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NSFW Audio: Use caution, some sounds may be offensive
Hans booby i'm your white knight
Harry Ellis - Die Hard Soundboard Sound
Have you pissed off at the camel jockeys maybe it's the heaves nor the now it's none of my business
Hey babe I negotiate million dollar deals for breakfast I think I can handle this direct rash
Hey business is business you use a gun I use a fountain pen what's the difference am I right
Hey john boy
Hey john I think you can get with the program a little honda police are here now it's their problem that's all these guys with detonators are so no one else gets hurt you not put my life on the lin...
Hey rick and see talk
Hey what are my method actor hans they put away the gunas radio not television
Hope i'm not interrupting
I figured you here to negotiate and my right
I know you think you're doing your job john and I can appreciate that but you just dragging this thing out
I told him we were all friends and you are my guest at the party
It's not what I want is what I can give you
It's obviously not some dumb schmuck up here to snatch a few purses am I right
On the watch it's a rolex
That just ain't gonna happen until you stop messing up the works can patient
The guy upstairs is fucking things up
These guys are professional that motivated there happen and I eat they want something
Try how can you say that after all these years that john john
We close pretty big deal today in a lot of ways due to holly at my retro joke