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NSFW Audio: Use caution, some sounds may be offensive
All you gotta do is make it out of here all gravy everyday the rest of your life greatly
Every kind of mistake that you just can't get out of the game and we got anything man keep you pick a harden your powder dry and the world will turn
In this moment we went to this shit you kind of control that bring a man down I mean when you first come out here so the bush is green is there
March man in tennessee sniff pine snippet that cross mountain put it down by the river
Medeja show now it's not just me it's the way the whole thing works people idolize get wasted people like barnes just gone making up the rules anyway they want so what do we do sit in the middle
Oh shit super life I can't collect up your shit you're just just come through so fuck with me what do you need a written invitation for kristick the light was the minimum
OK you know when I take it easy don't think too much don't be no fool and they no such thing as a coward out here don't mean nothing my man
Ten days and a wake up and i'm still dealing with this shit
Titties king I will take it anyway I can get it brother here later