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NSFW Audio: Use caution, some sounds may be offensive
A better lover than a driver huh
A construction plan of epic proportions
A deal's a deal
A fine time for a drink eddie
A human has been murdered by a toon
A hundred bucks that's ridiculous! so's the job
A joke don't sit there on your brain
A little more wine
A man!
A near miss but this miss says that's as good as a smile
A new outfit bought the red car
A rabbit a toon rabbit about yea big
A story of greed sex and murder
A toon killed his brother dropped a piano on his head
A toon killed my brother
A toon no
A tweeting bird
A tweeting bird (2)
A vehicle of my own design
Acme disappearing reappearing ink
Ah gotcha
Ah no! ahh!
Ah poor fella ha ha
Ah that's better
Ah well that wasn't so bad was it
Ahh! oh! eee!
All I did was take a couple of lousy pictures
All I remember was he was standin' over me laughin' with those burnin' red eyes and that high squeaky voice
All right all right you got your 100 bucks
All right weasels grab some sky or i'll let the judge have it! you heard me I said drop it
All right ya mugs fall out
All the times I yanked your ears
All the times you yanked my ears
And although I know it's strictly taboo
And don't let me catch your peepin' face around here again! got it
And doom pulled the trigger
And get him out of there or seal him up in it!
And how about those brooklyn dodgers
And I think they'll enjoy attending the ribbon cutting at the acme factory
And incidentally if you should ever need a ride just stick out your thumb
And say lunch! that's lunch we're on a half
And the parts that I don't like i'm gonna edit out
And this is the rope from the safe that was dropped on acme
And this wittle piggy had
And unless mr acme's will shows up by midnight tonight cloverleaf is gonna own toontown
And wonderful wonderful billboards reaching as far as the eye can see!
Any film in there
Anything I can do
Anyway this guy got away with a zillion simoleons
Apology accepted put 'er there pal I feel better
Are they bums or what
Are you sure come on kid are you sure you didn't see anything what about you fella
As for you valiant step out of line and we'll hang you and your laundry out to dry
Ay caramba! aah!
Baby was right
Back in those days me and teddy liked working toontown
Back to the office
Be careful with that gun this ain't no cartoon you know
Because they were still looking for it after they killed him
Before poor marvin acme was killed he confided in me that doom wanted to get his hands on toontown and he wouldn't stop at anything
Behind you!
Believe it kid I took the pictures myself
Benny eddie we got company!
Benny is that you
Benny is that you (2)
Benny look out for the red car!
Benny there's cops right behind us!
Benny you go for the cops i'm gonna save my wife
Better than goofy
Blackmail that's all!
Blecch! for starters don't ever kiss me again!
Blech! bleah!
Blown away #wow #blown away #smitten #aghast #jaw drop #mesmerized #impressive #applause
Boy did you see that nobody takes a wallop like goofy
Boy i'm ready dukes up eyes peeled ears to the ground
Boy nothin'
Boy that acme what a genius!
Boy what is this some kind of a secret room
Bring me some dip
Broke my arm
But break his heart he goes to pieces just like you or me
But cloverleaf wouldn't buy my property unless acme sold them his
But how do you know
But I already have a good man
But I don't want the drink
But I still got it eddie boop boop be doop boop!
But I wanna drive!
But i'm a toon toons are supposed to make people laugh
But she wasn't in her dressing room so I wrote her a love letter
But the weasels were there waiting for me so so I ran
But this is how we handle things down in toontown
Bye bye!
C d e f g h i
Can we lose the playback please
Can you guess what this is
Can you help me find him just name your price and i'll pay it
Careful dave
Celebrating #who framed roger rabbit #celebrate #cheers #honor #pay tribute to
Chilly willy or screwy squirrel
Cigars cigarettes
Come my dear jessica come over here I got everything arranged right here on the bed
Come on boys let's am scray
Come on don't cry I don't hate you
Come on eddie get in!
