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Mgs Snake Soundboard

Mgs Snake Soundboard

Snake soundboard from Metal Gear Solid with over 80 of his best quotes

Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
Are you there?
Call me if you find out
Can you hear me
Codec call pt1
Codec call pt2
Destroy the pal system
Disposal facility
Do you still hate me
Does the name deepthroat mean anything
Easy for you to say
First person view isn't working
Give me a break
Go ahead
Got it
Hell with you
Help pt1
Help pt2
Help pt3
Help pt4
Help pt5
How do you know that
How you doing
How's it going
How's the opertation going
I didn't know
I don't have time left
I don't know
I'd like to know
I'll call if im lonely
I'm glad to hear that
I'm not a fool
Is that all you care about
Is the transition being monitored
Is there something you're still hiding from me
It's snake
Liquid snake
Listen to me
Lonely pt1
Lonely pt2
Lonely pt3
Lonely pt4
Lonely pt5
Metal gear pt1
Metal gear pt2
Metal gear pt3
Metal gear pt4
Metal gear pt5
No i'm serious
No problem
No thanks to you
No way
On the roof
Please talk to me
Ravens around here
Sniper rifle pt1
Sniper rifle pt2
So what
Stay out of my way
Stop playing dumb
That would be nice
That's funny
That's my codec
That's pretty gloomy
There's nobody here pt1
There's nobody here pt2
Thing to kill me
This is no game
This is snake
This isn't first grade math class
Thst's why it's so big
We're nothing more than dogs
What are you doing here
What are you talking about
What did you say
What happened here
What is this place
What's going on here
What's up
What's your point
Who are you
Who the hell are you
Why not tell us sooner
Why should i
You can say that again
You double crossed me
You know great quotes
You sound like a doctor
You're excited
2nd floor basement