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Ventrilo-Prank Sounds

Ventrilo-Prank Sounds

Vent Harassment was so cool back in the day! And maybe it still is now! I don't know; I made this soundboard so long ago. It's public now. Do whatever you want.

Arnold - **** You
Arnold - F U *******
Arnold - Stop It!
Arnold - Stop Whining
Arnold - Who is your Daddy.
Arnold - Yeah
Arnold - You Idiot!
Arnold - You SOB
Chest Opens and WTFBOOM
Duke Nukem - Balls
Duke Nukem - Balls of Steel Regular
Duke Nukem - Ballsx10
Duke Nukem - Blow it Out Your ***
Duke Nukem - Eat **** and Die
Duke Nukem - Steel
Duke Nukem - Theme Song
F-ing Song
Frontier Annoyance Noises
Gaia Online
Jack Black - **** Pushups Explanation
Jack Black - Dude, Listen.
Jack Black - I've been doing **** Pushups
Jack Black - Laugh
Jack Black - Spurting
Jack Black - Up Your ***
Jack Black - Ya ******! Ya ******' *****!
Leeroy Jenkins
Lindsey - Hey
Lindsey - Phh
Lindsey - You Guys Should.
Mudkins (Bang on the Drum All Day Excerpt)
Oh My God Full
Oh My God Solo
Over 9000 Full
Quagmire Song
Raging Bull F your M
The Belt Song
WHAT 9000
4 Str 4 Stam Full
50 DKP - F-Bomb
50 DKP - WTF Was That S