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NSFW Audio: Use caution, some sounds may be offensive
And I'm gonna press no charges. I'm not final run your address I'm gonna find you.
And your phone breaks up. What do you got a cricket telephone? You ain't got no money, you want me to lend you $100. You thought you sorry ****** ****** Man?
Are you gonna pay ***** **** boy where you gonna be man?
Be a ******* man and get off the phone and bring a friend. OK 'cause you're gonna get a piece of New York City ***** Come on right now.
Be a ******* man. Grow some balls. Lose the vagina. Where are you **** boy?
Call mom with your knife where your baseball bat, but remember when I take it from you and smack your *** to the payment you met New York City. So come on **** boy, make my day.
Can you can too ************ bring your gun?
Can you daddy I'll kick his *** to mother ****** Yankee style?
Come get me some ******* Manhattan ***** Boy come on.
Come get some ******* New York ***** Boy.
Come on **** boy come get some New York City come on.
Come on **** boy come on **** Boy.
Come on ***** ***** Boy.
Come on down here, ***** Boy.
Come on down to one Stop *******
Come on man let Jackie man teach you to be a little ***** Jacky Boy.
Come on saggy man, come on over, get a pizza New York City.
Come on top of gas **** boy.
Did you make it out of six grade?
Do you know what they do down here? Todd, they just little big animals that they do.
Do you wanna **** with New York? Well, come on brother 'cause That's what they call me ****** ****** you ***** ***** **** ******* little fagot.
Dude, you ******* you're such a ******* ***** bad where where do you want me ******* ******* knock your teeth out where you wanna meet?
Go **** yourself you big ******* little ******* **** ******* ****** little boy.
Got some gals pushing.
Hey **** Boy, your **** boy you know what they call you in prison your **** boy.
Hey **** you **** ******* ***** ***** ************
Hey possible right ****** ****** Get your *** down here on Old Highway 7 peerman ***** Boy right now come on down to one Stop *******
Hey, that's fine. Still's bag that's fine. You called Me **** ****** Boy.
How big is your ***** I bet it's bigger than your mom's ***** ain't it?
I **** your mother in the *** ***** Boy.
I ******* beat your *** from Brooklyn to **** in the Bronx you ******* ******* you ain't ****
I don't trust you down like a little ***** schoolgirl where you wanna meet.
I gotta find what cell tower I'm gonna find out what cell tower your phones ringing off right now. I bet you I bet you I'm gonna.
I I'm glad you called. I wanna get from this anger out on you Southern ***** Boys you ****** ****** *******
I paid cars for the police you piece of **** I'm up working on one right now.
I swear to God I'm going to run your phone number tomorrow morning.
I tell you, I'm gonna find out with 0000123456 is though I bet you I do. I bet you know it in the morning.
I will find you like a ******* piece of **** you are man or track you like a ******* dead cat. I'm gonna find your ***
I'll beat you down like a little girl like there ain't no tomorrow you ******* with the wrong man.
I'll give you a chance **** Boy.
I'll let you make calls in the ******* mental home over there. You ******* little boys all day sucking their cocks.
I'll track you right back through the streets of Brooklyn you **** *** ***** ************
I'm at welding. Right now I'm at the shop making money. Well then I got some ignorant redneck calling me busting starving trash. Big ***** ************
I'm gonna break your jaw and they're gonna put you in wire bro. Just like the last two three guys I did it too I'm gonna break your jaw swear to God I'm gonna break you draw.
I'm gonna break your jaw for being a piece of **** man just on principle will break your jaw.
I'm gonna find you 'cause you had to register that **** *** phone you're on right now so I'm well I don't care if you bought it from Walmart or found dead in the dirt. I'm gonna find your ***
I'm gonna find you **** boy I'm gonna find you **** boy I'm gonna beat you down like a little grass wet God I am.
I'm not find your phone number I'm telling you right now. You remember you heard it from me. I'm gonna find your number and I'm gonna come get you. I swear to God.
I'm not giving the first shot you punk *** ***** I'll break you down like a little candy respite you are.
I'm painting a police officer's car right now. Yeah, I'm painting that man's car will give him your phone number, not find your address you piece of **** I swear to God I am.
