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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
A lady needn't fear when you are near
An unknown which they can't bear to face their greatest fear
And let me make it clear you have nothing to fear from us
Are you ever afraid no not even of dying no
But the men are afraid!
Come on i'm scared of the dark all this technology scares me
Darth Vader Appears
Deterrence is the art of producing in the mind of the enemy the fear to attack
Everybody's living in fear
Get in here ain't you scared ain't you scared of dying
He conquered fear and he conquered hate he turned our night into day
He could have killed you why didn't he so you could come back and strike fear into our hearts but it won't work it might I mean a little i'm pretty scared
Her eyes were turgid with fear but her brain was functioning on some basic motor survival level
I approached them very slowly with my heart full of fear
I could not feel for the fear in my life
I hate to say this but this place is getting to me I think i'm getting the fear
I know there's a cougar in the car I put it in there you gotta learn to drive with the fear
If you're innocent then you have nothing to fear
In my loneliness I decided that if I could not inspire love which was my deepest hope I would instead cause fear!
Is it better to be feared or respected I say is it too much to ask for both
Jesus bad waves of paranoia madness fear and loathing
Let Marky Mark in #let me in #open the door #threat #aggressive #marky mark #wahlberg
Now I suspect they have more to fear from us than we from them
Obi wan has taught you well you have controlled your fear
Oh fear clutches my breast
Painful to live in fear isn't it
Quite an experience to live in fear isn't it
Sick with mourning sick with fear unable to sleep
So before you can even think about any real driving you gotta make friends with that fear
So what's it gonna be fear or prison
That's not a fear thing it's a trust thing
That's what gives me the fear
The marine corps wants to build indestructible men men without fear
The minute you hear that you say I fear nothing say it I fear nothing say it again! I fear nothing! very good
There are stories being told by people who are out of their minds with fear!
There is nothing to fear here that's what scares me
There's nothing to fear look no blood no decay just a few stitches
They send us a toe we're supposed to shit ourselves with fear
This our greatest fear as for what would've happen today
Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I will fear no evil
We're all scared and why shouldn't we be what do you think we use in war water pistols
Well basically what happened to you is that you saw the fear
What you scared to come through this neighborhood at night motherfucker
Yeah you're chicken lm6
You know what ****a you acting like a little bitch right now you acting real paranoid and shit
You're right I am a coward! I haven't any courage at all I even scare myself!