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NSFW Audio: Use caution, some sounds may be offensive
All right now, who are you?
Are you are you back home?
Are you Bob?
Are you in trouble some?
Can you speak a little louder please?
Confused Lady Soundboard Sound
Confused Lady Soundboard Sound
Confused Lady Soundboard Sound
Did you come all the way?
Did you? Are you in trouble with?
Every everybody for me well what what everybody has got his yeah this this.
Everything's alright.
Everything's alright.
Ha ha ha.
Here I was thinking, thinking it would I I had to go. I had to go to Mass.
Hey I just got I just gotta.
I can hear you a little better.
I don't. I don't have to go tomorrow.
I got a brain strong.
I hope you're alright.
It's not Sundays.
Just a minute now.
No, it's not Sunday.
So what what would not in in?
So, so that's a blessing.
That doesn't impress the button.
Then you're all right.
They are now can I I I can hear I can hear.
This is Saturday, isn't it?
Was it did hit the shot? Is it? Yeah, well right.
Where are you calling from?
Where are you calling from?
Who's calling?
Yeah it would. Hey.
Yeah yeah alright.
Yeah yeah my brother.
Yeah, 'cause it because I yeah it here I was rushing but I I.
Yeah, and it it well. I think it is. It's it's Saturday.
Yeah, I I.
Yeah, we're not in trouble.
Yeah, well.
Yeah, you're back home.