I'm the baddest ************ in the world. I'm gonna knock you out cold.
Is that coming from the biggest ***** in the South? You big ***** ************ Call people on the phone being a tough guy.
Like nothing but a ***** That's all you are.
Man, you gotta fight better telephone ***** boy you got a ****** ** telephone you got that cricket ********
Now come on punk boy come on down to Old Highway 7 down to one stop. Meet me there in 15 minutes and bring the biggest ****** ******* life you got 'cause I'm gonna shove it up your *** and lick you...
Now when you want me to meet you, **** boy.
Oh well, come on all ****** ****** man. You talking to the right man to threaten about cutting throats you talking to the right man. You found the right one. ****** ****** I don't do not come on down.
Open shopping down the road like a goalie lost boy you are.
Popcorn popping.
Put your little sister your momma and your Grandma MA Indirect ***** ************
So come on right now.
So where do you wanna meet tough guy?
Some little punk ***
Southern white trash. That's all you are. You southern white trash.
Sucking boys just ****** You you all ******* down here? How come y'all *******
Thank you for not AT&T, I forgot you don't know how to read. You couldn't even read the package. Good, yeah?
That's all you say, **** you you ***** ****** ******
That's why I asked down here on Old Highway 7 Peerman ***** Boy right now.
That's why I married a Yankee man.
Well come on over **** boy, I'll **** you in the *** again ******* New York style. Come on.
Yankee style.
Yeah, plus you can't even talk you stumble over your words. You don't even know how to talk.
Yeah, this one. Making a phone call you ***** *****
You ******* father. He's selling boys. You know ***** ****** ******* Man your big *****
You ******* lost the war **** ****** you ain't nothing.
You ******* suck in many **** You ain't nothing.
You ******* sucking ***** Black piece of **** Come on.
You ******* with the wrong boy. You have no idea.
You ******* with the wrong dude bro. You're ******* with the wrong dude.
You ain't ****
You ain't **** you ain't got no hard to fight you ain't nothing.
You ain't calling some redneck southern boy, you talking to a New Yorker man.
You ain't got no James, you ain't got no games you don't know how to say nothing you don't know how to fight you don't even know how to argue with anybody 'cause you're dumb ignorant southern *****...
You are behind the telephone ***** *****
You be my little Yankee Boy, Little Ferry as ****** I'll **** you in the *** like I **** your mother.
You bring a knife with baseball bat whatever you want. When I take it from you and I stick it in your forehead, ***** you better come on.
You call me **** boy.
You call people on phones running your big ******* sothern **** ******* ***** mouth like an *******
You can call all night ****** ****** I got the police at my parking lot right now.
You crack head ****** ******
You crack head ignorant ****** ******* white trash.
You get down on your knees and suck cock for coke 'cause you ain't got no money. You pour broke ************
You gonna call me all night?
You got some cheap *** ******** I'm gonna find your ***
You gotta do this **** all night *******
You just a ***** ************ Once you in a mental hospital for ******* little kids, that's what you do.
You need to come on down brother smacking punk boys like you down for a long time.
You the man **** ******* column and that's what they called you. That's your nickname.
You're a ***** ***** You ain't nothing but a ******* little *****
You're a ******* **** ****** You're a ******* ***** little ***** you're a ***** Little ****** ****** Man.
You're a ******* coward, Cox sucking ***** That's all you are man.
You're a piece of **** ****** ****** You're the biggest piece of **** on the planet. Would you run out of crack? You gotta ******* harassing people at night. You're a little ***** ************
You're just a **** boy. You suck cock for Coca Cola's you have Amanda suck cock in prison for Coca Cola's over there in Memphis, ain't you?
You're the one making the phone call you *****
Your ***** is bigger than your father's *****
Your ***** your families are *****
Your ******* chickens tonight. **** ****** man or why you? Little ***** ***** ************
Your a pussy that's all you do is talk on telephone where you want me to meet you.
Your phone's breaking up ******* I can't even hear you.
Your whole family, your whole family, your Cousins, your mother. You're you're a bunch of ******* Redneck Southern ***** ****** *******
******* piece of ****