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Again just like style
And every countries had a violent revolution for one reason or the other not one of them has the freedom were all talking about so we're saying give peace a chance you know like nobody 's ever done...
And the old was telling me about this great always in chinese book which tells you how to fight a battle you know and and it says the battle is always lost within the castle like america 's falling...
And then I met yoko and she was making it as an avant garde artist and we both tried to find something we had in common a common goal in life because we couldn't she couldn't rock and roll with me ...
And we can control
As a beetle we made it and there was nothing to do we have money we had the fame and there was no joy
Everybody found a bass bag bag bag bag bag in the bag is super bad all we say
I think our all our society is run by insane people for insane objects objectives and I run I think that's why a software knows sixteen and twelve way down the line by express
I've left where the more peace nonviolent passive positive or whatever they told me like soap and you've gotta sell and sell until the housewife thanks well this piece
If anybody can put on paper what our government and the american government etc on the russian chinese or what they are actually trying to do now on how what they think they're doing i'd be very pl...
If the house some housewife is against war just put it in the window you know just to let her neighbors know or a husband though you know you gotta start on the home ground bike convert your parents
If you had one wish for christmas time what would it be please peace on earth peace on earth that implies no violence no starving children know violent minds nova
John Lennon Soundboard Sound
John Lennon Soundboard Sound
John Lennon Soundboard Sound
John Lennon Soundboard Sound
John Lennon Soundboard Sound
John Lennon Soundboard Sound
John Lennon Soundboard Sound
Oh yeah I wanna waste all this film on our face do it
Shine On
So this is christmas what have you done
The advertising method we believe it today SOC advertising is the thing politicians use and commercial companies use the beatles used it john and yoko should use it our product is peace
War is again that's gone too far you know it's just like we've all just woken up one morning and thought is it a dream is a nightmare what's been going on and we're all just kind of make the next d...
We specifically did the poster event around the world for christmas to try and get at least one plugin for peace on earth at christmas because that's what it's about unhappy birthday christ you kno...
We think we have the right to have a say in the future and we think the future is made in your mind who says it in a war is over if you want it