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NSFW Audio: Use caution, some sounds may be offensive
Bloody hell
Cooler corn on the cobb corner slob on my nob
Get the bloody bowl
I just like it's highly doubtful that there's three red cards in a match but you know stable the base is a but I think the most we've had in any match also files one so three have happened in this ...
It's another yellow absolutely I just can't be asked to make like fifty yellow card means here so if there are more yellow cards i'll make one more thing where I complain and it's not this big expl...
It's corner time it's called a time we're going to kick the ball in the net
Kick the bloody ball
No oh no or the refs going oh it's a red oh I get off the pitch you bastard get off the fork in big unless it's england that has received the red card in which case the referee should be taken arou...
No you fruit completed
Oh bloody hell
Oh make no no we got free kick right this is in a good position as well so we're going to get the ball on the floor kick the ball in the net that's it really
Oh no another one then we got the bloody fierce one in the croatian bastards
Oh no meat no knowledge penalty we got bucket list come on boys
Oh oh it's just the yellow really open for read on that one unless it was all player then why did we get a yellow to fork off
Oh that was deaf and it felt that was well he's the play is dead of course it was a foul
Oh that's a second red card oh no croatia we're done for now unless it's red card for like england like the three possibilities now creation has a red card and we have one coracias two react cards ...
Oh yeah yeah that we got free kick again when you have a free kick you shouldn't be allowed to hit the ball you should just be a little kick anything like the goalie in the head
Oh yes came back of the union bag
Plane plane, Croatia are going home on a plane
There we go again another fellow it's yellow again ship player that one unless he's on our team in which he did not deserve it at he should get a knighthood and nando's gift card
To be fair if you listening to this i'd never would've thought the crazy would have even scored one fuck my life
We've got another corner and we're going to score a goal mom she's a lovely lady
Yes it over one for england is secure and less I was going to say we've secured a win but 'cause all of this is out of order we could be like two goals that they could have like ten so i'm saying t...
Yes it's one for england it's coming up
You know no no no no no no no fuqing crow she got penalty whoever that play was that felled him bought him could be anyone though because it is this bloody ninth of july and it's only a monday in t...