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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
A cadaver from which all four limbs had been amputated
A definite connection as far as dr keller and myself
A lot of good the extra daylight does us
A radio!
A white house spokesman in announcing this conference says there will be an official announcement as soon as possible following that meeting
A widespread investigation of reports from funeral homes morgues and hospitals has concluded that the unburied dead are coming back to life and seeking human victims
After we get the gas and get back into the house then we'll worry about getting everybody into the truck
After you toss the cocktails you hustle back down here and lock this door
Again we join with law enforcement agencies in urging you to seek shelter in a building
Ah things aren't going too bad men are taking it pretty good
All but a few spots upstairs they won't be hard to fix
All law enforcement agencies and the military have been organized to search out and destroy the marauding ghouls
All persons who die during this crisis from whatever cause will come back to life to seek human victims unless their bodies are first disposed of by cremation
All radio and tv stations across the eastern part of the country including the one to which you are listening have joined their facilities in an emergency network to bring you this news as it develops
All right go ahead down and give 'em a hand
All right hit him in the head right between the eyes
All right now you tell me
All right send a wagon through directly over
All right steve tell 'em we're going to stay with it and everything appears to be under control
All right why don't we settle this
And as soon as they know we're here this place is gonna be crawling with them
And have determined that none of this kind of mass murder has yet been reported west of the mississippi river except in the extreme southeastern portion of texas
And he said can I have some candy barbra and we didn't have any
And he wouldn't let me go he ripped
And I got so afraid I ran I ran I ran
And I i went up to this man and I was going to apologize
And I laughed at him and said johnny stop it
And I looked up and and I said good eve and he grabbed me he grabbed me! and he ripped at me!
And I said johnny if you'd gotten up earlier we wouldn't be late
And i'm telling you those things turned over our car
And if we do decide to stay down there we'll need some things from up here
And johnny didn't come we've got we have to wait for johnny
And judy had a radio and we heard the first reports about this
And so this incredible story becomes more ghastly with each report
And then johnny came and he ran and he he fought this man
And then johnny ran away
And then this man started walking up the road
And there's a key on here that's labeled for the gas pump out back
And they talk about these windows
And we got windows to see what's going on outside
And you wouldn't come up and help
Anybody would know somebody's in need of help
Anyhow that's where I found that truck I have out there
Are they slow moving chief yeah they're dead they're all messed up
As soon as we get to willard we'll call them they might even be there
At least up here you have a fighting chance
At this hour they report the level of the mysterious radiation continues to increase steadily
At this hour we repeat these are the facts as we know them
Baby it's mommy
Be cautious of any suspicious strangers and keep tuned to your radio and television for survival instructions and further details of this continuing story
Because if I stay up here i'm fighting for everything up here and the radio and the food is part of what i'm fighting for
Because of the obvious threat to untold numbers of citizens and because of the crisis which is even now developing this radio station will remain on the air day and night
Before we go out we'll put some supplies behind the cellar door
Being monitored closely by scientists at all the radiation detection stations
Ben doesn't know anything about that stuff
Bill i'm gonna check the office see what's happening
Boy there's no one around well it's late if you'd gotten up earlier
Boy you sure are no use at all are you
But down in the cellar there's no place to run to I mean if they did get in there'd be no back exit we'd be done for
But down there with no windows if a rescue party did come we wouldn't even know it
But first let me stress the importance of seeking medical attention for anyone who's been injured in any way
But that'll leave a door open someplace
But the cellar is the strongest place
But there there's lots of places we can run to up here
But up here all these windows why we'd never know where they were gonna hit us next
But we're safe in here for how long honey we're safe now but there's gonna be more and more of those things
But why do you have to go out there
But you'll be all right for now okay okay
Butler county pennsylvania the butler county sheriff has verified that reports of murder victims being partially eaten by their slayers is true
By now it was like a moving bonfire
By now there were no more screams
Chief as soon as you're finished can I see you here yeah okay
Chief do you think we'll be able to defeat these things
Chief if I were surrounded by six or eight of these things would I stand a chance with them
Chief mcclelland how is everything going
Civil defense authorities have told newsmen that murder victims show evidence of having been partially devoured by their murderers
Civil defense machinery has been organized to provide rescue stations with food shelter medical treatment and protection by armed national guardsmen
Civil defense officials in cumberland have told newsmen that murder victims show evidence of having been partially devoured by their murderers
Come ahead with the motorcycle please let's go! that's the way!
Come on honey we gotta move
Come on honey you're starting to sound like mr cooper now
Come on let's get outta here come on come on! my jacket's caught
Come on! this key won't work
Consistent reports from witnesses to the effect that people who acted as though they were in a kind of trance were killing and eating their victims
Cooper! cooper!
Could have happened to have a bearing on it it does seem to have a bearing on it
Could that radiation be somehow responsible for the wholesale murders we're now suffering
Could've been those things for all we knew
Damn thing
Demanding shelter and protection from the wholesale murder which apparently is engulfing much of the nation
Destructive action taken with regard to the venus probe
Did she ask for me
Did you hear me when I told you they turned over our car
Didn't know if the truck was going to explode or what
Do not venture outside for any reason until the nature of this crisis has been determined and until we can advise what course of action to take
Do this for me okay
Do you feel there is a connection between this and the phenomenon
Do you have any answers at this time
Do you live here
Do you remember one time when we were small we were out here
Do you understand okay okay
Doctor please I thought we decided that is not proved yet
Does anyone up there know why we're being attacked
Don't be afraid of me
Don't look at it
Don't worry about him I can handle him
Don't you know what's going on out there this is no sunday school picnic
Don't you understand my brother is alone!
