halloween 4 pt5
Maybe this was all a mistake
Michael myers
Of course
Oh this is live
Our top story
Our top story tonight
Sorry doesn't cut it
That's nice offer
The reason i'm wearing this mask
Tom tucker
We don't talk about that on the air
Well I am
What do you want
What the hell is going on here
You are
You are one hell of an agent
You bet ya
You talk now I don't wanna even open my mouth