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NSFW Audio: Use caution, some sounds may be offensive
A little for Chinese food.
A networking.
Actually anything I want, bitch you called me?
Alright, even stuttered you suffer bitch.
Alright, your bitch you how?
And get the cock out of your mouth, your stuttering too much this motherfucker.
And I told you up your butts off and did you like it?
And what do you like?
And will not suit you. I'm all get your address. I will knock on your back door.
Any legal duty caressing me?
Anyway, scared nobody shut the fuck up how?
Apologize to your swapping out your fucking punk.
Are you a broke homeless mother fucker?
Are you living under a bridge, ain't you?
Bend over over.
Bend over, Robert.
Bitch, I don't see you calling me or knocking on my door, mother fucking punk.
Both your stupid, huh?
But when I shoot Google next at the beginning of the year, can I have your address? Will see if you will say it to my face.
By you.
Call your mom.
Can you get your above ground is a good day.
Can you speak right?
Can you talk about Cokelat? You know it? Is it because you, like you know that's only thing you got on your mind?
Can you talk in your own voice?
Can you talk shit dude?
Can't even respond in your own vaults. Mother fuck.
Center doodle starter mother fucking bitch.
Chinese slut.
Come on now. Get outta grammar school.
Dad one Dick up your ass and one in your mouth, don't you?
Damn thing wrong with me. Mother fucker.
Did I ain't even married so I don't know what the hell your rambling about.
Did you already say that once?
Did you come up missing? Don't blame me.
Did you get you get inside when you're at your fucking lame brain motherfucker.
Did you just see the TV? How that movie star sued over there?
Did you mother fucking hear me?
Did your roommate, that fucking motel is freebie motel again?
Do include harassment. You're retard.
Do not tell us back any longer. You're harassing us.
Do something with your life besides sucking cock.
Do you got nothing good to say?
Do you know what you need to get a new line?
Do you know you'll be sucking cock? Don't lie.
Do you like that? Don't you like that, don't you?
Do you need it you fucking retard?
Do you thinking?
Do you wanna crank call somebody for some balls?
Do you wanna fuck your ship? You can't walk that walk motherfucker.
Do you wanna give a shit in the fucking mandatory one year federal prison?
Do you want him taking it up the ass? Talk sucker?
Doctor Phil
Doing sucking mother fucker.
Don't call back again you retard fuck.
Don't call me back no more. You're a fucking retard.
Don't call me or you face it beyond a milk jug motherfucker.
Don't follow me.
Don't lie, you know that your sisters name.
Don't lie.
Don't make me slap you and not the cock out of your mouth.
Don't tell me about your coccyx wasn't sucking mother fucking faggot.
Don't worry, I'm coming real soon buddy.
Dot dot com.
Dude you I think you're in a conversation with you. Your fucking cock sucker.
Dude, you sound like a broken record man just repeating the same damn shit.
Everybody is right to do whatever they want. This is America.
Expenditures, motherfucker.
Feeling funny.
For my second my Dick haha.
From your business.
Fuck all you mother fucker.
Fuck is wrong with you.
Fuck you, little slush deer walking dumbfuck.
Fucking Monk and consultant.
Get a job that one second cock. When did the regular job?
Get done stubborn.
Get even fucking carry on a conversation.
Get it out of your ass motherfucker. Fuck over setting at socket. You don't want nobody going up in it.
Get off my planet, motherfucker.
Get out of your ass motherfucker. Bending the fuck over setting after you don't like nobody going up in it.
Get out of your ass, bitch.
Get rid of people calling other people, playing, calling people.
Get the Dick out your mouth and speak up like a real mother fucking man. You saw it done on TV once.
Get the fucking Dick out your ass.
Get your 100% man.
Girl said.
Give me the address.
Give the right down the street motherfucker.
Give you a year and fucking federal prison.
Glad she would give a fuck.
Go ahead Jim located motherfucker.
Go ahead, you can tell me something you could think of something original. Go ahead and tell me.
Gotta send you out over the counter and poking up your pot.
Grow 7 nuts.
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha you funny.
Ha ha ha ha ha.
Ha ha.
Ha ha.
Haha, hate you got jokes.
Happy your paycheck motherfucker.
He just comes in drunk gutter slut.
He stuttered fucking homeless fucking retarded reject motherfucker.
He's sitting there now. Oh yeah, yeah, homeless shelter, you know? Yeah, I can understand you homeless and all you know but homeless fucking gay ass mother fucking punk.