Come on eddie I caught you with your pants down!
Come on eddie just let's go please!
Come on eddie let's get out of here!
Come on eddie let's get this over with
Come on eddie where's your sense of humor
Come on eddie you're my only hope
Come on eddie! quit playing around!
Come on get out of here! come on out!
Come on get the lead out move it would ya move it!
Come on hurry up! come on sig! hurry up!
Come on roger let's go home i'll bake you a carrot cake
Come on roger! get me out of here!
Come on yeah
Come on you don't believe a painted hussy like that could turn my head
Come on you mugs
Come on!
Come on! i've got to make a livin'!
Come to lena!
Cookie (2)
Cookie (3)
Cookie (4)
Cookie ahh
Crazy toon
Cut it out angelo
Cut the comedy dolores i've had a very hard day
Cut! all right that's it guys cut cut cut cut cut!
Dabblin' in watercolors eddie
Dames what dames jessica is the only one for me!
Dave you're gonna drop it!
Dear jessica how do I love thee let me count the ways
Dear jessica how do I love thee let me count the ways one one thousand two one thousand three one thousand
Did you find the rabbit
Did you get all my stuff
Didn't you used to be eddie valiant
Do hereby bequeath in perpetuity the property known as toontown to those lovable characters the toons!
Do they have the will or not
Do you think your days of being a sourpuss are over
Does anybody understand what this duck is saying
Does the condemned have anything to say before his sentence is carried out
Does this answer your question
Does this help
Doggone stubborn nitwit! that did it!
Dolores a bourbon and make it a double
Dolores dolores! dolores!
Don't burn yourself baby herman
Don't bust a button dolores you've only got one left
Don't just stand there help them put them in my car
Don't let 'em find me!
Don't make us play rough valiant
Don't move
Don't tell me you lost your sense of humor already
Don't worry judge
Don't you appreciate the magnitude of that
Doom grabbed your wife and valiant and took 'em to the acme factory
Doom! (gun shots)
Drink the drink!
Drop it lady!
Dropped a piano on us from 15 stories
Duh toontown right on the other side of the wall boss
Dum dums
Eddie hurry! it's coming back!
Eddie there's dip everywhere! how are we gonna get down
Eddie valiant you're under arrest
Eddie valiant!
Eddie valiant! (2)
Eddie we got ourselves a ride! open the doors!
Eddie we're goin' backwards turn us around give me the wheel give me the wheel!
Eddie! do something! hurry up eddie! do something!
Eh what's up doc
Eight lanes of shimmering cement running from here to pasadena
Enough to dip toontown off the face of the earth!
Every toon knows acme had a will he promised to leave toontown to us toons
Everybody knows when a toon's in trouble there's only one place to go valiant and valiant
Everybody's got to have a hobby
Everything's funny to you ain't it needle nose
Except when I opened the envelope there was only a blank piece of paper inside
Excuse me toots
First they buy the red car then they want to get their hands on toontown
Fish special
Follow me
For cryin' out loud roger!
For crying out loud mike!
Forget it I don't work toontown
Freeway what the hell's a freeway
From the looks of it i'd say it was roger
Gee (2)
Gee better let him have it bugs
Gee whiz eddie if you needed money so bad why didn't you come to me
Get out of here
Get out of here give me some money too
Get out of here give me some money too (2)
Get out of here!
Get out of that chair! that's my brother's chair
Get out of there!
Get out!
Get out! (2)
Get the judge
Get this straight meatball I don't work for toons!
Get up! come on
Glad teddy's not here to see me running away with my tail between my legs
Go ahead call the cops I come here for help and what do you do you turn me in
Going up sir
Good bye eddie my offer stands firm think about it
Good bye my darling good bye!
Good work boss
Gosh uh I wonder who he really was
Got a thing for rabbits huh
Got the password
Gotcha kid
Great thanks
Great thanks phew
Hand it over
Happy trails