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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
According to the flyer at precisely 10 04 p m this saturday night lightning will strike the clock tower electrifying the cable
All right suppose you tell me what happens in this house on a saturday afternoon between four and five
And he said the best time is probably over a weekend so maybe saturday night
Can we play every saturday if I ain't too stoved up I ain't like you i'm old and give out
Come on what's the matter what is this a nuclear saturday or something come on guys
Every wednesday thursday friday saturday it's the same thing
Favorite Day
Friday nights are pretty good saturday nights are better
Goddamn it what day is it saturday more like sunday
How come you don't roll on saturday walter
I don't think you can remember who you get on friday and saturday I don't think you can remember what they look like
I just think it's kind of weird to do it on a saturday
I Just Wanted to Listen to Taylor Swift Alone
I would've fucked you in the ass saturday
Look just go about your business like it was any other saturday afternoon read your papers and look at your t v anything you want but nobody leaves the house
Monday tuesday thursday wednesday friday sunday saturday
My Favorite Day
Next saturday night we're sending you back to the future!
No no no no if I call anytime on saturday without an operator I can talk for five minutes for 85 cents plus tax if I talk less I pay less
Not too early I sleep in saturday
Okay all right saturday's good saturday's good
Saturday night was for wives but friday night at the copa was for the girlfriends
Saturday well they'll have to reschedule
Sometimes saturday night has a lonely sound ever notice that lila
Son don't you know this ain't saturday thanks a lot
Tooling along the main drag on a saturday night in vegas
What do people do around here on a saturday
Yo this is my thursday car on saturday i'm breakin' out with something new all right
You died on a saturday morning and I had you placed here under our tree