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NSFW Audio: Use caution, some sounds may be offensive
Ah Scepter
All Is Lost
All Mine
Anger 1
Anger 2
Anger 3
Anger 4
Anger 5
As You Wish
As You Wish 2
At Last
Beautiful Scepter Of Revenge
Blink Dagger
Blink Dagger You Shall Be My Wings
Bottom Is Missing
But The Path Of Revenge Is Long
But What Awaits Me At The End Makes It Worthwhile
By My Bloody Pinion
By My Wings
By Screeauk
By Screeauks Talons
By The Bloody Pinions Of Avilliva
By The Will Of Screeauk
Call Me Vengeance
Cast Your Shadow Over Them Jakiro
Could I Borrow Your Wings Dragon Knight
Crummy Wizard
Damaged 1
Damaged 2
Damaged 3
Damaged 4
Death Cannot Touch Me
Death To You
Denied 2
Denied 3
Denied 4
Denied 5
Denying Laugh 1
Denying Laugh 2
Double Damage
Dying No
Faster I Fly
Feel My Pain
Fly To It
For Later
Fortune Favors Vengeance
Happy 1
Happy 2
Happy 3
Heart Of Tarrasque
Here Again Am I
How Fare The Skywrath Dragonus
How Many Times Must I Set Out On This Road
I Am Grateful
I Am There
I Am Under Attack
I Am Vengeance
I Am Vengeful Spirit
I Cant Resist
I Dimly Recall How The World Appeared From High In The Ghstly Eyrie
I Fall
I Feel Better Already
I Fly
I Fly On The Winds Of War
I Shall Not Rest Until I Am Avenged
I Will Not Fail Again
I Will Slake My Thirst For Revenge
If I Must
If You Insist
Ill Not Argue
Ill Not Be Stopped So Easily
Ill Save This For Later
Ill Take It
Im Invincible
Im Not Ready 1
Im Not Ready 2
Im Not Ready 3
Im Stricken
In I Fly On The Wings Of Vengeance
In The Name Of Screeauk
It Feels Good To Get That Off My Chest
Its In The Bag
Its Not Time Yet 1
Its Not Time Yet 2
Its Not Time Yet 3
Ive Waited So Long
Killing Batrider
Killing Death Prophet 1
Killing Death Prophet 2
Killing Dragon Knight 1
Killing Dragon Knight 2
Killing Flying Hero
Killing Gyrocopter
Killing Jakiro
Killing Laugh 1
Killing Laugh 2
Killing Laugh 3
Killing Laugh 4
Killing Puck
Killing Skywrath Mage
Killing Spirit Hero
Killing Storm Spirit
Killing Viper
Killing Winged Hero
Killing Zeus
Lasthit Yes
Later For You
Laugh 1
Laugh 3
Laugh 4
Let It Begin
Let Me Stretch My Wings
Let My Vengeance Soar
Levelup Laugh 1
Life Is Worthless To Me Until My Last Enemy Is Dead
Lucky Shot
Magic Missile
Manta Style
May The Skies Surrender To E
May You Fall Forever
Middle Is Missing
Mine At Last
Monkey King Bar
Moving Yes
My Goddess Wished You Dead
My Name Is Vengeance
My Sentiments Precisely
My Spirit Soars
My Vengeance Is In Readiness
My Wings Are Broken
My Wrath Redoubled
No Mana 1
No Mana 2
No Mana 3
None Shall See Me
Not Enough Mana 1
Not Enough Mana 2
Not Enough Mana 3
Not Et 2
Not So Fast
Not That Way
Not Yet 1
Not Yet 3
Oh No
Out Of Mana 1
Out Of Mana 2
Out Of Mana 3
Power Like A Promise Of Revenge
Prepare For The Wave Of Terror Boo
Revenge Is A Best Dish Served Now
Room For Two Batrider
Sange And Yasha
Saving This For Later
Shizzy Wizard
So Sweet
Strength Returns
Sweet As Vengeance
Terror 1
Terror 2
Terror 3
Terror 4
Terror 5
Terror 6
Thank You So Much
That Was But A First Taste Of Revenge
The Goddess Screeauk Shall See Me Soar
The Green Shadow Takes Wing
The Pain Of My Enemies Is The Only Pleasure Left To Me
The Sky Despised The Look Of You
The Skywraths Talons Tear You
The Time Has Come
These Wings Could Use A Trim
This Is How Its Done
This Shall Further My Pursuit Of Vengeance
To Battle
To Line My Nest
Top Is Missing
Try And Spot Me
Twill Have To Do
Vengeance Calls Me Back
Vengeance Flies Beside Me
Vengeance Is My Mistress
Vengeance Is So Sweet
Vengeful Spirit
Very Well
Victory Is Ours
Victory Is Ours 2
What Is This
With A Vengeance
With This I Shall Feather My Nest
Worthless One
You Are Mine
You Shall Be Broken Like My Wings
You Shall Feel My Talons
You Were No Match For Me