Dr grimes your entire staff I know has been working very hard to find some solution to these things that are happening
Each year we spend good money on these things
Efforts to keep track of the murder reports by the placing of markers on a map seem to indicate a general spreading from the extreme southeastern united states to the north and west
End quote that's chief dunmore of camden north carolina
Everything is all right for now i'll be back to reinforce the windows and doors later
Everything is being done that can be done
Everything will be all right
First eyewitness accounts of this grisly development came from people who were understandably frightened and almost incoherent
Forget it it's at least a mile
Get back in the cellar! it's too late too late!
Get over here man! come on!
Get some more lights on in this house
Get those people in the back way in the back
Give me one of those
Go ahead go ahead you wanna stay up here now
Go ahead! go on!
Go down in your damn cellar! get out of here!
Good lord
Good luck yeah
Good shot okay he's dead let's go get him that's another one for the fire
Hang on!
Harry harry what's happening it's all right!
Haven't you had enough
He came slowly and johnny kept teasing me and saying
He held me and he ripped at my clothes!
He said the rescue stations have doctors and medical supplies
He's a dead one get up here!
He's coming to get you barbra
He's wrong you know
Helen get in the cellar get in the cellar now move!
Helen I have to get that gun
Her brother was killed
Her brother was killed (2)
Here I have it drag a couple of those chairs together
Here I want you to pick out some nails pick out the biggest ones you can find
Hey come on barb church was this morning huh
Hey do we're coming back on the air after an interruption due to technical problem
Hey give me a hand with this thing
Hey hey kid
Hey I mean praying's for church huh come on
Hey listen remember when we had the big flood remember how difficult it was for us to convince you that it was right to leave
Hey put that thing all the way in the fire we don't want it getting up again all right I gotcha
Hey randy light these torches over here
Hey smile honey where's that big smile for me
Hey there's a big can of kerosene down there
Hey vince al you wanna get about four or five men and a couple dogs
Hey you're still afraid
Hey! come here! calm calm down! calm down!
His wife and kid's downstairs the kid's hurt
Hold it! don't shoot we're from town
How are we going to know what's going on if we lock ourselves in this dungeon
How are you gonna get over to that pump
How bad has your kid been hurt
How could we possibly get away from here
How long you guys been down there I could've used some help up here
How many do you have done
How were we supposed to know what was going on
How were we supposed to know what was going on (2)
However in spite of this urging and warning streets and highways are packed with frantic people trying to reach their families or apparently to flee just anywhere
However the reports persisted
I can carry the kid
I can handle the truck no sweat
I can still hear the man screaming
I can't see a damned thing there could be 15 million of those things out there
I can't speak for the entire military at this time gentlemen
I could just see that the truck was moving in a funny way and those things were catching up to it
I didn't see them at first
I don't know
I don't know (2)
I don't know I don't know
I don't know I figure maybe six or seven
I don't know mr cooper I think he's right
I don't know! I don't know!
I don't understand
I don't want anyone's life on my hands
I don't want to hear any more from you mister
I found a gun and some bullets out there oh and these
I found some fruit jars in the cellar
I gotta go help ben with the television
I guess I guess the driver must have cut off the road into that gas station by beekman's diner
I guess you can go over there and meet the national guard
I had jumped in to listen to it when a big gasoline truck came screaming right across the road
I haven't seen you in church lately
I heard
I it isn't the fuse the power lines are down
I jumped out at you from behind a tree and grandpa got all excited and he shook his fist at me and he said 'boy you'll be damned to hell'
I just don't want you to go out there that's all
I just wanted to crush them they scattered through the air like bugs
I know
I know I know all that
I know that's why I pulled in here but it's locked
I know what i'm doing
I know you're afraid but we have to
I looked back at the diner to see if there was anyone there who could help me
I must disagree with these gentlemen presently until we until this is irrefutably proved
I need you to find some bedspreads or sheets to tear up into small strips okay
I only need a few men to check out the house
I ought to drag you out there and feed you to those things!
I realized that I was alone with 50 or 60 of those things just standing there staring at me
I smashed three of them and pushed another one out the door
I started to drive I just plowed right through them they didn't move they didn't run or just stood there staring at me
I suggest we all go back downstairs before any of those things find out we're in here
I suppose you've tried this
I think we have some late word just arriving and we interrupt to bring this to you
I think you complain just to hear yourself talk
I think you should just calm down
I told you those things don't have any strength
I wonder what happened to the one from last year
I'll check
I'll come back down as soon as I find out what they want
I'll see what I can find i'll look for the bottles
I'll take good care of her helen
I'm going back down to the cellar and you better decide 'cause i'm gonna board up that door and i'm not gonna unlock it again no matter what happens
I'm going with him
I'm helen cooper harry's wife
I'm i'm taking the girl with me
I'm not boxing myself in down there
I'm not gonna take that kind of a chance when we've got a safe place