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Also like a man to take care my had magazine like a pig testicle glance bitch wanna try it I said keep quiet shut up or modify asan fryer
American wrapping now and this american rapper bark huge in trouble over his new song OG lover during this stage version of the song in the live show he kills five people on the stage join this sta...
Cock, bitch, cock bitch motherfucker
Coming up soon is for more but first rocks TV news brought you by elastoplast the faster blaster use
Fur Q Musical Ditty
Gotta kill people to have respect for people
He was grateful as shot his painful smaller so it wasn't only
Hello Ian Curtis here I will drop TV every day
Hi i'm Sinead O'connor and I watch rock TV
I did the bitch in as she lay twitching, and I know she's an Uzi lover
I set them on fire with petroleum and then after about half a minute for a gun in each one 's face and pull the trigger
Oh now go wow for the latest sounds from the van are they've been commissioned to do the music behind the new patty smiled sanitary products campaign OK boys hit me with those ultra pants
That's the news where it's gone time now for suki baps went with her special brand things
The whole controversy is preposterous is courtneys rabidly ironic
The work of he's a singer bob dylan is to be re apprised following the discovery of a film which shows several of his songs including the classic subterranean homesick blues being sung as long ago ...
Uzi lover
Wacko i'm sookie bap swept
Want some on you become a slave to tidal wave yeah bodies
When he goes to England later this month one of the people 's work you will be doing the killing two is radio one dis jockey mark good years
Which bank which bank bitch
You gotta kill some people anyway you can't kill everybody because you want to have anybody left to respect if you did