Hello can I help you?
Hello can I help you?
Here is it on YouTube.
Hey hello, how you doing today?
Hey look, I don't care if you are in Washington, you know doing nothing but sitting around unemployed. Quit calling me.
Hey love don't call back.
Hey you come guzzling mother fucking gutter slut.
Hey, if I go online to and I download a virus on your computer, would you like that?
Hey, they're coming for you, motherfucker.
Hey, what's up?
Hey, you know what I gotta question for you?
Hey, you live beyond the chest in or under a bridge or just under a rock.
Hey, you want you fucking mug on my God damn milk jug.
Hi good morning.
Hi, what's up motherfucker?
Hide behind a fucking computer phone line you coward ass cock sucker.
Homeless mother fucker.
How about getting a job?
How about I put you under Sucker Anonymous?
How did that so fucking old is holding the dust on your ass?
How old are you?
How old is she?
How we got guys all over the place?
Husband and wife leave Arkansas and they moved to Texas and then get in divorce, but they still sister and brother.
I called you the first time. Mother fucker.
I can put a virus into there and wipe your computer out.
I could call you back now did I make you a little nervous?
I did this shit.
I didn't call you, you call me.
I didn't want anything you called me, and um, huh?
I don't bitch.
I don't do drugs or alcohol, dude.
I don't do drugs.
I don't even know you.
I don't know what you're talking about.
I don't know why you don't tuck your pants in your boots down in Texas.
I don't know you, I would I tell you all that.
I don't want to call me back no more.
I don't, I don't have gone down, and you're already 'cause she got the worms.
I doubt it.
I got a question for you.
I just called you back off the caller ID buddy.
I just told you.
I know why you don't do that.
I live in the the the My world.
I need you all to stop calling me this is, you know, harassment and I needed to stop now.
I pretend to be anything to eat.
I said what city are you in?
I told you that word yesterday. What the fuck?
I wanna fuck you your time.
I went to a bar to look for you and they sent you a just left.
I went to this bar and they said that you had just left.
I will download your virus when you're not looking.
I will make you wait up, swallowing.
I wouldn't be thinking that too long if I was you.
I'll call you a dirty cock sucker, but we both know you will suck any cock.
I'll probably smarter than half the people in it now. Five more records of people in your town you live in.
I'm doing pretty damn good.
I'm gonna come in on your ass and have my rest your ass.
I'm in jail after six months I get to be a whole lot of fun.
I'm in three different states do nonstop.
I'm let you talk motherfucker speak.
I'm not calling you.
I'm not English.
I'm not going any number.
I'm not playing your games no more.
I'm not running, I'm right here, my brother.
I'm smarter than you. Hope fucking family put together.
If we were in GRB selling you punk.
If you can hear this, this is I'm talking now.
If you don't like talking shit 'cause I wanna get the fuck.
If you don't like your mother being fucked, you should've wore out there.
Images of maggots laptop fuck outta you.
In your birth mother fucker.
Is God?
Is it the plumber who is this?
Is that all you can say?
Is that all you can say? God damn you got a one liner.
Is that the only mother fucking thing you know how to say?
It doesn't matter.
It is funny as you maybe it's gonna be funny walking up behind you and tapping you on the shoulder.
It's a contrast bitch.
It's good as much time on Getting yourself a fucking job you have no time to be fucking around on the computer.
Jackass Plumber Superboard Sound
Jackass Plumber Superboard Sound
Jackass Plumber Superboard Sound
Jackass Plumber Superboard Sound
Jackass Plumber Superboard Sound
Jackass Plumber Superboard Sound
Just fucking call someone else.
Just give him pretty you motherfucker.
Kids fuck it.
Let me ask you a question.
Let you go.
Like I give a fuck.
List from one side to the other.
Look at my works best.
Mother fucker pencil Holder kitties.
Mother fucker that is so old is in the crossing your granny's cunt.
Mother fucker, you gonna have a whole lot of apologizing.
Mother fucker. If they had a once I cop suckers anonymous you'd be on that all day long with you.
Mother fucking cock. Shut the fuck off.
Mother fucking pressure. I got chop up shit, shut the fuck up your browser nothing call me on your regular phone line.
Mother fucking worthless fuck.
Mother fucking. Don't worry, you can do all your apologizing from your knees.
My God damn did she call me back again.