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A Battle Has That Always Been There
A Bit More Bark If You Please
A Clouting Is Called For
A Deepening Shade
A Fern Might Grow There Someday
A Fresh Sunray
A Little Respect For The Forest Please
A Snack For The Earth
A Tree Falls
A Tree Killed You A Tree
Ah 1
Ah 2
Ah 3
Ah A Chase
Ah Fresh Fertilizer
Ah Huh
Ah Im Regrowing
Ah Light I Welcome You
Ah Scepter
Ah Thats More Like It
Ah Those Noisy Birds In My Ear Finally Departed
All In Good Time
Anger 1
Anger 2
Anger 3
Anger 4
Anger 5
Anger 6
Are You Lost
Assault Cuirass
Back Into The Fight
Back To War
Be Careful Where You Wander
Be One With The Leaves
Blink Dagger
But What Protects Me
Cant See The Forest For The Trees
Come Here
Come Into My Shade
Creepers Hold Them Fast
Crummy Wizard
Defeat No
Denied 1
Denied 2
Did I Do That
Do Not Provoke Me
Does It Grow
Double Damage
Dying No 1
Dying No 2
Eternity In A Day
Even The Grasses Deserve To Eat
Farewell Trees
First Blood
For A Moment From Now
From Shade To Sun
Gone To Seed
Grow And Perish
Happy 1
Happy 2
Happy 3
Happy 4
Happy 5
Happy 6
Heart Of Tarrasque
Hide Now
Hm Hm Hm Hm
Hmm Of Course
Hold Still
How About A Stroll
How Forgetful Of Me We Need A Tree
Huh Huh
I Am Not Ready
I Am Not Ready 2
I Believe I Have Always Been Here
I Believe I Will
I Believe I Will 2
I Died Defending
I Dont See Why Not
I Fall Where The Sun Cant Find Me
I Feel A New Branch Coming In
I Feel Fireproof
I Feel I May Bloom
I Have Failed To Protect
I Have Just The Knot For This
I Must Admit I Was Impatient For This
I No Longer Know My Own Strength
I Protected You To A Pulp
I Rather Enjoyed That Break
I Suppose 1
I Suppose 2
I Suppose 3
I Think I Added A Few Rings Just Now
I Think Ill Go For A Nice Walk
I Think Not
I Would Like Nothing More Than To Plant Myself
Ill Get There Eventually
Ill Not Be Rushed
Ill Protect You
Im Going Out On A Limb Here
Im Not Ready 3
Im Really Freaking Out
Im Sure You Understand
Im Under Attack
In Good Time
Into Forest Shade
Into The Dirt
Is It Over Already
Is It Weird I Drink With My Feet
Isnt That Pretty
Its In The Bag
Its Not Time Yet
Its Not Time Yet 2
Its Not Time Yet 3
Killing Axe
Killing Batrider
Killing Beastmaster
Killing Bounty Hunter
Killing Contraption Hero
Killing Doom
Killing Ember Spirit
Killing Jakiro
Killing Laugh 1
Killing Laugh 2
Killing Laugh 3
Killing Laugh 4
Killing Laugh 5
Killing Laugh 6
Killing Lina
Killing Lycan 1
Killing Lycan 2
Killing Natures Prophet 1
Killing Natures Prophet 2
Killing Ogre Magi
Killing Pugna
Killing Silencer 1
Killing Silencer 2
Killing Timbersaw 1
Killing Timbersaw 2
Killing Timbersaw 3
Killing Tiny
Laugh 3
Laugh 5
Laugh 6
Leaf Me Alone
Let The Earth Take Me
Levelup Laugh
Levelup Laugh 2
Life And Death
Life Becomes Death Becomes New Life
Like A Drink Of Fresh Spring Water
Make Like A Tree And Stay Put
Meeting Earthshaker
Meeting Enchantress
Meeting Io
Meeting Jakiro
Meeting Natures Prophet
Meeting Ogre Magi
Meeting Tidehunter
Meeting Venomancer
Merely Pruning
Mind I Dont Forget This
Missing Bottom
Missing Middle
Missing Top
Mmm No
Moving Yes
Moving Yes 2
Moving Yes 3
My Heartwood Blighted
My Sap Is Rising
My Shade May Be Insufficient
Nature Is Not Always Kind
No Mana 1
No Mana 2
No Mana 3
No You Dont
Not Enough Mana 1
Not Enough Mana 2
Not Enough Mana 3
Not Time For Slumber Just Yet
Not Yet 1
Not Yet 2
Not Yet 3
Now Come The Axes And The Fire
Now Now
Now Now 2
Now See Here
Now Where Was I
Now You Have My Attention
Oh Ho Is That All It Took
Oh My Friends Are Here
Oh My This Is Good
Oh Very Well
Oh Very Well 2
On To The Next Grove
One Can Never Have Too Man Branches
Ooh 2
Out Of Mana 1
Out Of Mana 2
Out Of Mana 3
Poor Thing
Refresher Orb
Rooted In Place
Rooted You Out
Rot From Within
Run I Am Running
Sheep Stick
Shiny Rocks
Shitty Wizard
Shivas Guard
So Soon
So Swift A Life